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-Anakin has dream

*Anakin walks in. Sees Padmé. Young Luke comes out from behind her.*

<Young Luke> Daddy!

*Cuts to Anakin.*

<Anakin> Son!

*Pans over to see Obi-Wan next to Padmé, who is lying on the ground.*
*Pans back over to see Anakin, who is know Darth Vader.*
*Pans back to see Old Obi-Wan and Ep. VI Luke, both with lightsabers.*
*Pans back to Anakin. Sidious enters.*

<Sidious> I can save her.

*Anakin wakes up.*

<Anakin> Weird.

*Anakin walks off.*

-Council meets to send Obi-Wan to Utapau

*Anakin walks in and sees only Yoda.*

<Yoda> You seem distressed, kid.

<Anakin> Master Yoda, the wise dyslexic one! You’re not talking funny!

<Yoda> I only speak that way when Masters are around.

<Anakin> But what about Qui-Gon Jinn, the benevolent Jedi Master?

<Yoda> He doesn’t count. He wasn’t on the Council.

<Anakin> So does Master Windu...?

<Yoda> No, he just plain can’t pronounce his s’s.

<Anakin> Oh.

<Yoda> So what’s troubling you?

<Anakin> I had this weird dream last. You see, Padmé is pregnant and...

<Yoda> Oh! Congratulations!

<Anakin> Thank you. But in the dream she dies. Then I turn into this machine and I see my son with Master Obi-Wan. What does this mean?

<Yoda> It’s probably the future. It’s telling you that even though you may seem like your killing your wife, even though your child may rebel against you, you’ll still be a great father.

<Anakin> Yes, Master. Thank you.

*Rest of council enters.*

<Yoda> What news do you bring to the council this time?

<Mace> General Grievoub hab been found on Utapau. I buggest Master Obi-Wan go.

<Anakin> Agree, I do.

<Yoda> Then Master Obi-Wan and I will leave at once. For in our hands, the fate of the galaxy rests.

*Council dismisses.*
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