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-Anakin tells Mace about Sidious

*Mace Windu stands next to LAAT/i.*
*Anakin walks in.*

<Mace> You called me?

<Anakin> Yes, Master. I have something to tell you that I’ve known for a while but on one would let me tell them.

<Mace> What ib it?

<Anakin> It’s about the culprits we’ve been looking for. I know who they are.

<Mace> Don’t tell me! Not yet!

<Anakin> Why not?

<Mace> We’re not done with the series yet.

<Anakin> Fine. Then come with me. I have something to show you.

<Mace> Ok.

*Both jump in LAAT/i and take off. Mace Windu falls out and runs after the LAAT/i.*

-Council fights Sidious & Anakin becomes Darth Vader.

*Mace & Anakin enter to see Palpatine.*

<Anakin> Master Windu, can I tell you something?

<Mace> Yeb.

<Anakin> Palpatine is Darth Sidious, the mastermind behind it all, a Sith Lord!

<Mace> A Bith Lord!

<Anakin> Yes, I Bith...ah, Sith Lord. See!

*Pans over to see Darth Sidious instead of Palpatine.*
*Master Windu jumps in and fights Sidious. Windu defeated by getting knocked off the edge.*

<Sidious> Now, my plans are almost complete. Anakin Skywalker, the bratty kid from Tatooine, join me and I can save your wife.

<Audience member> Don’t do it, Anakin!

<Anakin> You promise to save her?

<Sidious> With all my power.

<Anakin> Then I devote my life to you...but only until Padmé gives birth. Then I’m leaving to take care of the kids.

<Sidious> Good! Rise...Darth Vader. Go and bring peace and justice to the galaxy on Mustafar.

<Anakin> Yes, my master.

*Anakin runs back to LAAT/i.*

<Sidious> Commander…execute Order 99.

<Clone Commander> 99?

<Sidious> I mean Order 66. I was holding it upside-down.

*LAAT/I takes off. Sidious leave. Camera zooms in to see Mace climb back up.*
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