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-Escape planet (Falcon)

<Han> Ok, Princess, time to go.

<Leia> But we’ll leave all this equipment!

<Han> It’s all my equipment anyway! And you know the Domain, they won’t scavenge. I’ll come back in a few days and pack all my equipment back into that trunk, and I’ll get it all back anyway.

<Leia> All your stuff fits into that tiny trunk?

<Han> It’s bigger than it looks. Can we go?

*Run through halls, stop as roof collapses*

<Han> *pulls out comlink* Transport, this is Han. We can’t get to you; I’ll get her out in the Falcon.

<Transport operator> Roger that. It’s a good thing the Falcon’s still here, ‘cause we’ve already left.

<Leia> Already left?

<Transport operator> Yes. We thought you would like spending time with Han. *quickly* Mon Mothma’s idea.

<Han> Ok, thanks, we really gotta go. Sooner or later they’ll find the shield generator…maybe.

*Run through halls, arrive at Falcon*

<Han> Here we go. *enter Falcon, go to cockpit*

<Leia> She won’t start!

<Han> *sarcastically* Would it help if I got out and pushed?

<Leia> *annoyed* It might!

*Engines start*

<Han> Alright, let’s get out of here.

*Exit Falcon*

-Escape planet (Luke)

*Luke hikes through snow. Stops to watch Falcon leave. In background, AT-ATs still walking in circles*
*Luke walks to X-wing*

<Luke> Ok, Artoo, very funny. Open the cockpit.

<R2-D2> *whistles, cockpit opens*

<Luke> Thank you.

<Force Ghost Obi> Luuuuke…Luuuuuuuuke…

<Luke> You already tried that.

<Force Ghost Obi> Right. I had an epitome after you left with Han in the snowspeeder.

<Luke> You mean epiphany?

<Force Ghost Obi> Yeah, that. You’re going to the wrong planet.

<Luke> Xagobah’s the wrong place?

<Force Ghost Obi> Yes. I was confused, and misread the Post-it note Yoda wrote me. You’re supposed to go to Dagobah. See? It rhymes, that’s why I got it mixed up.

<Luke> Are you sure that’s where I need to go?

<Force Ghost Obi> Yes!

<Luke> How can I be sure you’re sure?

<Force Ghost Obi> Yes! Wait, that’s not it. Because!

<Luke> Because why?

<Force Ghost Obi> The sticky note Yoda wrote. It’s in my pocket. See? It says, “Take Luke to Dagobah.” <Luke> Ok. Artoo, plot a course for Dagobah.

*Exit Luke*
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