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-Crash landing/finding Yoda

<Luke> Well, Artoo, there it is. Dagobah. I certainly hope he’s down there.

*X-wing crashes through tree canopy*

<Luke> Sorry…

*Exits X-wing*

<Luke> *sarcastically* Oh yay, a swamp.

<R2-D2> *whistles*

<Luke> You like swamps? What kind of droid are you?

<R2-D2> *whistles as he starts flying towards the shore*

<Luke> Because you can fly? What does flying have to do with swamps?

<R2-D2> *whistles as he spins a back flip*

<Luke> Showoff.

*Krayt dragon stands from swamp and eats R2-D2*

<Luke> Didn’t see that one coming.

*R2-D2 flies through air from underwater, wailing*

<Luke> Guess krayt dragons don’t like droid. *jumps to mainland* You’re lucky. Now let’s find Yoda.

<Yoda> *jumps down from tree in front of Luke, without his cane* Yoda! You seek Yoda!

<Luke> Yes, I do. Do you know where to find him?

<Yoda> Know him? Kid, I’ve grown up with him since I was shorter than this tall. I’ve been his roommate for about as long, too.

<Luke> Ah. Can you take me to him?

<Yoda> Sure. Turn around.

*Luke turns, Yoda jumps over Luke and lands, with his cane, facing Luke*

<Yoda> Informed, I am, that seek me, you do.

<Luke> What? Weren’t you just behind me?

<Yoda> Of course not. John, that was.

<Luke> Oh, ok. Anyway, I’m here to be trained as a Jedi.

<Yoda> Too old, you are.

<Luke> Oh. Ok, well, then, I have to go. There’s an Empire to fight out there, you know.

<Yoda> *drops walking stick* Wait!

<Luke> John! You’re back! But where did Yoda go?

<Yoda> He went back to his hut, but he doesn’t really want you to go. Follow me, and I’ll take you to his house.

<Luke> Lead on.


*“John” and Luke approach Yoda’s house*

<Yoda> Let me go in and let him know you’re here.

*“John” enters house and closes door. Opens door as Yoda again, with walking stick*

<Yoda> Here, you are. Pleased, I am. Passed the first test, you have.

<Luke> Thanks. Now what?

<Yoda> Now, start the training, we will.

*Show Luke running with Yoda on his back, jumping over logs, rocks, etc. Cut to scene of Luke on one hand, lifting rocks. Cut to scene of Luke lifting X-wing, then lowering it back, then lifting it, lowering it, etc. Cut to open area*

<Yoda> Well, you are doing. Pleased, I am.

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