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-Luke in snowy desert/Luke rescued by Han

*Luke emerges from cave*

<Luke> Man, it’s cold out here. *starts walking*

<Force Ghost Obi> Luuuuke…Luuuuuuuuke…

<Luke> Nice try, Obi. You couldn’t scare me if your life depended on it.

<Force Ghost Obi> Aw, man. It was worth a try.

<Luke> Is that a wool jacket you’ve got on? Can I have it?

<Force Ghost Obi> No! It’s mine! You wouldn’t like it, anyway. The wind just cuts straight through it.

<Luke> The wind just cuts straight through you, too…what did you say you came here for?

<Force Ghost Obi> I came here to tell you… *silence*

<Luke> To tell me what?

<Force Ghost Obi> I forgot.

<Luke> *sarcastically* Great. Even becoming one with the Force didn’t raise your IQ.

<Force Ghost Obi> Nope. Now, what was that…let’s see…you had to go somewhere…but where? Hmmm…Alderaan? No, it wasn’t Alderaan. Maybe Corellia? No, that’s 25. Uh…I’ve got it! Xagobah!

<Luke> Xagobah? Why? What’s on Xagobah?

<Force Ghost Obi> You have to go there to meet the great Jedi Master Yoda!

*Han rides up in snowspeeder*

<Han> Luke! You’re alright!

<Luke> No thanks to you…

<Han> You’re lucky wampas hibernate in winter.

<Luke> Hibernate in winter? There’s summer on Hoth?

<Han> No…I guess that explains why they don’t get out much. By the way, your Rebel friends have arrived. They lent me this speeder so I could go look for you. They told me that I could take as much time as I needed, and I didn’t have to hurry back.

<Luke> I was just wondering whether I was going to have to walk all the way back to base or not.

<Han> Get in! Who’s your friend?

<Luke> That’s Obi, remember? He turned into a Force ghost.

<Han> He looks kinda blue. Is he cold? Tell him to go inside.

<Luke> Can we just go?

<Han> Sure.

*Luke and Han fly off*

<Force Ghost Obi> I have a sneaking suspicion that I made a mistake…

-Domain fleet above Hoth

<Mon Mothma> Luke! Thank goodness you’re back! We’re in deep trouble!

<Luke> What is it?

<Mon Mothma> A Domain fleet, right above us!

<Han> That’s no problem. Just activate the shield.

<Mon Mothma> What shield?

<Han> You didn’t see the big red button in the center control panel that says, “Press to activate base deflector shield in case of Domain invasion”?

<Mon Mothma> No…

<Han> Do I have to do everything myself? *walks over to console and pushes big red button* There. Now they can’t do anything against us from orbit!

<C-3PO> Sir! I have just found six AT-AT transports and twelve AT-ST scout walkers, flanked by twenty-four IFT-T tanks approaching on the scanners.

<Luke> *to Han* You had to open your big mouth.

<Mon Mothma> To the snowspeeders!

<Dodonna> To the briefing room!

*Exit to briefing room*

<Mon Mothma> You’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?!

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