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-Yoda meets Chewbacca

*Yoda enters.*

<Yoda> Hello. My name is Master Yoda, the wise dyslexic Jedi Master, I came with Clone Troopers. I’m here to save you.

<Chewie> Grrrawrrr.

<Yoda> Who’s Leia?

<Chewie> Grarwarr.

<Yoda> Why does everybody insist on giving away details of later episodes?

<Chewie> Grrrawrrr.

<Yoda> You’re name is Chewbacca. Pleased to meet you.

<Chewie> Grraw.

<Yoda> I know! Just take me to the battle. *whispers* How dare he comment on my height.

*Both leave.*

-Clones turn on him

*Both enter.*

<Yoda> You there! Clone Troopers! Where are all the Battle Droids, the nice embodiments of destruction!

<Clone Trooper> Over there *Camera pans over to see a troop of droids.*

<Chewie> Grrrawrrra.

<Yoda> What do you mean he’s bad?

<Chewie> Grarw.

<Yoda> You saw him talking to a holographic figure of Darth Sidious, the mastermind behind it all. When?

<Chewie> GRAWRRR!

<Yoda> Just now!

*Yoda turns to face the Clone, who has a gun pointed at him.*

<Clone Trooper> What?

<Yoda> You weren’t going to shoot me, were you?

<Clone Trooper> Of course not. *Turns around and motions more Clones in.*

<Yoda> Why are you motioning more Clones in?

<Clone Trooper> *Whispers.* Call in the Tank.

*Turbo Tank rolls in. Mace Windu pops out.*

<Chewie> Grrraa!?

<Yoda> Master Windu?

<Mace Windu> What? I came with the bet. Oh, right. And Palpatine ib Darth Bidioub, the mabtermind behind it all, the Bith Lord. He ordered Order bixty-bix, to kill all the Jedi.

<Yoda> Oh, thank you.

<Chewie> Grawrrr!

<Yoda> Good point. Let’s go.

*Both exit.*

<Mace Windu> Bo...I can go now, right?

<Clone Trooper 1> Yep.

<Clone Trooper 2> Yeah.

<Clone Trooper 3> Go ahead.

<Mace Windu> Thank you.

*Mace exits.*

-Chewbacca helps Yoda escape

*Yoda enters.*

<Yoda> Hurry up! You’re supposed to be protecting me.

*Chewie creeps in.*

<Chewie> Grrrawrrr.

<Yoda> You’re afraid of the dark? But you’re a Wookiee! Oh, never mind. Do you want to get killed.

<Chewie> Grwarr.

<Yoda> Yeah, I though you would be afraid of that, too.

*Han runs in.*

<Han> I’m here to free the Wookiees!

<Chewie> Grrrawwrrr!

<Han> Then when?

<Chewie> Grawr.

<Han> Oh, ok.

*Han leaves.*

<Yoda> Goodbye, Chewbacca, who is afraid of the dark. I’m going to go into exile. It was nice knowing you.

<Chewie> Grawr?

<Yoda> No, Exile! Not suicide!

<Chewie> Grawr.

<Yoda> I’ll miss you, too. Goodbye.

<Chewie> Goodbye.

*Title saying, “Oops. Forgot to dub that one.”*
*Yoda leaves. Han runs back in.*

<Han> Now?

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