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-Battle of Hoth

<Dodonna> Alright, boys, we can take them! There’s only six AT-ATs!

<Luke> And one snowspeeder.

<Dodonna> Thank you for volunteering, Skywalker. Who’s with him?

<Dak> Oo, pick me!

<Dodonna> Anyone?

<Dak> Me, me! I’ll go!

<Dodonna> Last call?

<Dak> Over here!

<Dodonna> Alright, Dak, you can go.

<Dak> Yes! What did I volunteer for?

<Luke> You’re flying the snowspeeder with me. We’re gonna take out six AT-ATs, twelve AT-STs, and twenty-four IFT-Ts.

<Dak> Shotgun!

<Luke> *sighs*

*Cut to AT-AT*

<Veers> Hoth base in sight, Lord Vader. I can’t find a shield generator anywhere.

<Vader> Keep looking.

<Veers> Roger that.

*Cut to snowspeeder*

<Luke> They’ve been walking around in circles for hours now. What are they doing?

<Dak> Maybe they can’t find the shield generator. Come to think of it, where is the shield generator?

<Luke> I dunno. For a smuggler, Han can certainly build a pretty good base, eh? Too bad we can’t use it for very long. Anyway, we don’t want the Domain to destroy the shield generator, wherever it is. Use the harpoons and tow cables.

<Dak> Roger that.

*Snowspeeder circles around, Dak fires. Harpoon hits AT-AT in the side*

<Dak> I got his spleen!

<Luke> You should be aiming for the knees, not the spleen. Wait a sec, it’s a machine! It doesn’t have a spleen!

*Cut to AT-AT*

<Pilot> Sir, we’re hit!

<Veers> Where?

<Pilot> Our spleen, sir.

*Cut to snowspeeder*

<Dak> I got the leg this time. Different AT-AT, the one on the left.

<Luke> Good!

*Snowspeeder wraps around AT-AT legs*

<Dak> Face wash!!!

*AT-AT crashes*

<Dak> Got him!

*Snowspeeder is hit. Cut to Veers’ AT-AT*

<Veers> Got him!

<Pilot> Good shot, sir.

*Cut to snowspeeder, now in the snow. Luke exits*

<Luke> Dak, get out of there!

*AT-AT steps on snowspeeder, moves on*

<Luke> Dak! Nooooooooooooo!

<Dak> I’m ok!

*Back leg of AT-AT steps on snowspeeder*

<Dak> I’m still ok!

<Luke> Come on, Dak, get out.

*Second AT-AT comes in, steps on snowspeeder*

<Dak> I’m still ok!

<Luke> Ok, I’m leaving.

Back leg steps on snowspeeder*

<Dak> I’m still ok!

<Luke> Ok, I’m leaving.

*Third AT-AT comes in*

<Dak> I’m still ok!

<Luke> Goodbye, Dak.

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