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-Escape Domain fleet/asteroid field/large asteroid

<Han> Ok, now the hyperdrive won’t work.

<Leia> That’s ok; she’s a good ship on the whole.

<Han> Ok, this may sound crazy, but we’re going into the asteroid field.

<C-3PO> Into the asteroid field? Sir, the odds of us successfully navigating an asteroid field are approximately 1 to 1,720!

<Han> That good, huh?

<C-3PO> Well, if we weren’t main characters, it would be 1,720 to 1, but since we’re the stars…

<Han> I get it, Goldenrod.

*Enter asteroid field. TIEs pursue, one by one their wings are knocked off by asteroids*

<Leia> Good job with those TIEs!

<Han> TIEs? Where? I’m just trying not to get killed by asteroids!

<C-3PO> That looks like a good place to stop and fix the hyperdrive, sir.

<Han> Ok.

*Falcon lands in asteroid*

-Fixing the Falcon

<Han> Hand me the hydrospanner.

<Chewie> Grawwr.

<Han> What do you mean, we don’t have a hydrospanner?

<Chewie> Grawwr.

<Han> We left it on Hoth? Wait, we only have one hydrospanner?

<Chewie> Grawwr.

<Han> I know we don’t have any now! My question is, why don’t we have a spare?

<Chewie> Grawwr.

<Han> Hold on, how many did you say Lando borrowed?

<Chewie> Grawwr.

<Han> The whole set? That’s 26 hydrospanners! How many could he possibly have needed?! If I ever get this ship fixed…

*Falcon rocks*

<Leia> Han, you’d better get up here!

*Han runs to cockpit*

<Leia> Mynock!

<Han> Chewie and I’ll clean them off. Just sit tight and wait for us to return.

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