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Bounty Hunter Chase

-Attempt to take off

-Explosion of Padmé’s ship

-Bounty Hunter Chase

*Zam’s speeder zooms past*

*Anakin and Obi-Wan enter*

<Anakin> Good to see you again, Padmé

<Padmé> Ani?! Ani, you have to help me. Someone is trying to kill me.

<Anakin> Well, that’s a different way to say hello. But I will do what I can.

*Anakin turns to face Obi-Wan*

<Anakin> Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who can do an amazing Jedi backflip, we have to help Padmé.

<Obi-Wan> Our place is to provide her protection back to Coruscant.

<Padmé> But my ship just blew up!

<Obi-Wan> Anakin, do you hear something?

<Padmé> Not again!

<Anakin> Yes! She said her ship just blew up!

<Obi-Wan> Oh. We should take mine, then.

<Anakin> But yours only holds one person!

<Obi-Wan> Then we should take yours.

<Anakin> I don’t have one yet!

<Obi-Wan> Oh. In that case, we should follow the attackers.

<Anakin> But we don’t have a speeder.

<Padmé> There’s one!

<Anakin> Imagine that. There’s a speeder!

<Obi-Wan> Hurry!

(Added line:<Obi-Wan> And she doesn't follow.)

*Obi-Wan and Anakin climb in speeder and chase Zam. Zam crashes and is mortally wounded.*

*Obi-Wan and Anakin catch up*

<Obi-Wan> Why did you attack Padmé?

<Zam> Because I was hired to.

<Anakin> Who hired you?

<Zam> *Wheezing* A bounty hunter named...*death sigh*

<Obi-Wan> Blast, she died!

<Zam> *Wheezy* ...Jango Fett with his...*death sigh*

<Anakin> Well that was weird.

<Zam> *Wheezy* ...Son and Slave I...*death sigh*

<Anakin>Do you think she’s dead yet?

<Obi-Wan>Yes...she’s gone.

*Anakin and Obi-Wan walk out of screen, leaving Zam in the wreckage*

<Zam> *Wheezy*I’m not dead yet...*death sigh*

*The Cleaner Guy comes and sweeps up Zam.*

*Anakin pops his head back in*

<Anakin> Wow, that was fast. That Cleaner Guy sure is quick.

<The Cleaner Guy> It’s The Cleaner Guy.

<Anakin> Sorry.

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