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-Padmé arrives on Mustafar

-Padmé & Anakin talk.

*Padmé walks up to Anakin.*

<Padmé> Oh, Anakin. I thought you were dead. Of course, only until Darth Sidious stopped by and told me he sent you here. Then I felt better. But I just had to come and see you.

<Anakin> Well, that was nice of him. I wanted to see you, too.

<Padmé> I know. Oh, Ani! What’s happening?

<Anakin> You’re pregnant and dying, but I’m going to save you, because I’m a Master.

<Padmé> Oh, Ani! That’s really sweet!

<Anakin> Well, you are my wife.

<Padmé> Thank you. What about Obi-Wan? Can he visit?

<Anakin> Of course. *pause.* That is if he survives Order 66.

*A CIS bomber flies by.*

<Padmé> Who is that?

<Anakin> Since it’s a CIS bomber, my guess. Grievous! Hold on. I’m going to go check.

*Ani leaves.*

-Anakin sees Obi-Wan

*Ani enters and Obi-Wan jumps out from behind a couple of barrels.*

<Obi-Wan> Surprise!

<Anakin> Master Obi-Wan!

<Obi-Wan> Master Skywalker! I don’t think I’m going to get used to saying that.

<Anakin> It’s ok. You can just call me Anakin.

<Obi-Wan> Can I start from the top?

<Anakin> Sure.

*Obi walks back to where he stood.*

<Obi-Wan> Surprise!

<Anakin> Master Obi-Wan!

<Obi-Wan> Anakin! Good to see your alright.

<Anakin> Yeah, I’m doing great! Padmé’s here.

<Obi-Wan> It’s like a family reunion, only without the family.

<Anakin> So how’d you get here?

<Obi-Wan> I’m not sure. I stole Grievous’ bomber and set it to autopilot. My guess, he was coming here to meet with all the CIS leaders, but doesn’t know how to fly.

<Anakin> I should do that.

<Obi-Wan> Yeah. So are there any CIS leaders here on the planet?

<Anakin> No. Sidious sent me here to take care of them, but no one was here.

<Obi-Wan> Sidious?

<Anakin> Oh, yeah. I joined up with Sidious…*pause.* but it’s only temporary.

<Obi-Wan> Oh, well good for you. Your first steps as a Master, and look at you now! A Sith! Congratulations!

<Anakin> Thanks.

<Obi-Wan> You know, if you didn’t say it was temporary, I would have had to fight you.

*long pause.*

<Anakin> Well, I could use the practice.

<Obi-Wan> Me, too.

<Anakin> You want to...?

<Obi-Wan> Sure.

*Both start fighting for the heck of it.*

-Anakin and Obi-Wan fight for the heck of it

-Anakin gets defeated

*Obi-Wan cuts off Anakin’s hair.*

<Obi-Wan> Oops. Sorry.

<Anakin> It’s ok. It was a clip on.

*Obi & Anakin start fighting some more. Obi cuts off Anakin’s left arm.*

<Obi-Wan> Oh, that’s got to hurt.

<Anakin> Actually, it doesn’t.

<Obi-Wan> Sorry about it, though.

<Anakin> Aah. I’ll pick it up later. At least I’ll have some symmetry to my body now with two mechanical arms.

*fight some more. Obi jumps onto nearby ledge. Ani follows, and slips onto Obi-Wan’s blade, cutting him in half. His torso flips over in mid-air and lands right-side-up, while his legs roll down into the lava.*

<Anakin> Ok, that one stung a little.

<Obi-Wan> Well, it was your fault that time.

<Anakin> Maybe if you didn’t have your lightsaber out, I could have landed better. It’s like you put it there on purpose!

<Obi-Wan> Oh, so your blaming me of trying to kill you!

<Anakin> You did say so earlier! I hate you! *short pause* What am I saying! No, I don’t. You’re like my brother!

<Obi-Wan> I’m sorry, too, for not moving my lightsaber in time.

<Anakin> Quick! Go get Padmé so you can put me back together.

<Obi-Wan> Sure thing, Pal.

<Anakin> Did you just call me Palpatine?

<Obi-Wan> No. I called you pal, as in buddy.

<Anakin> Oh. Hurry!

*Obi leaves.*
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