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Death Star
-Obi fights Vader

<Obi> That tractor beam was easy to disengage. Almost too easy…

<Vader> Master Obi-Wan!

<Obi> Master Anakin! Wait, that’s not right. Darth Vader!

<Vader> But I am Anakin.

<Obi> I know. But you’re a Sith! You destroyed the Jedi!

<Vader> Nah, the Jedi left on vacation. Either that or they retired…

<Obi> Really?

<Vader> Yeah. You went to Tatooine, Yoda went to Dagobah, Master Windu went back to visit his family on Haruun Kal, Jedi 1 and Jedi 2 went and started their own families close to the start of the Clone Wars…

<Obi> Oh. So you want to practice your lightsaber skills? I’m a little rusty, and could use the practice.

<Vader> You know how well that turned out last time…

<Obi> This time there’s nothing to distract me, like Padmé going into labor.

<Vader> I suppose you’re right. And the practice won’t hurt my skills any, either. I’ve got to keep those sharp for the next time I have a life-or-disassembly duel.

*Obi and Vader fight, Obi’s lightsaber turns off*

<Obi> That’s strange. It’s almost like it was…scripted. Do you believe in predestination?

*Obi looks straight down at the lightsaber, which turns on. Obi turns into Force Ghost*

<Vader> I’d put you back together, but…you seem to have disappeared. All that’s left is a strange bluish hue.

<Force Ghost Obi> Curse you, curiosity! Hey, look, it’s Luke! Hi, Luke!

-Escape the Death Star

<Han> Was that Obi?

<Luke> Can’t be. He’s blue.

<Leia> Looks like Obi to me.

<Han> You know, kid, the Princess has a point. And besides, who else do you know that could be so…ditsy? Sorry, I normally reserve that word for teenage girls, but the Jedi seem to do that to people.

*Leia looks at Luke, who is carrying her. Luke shrugs, then slaps Han, who falls apart like in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy*

<Luke> Sorry, about that, Han. If she had her body, she’d have done it herself. Chewie, help me put him back together.

*Luke and Chewie reassemble Han*
*Stormtroopers enter and start firing at the Falcon. Falcon crew shoots back, Luke shoots door controls and blocks Vader from entering. TK-421 is knocked over and loses his helmet*
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