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*Qui-Gon + Anakin walk in.*

<Qui-Gon> Anakin Skywalker, the bratty kid from Tatooine, there are four principles a Jedi must always remember when training.
#1: I am going to pass you on to my apprentice, OWK, who can do an amazing Jedi back flip... *Obi-Wan doesn’t come and Qui-Gon becomes nervous, not knowing what to do. Finally, the corner of a queue card is seen showing Qui-Gon what to do. Boba Fett flips in Obi-Wan's stead.*
#2: A lightsaber is very sharp and cut many things, including your own hand, arm, leg, torso, or head off, and one must never run with it. You could poke more then an eye out with it.
#3: Always listen to the wise dyslexic one, no matter how funny his voice sounds.
#4: Never! Never ever...challenge Frank to a limbo contest.

*Camera rushes over to see Frank and Jar Jar, with Frank doing the limbo.*

<Anakin> Yes, Master. I will try.

*Yoda walks up.*

<Qui-Gon> And now we must listen, for speak the wise dyslexic one will.

<Anakin> Why are you speaking like that?

<Qui-Gon> Like what?

<Yoda> Kid, don’t listen to the way he talks, it’s what he says that matters.

<Anakin> But how can I hear what he says when I can’t understand the way he says it?

<Yoda> Here this might help you a little: Spring turns to Summer, Summer turns to Fall, Fall turns to Winter, and Winter leads to the Dark Side of the Force.

<Anakin> Yes, Master. So is that why Darth Sidious, the mastermind behind it all, over there is so messed up?

<Yoda> Shhhh...That’s for another episode to come...

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