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-Padmé gives birth

*Bail Organa sets next to Padmé, who is lying down.*

<Bail> Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who can do an amazing Jedi backflip...

*Obi does Amazing Jedi backflip in.*

<Bail> Wow! That really is amazing! Anyway. We have to get Padmé out of here! She’s going into labor!

<Obi-Wan> No. I have to go back and put Anakin back together…wait! Who are you?

<Bail> I’m Bail Organa, the intelligent, respectable Senator.

<Obi-Wan> How’d you get here?

<Bail> Ask the writers.

<Obi-Wan> I just might. But after I get Padmé out of here and come back to but Anakin back together.

<Padmé> Aaaaah!

<Bail> Padmé, breathe.

*Padmé gives birth.*

<Obi-Wan> He said breathe not give birth! She’s mute and deaf!

<Padmé> I’m not mute!

<Obi> Her lips are moving, but nothing is coming out! It’s like she’s trying to tell me something!

<Bail> Master Obi-Wan Ken...uh, Obi-Wan, you’re panicking. Just help me with the next one.

<Obi-Wan> Next one?

<Bail> Yes, twins.

*Padmé gives birth again.*

<Obi-Wan> This is too much.

<Bail> What do you want to call them?

<Obi-Wan> I don’t know. They’re not my kids!

<Bail> Obi-Wan, calm down!

<Obi-Wan> Ok.

<Padmé> *mumbling* Luke and Leia.

<Obi-Wan> Bail, do you hear something?

<Bail> Those are beautiful names.

<Padmé> Thank you.

<Obi-Wan> Wait! I heard her!

*Padmé passes away.*

<Bail> She’s gone.

<Obi-Wan> No, wait. 5...4...3...2...1...

*Padmé gasps for air.*

<Obi-Wan> I hate it when they do this.

*Padmé passes away again.*

<Bail> Now, she’s gone.

<Obi-Wan> No, not yet. This continues a couple times.

*Padmé gasps for air again.*

<Obi-Wan> Well, that went fast. Normally they take forever to finally get around. So, umm, what about the kids?

<Bail> We have to get them to a home. You take the boy to Tatooine, to his family, and watch over him there. I’ll take the girl and raise her as my own.

<Obi-Wan> Sounds good! We should leave at once.

<Bail> That’s the smartest thing you’ve said this episode.

*All exit, including Padmé.*

-Obi-Wan and others leave

-Sidious arrives to help Anakin

*Sidious enters to see Anakin facing the opposite direction he was earlier.*

<Anakin> Guys! Is that you?

<Sidious> It is I. Glad to see you alive.

<Anakin> What happened to Padmé?

<Sidious> It appears, she is gone.

<Anakin> Noooooo!

<Sidious> Clones pick him up.

*Clones pick up half of Anakin and place him on stretcher, and carry him off.*

-Obi arrives on homestead

*Obi arrives at homestead.*

<Obi-Wan> Hello! Hello? Is anybody home?

*No response. Obi leaves Luke at doorstep.*

-Darth Vader transformation

*Dark room. Imperial March playing in background from Lego Boombox. Darth Vader’s platform tilts upward to reveal the mechanical version. Darth Vader falls forward.*

<Vader> I think I’m a little top-heavy.

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