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-Returning Palpatine

*Speeder with Anakin & Palp arrives in front of congregation of Senators and Mace Windu.*

<Palpatine> Thank you, Anakin, for saving my life. If that doesn’t grant you Master, I would have to question the Jedi’s motives.

<Anakin> Wow! You’re really trying to lay a hint here, aren’t you! But…umm, I already know.

<Palpatine> Then, in that case, I’ll stop trying.

<Anakin> Thank you. You’ve been trying for thirteen years now. It’s about time.

<Palpatine> Sorry.

*They walk up to the congregation.*

<Mace> Chanbellor Palpatine, good to bee your alright. I trubt your trip went well?

<Palpatine> First class.

<Anakin> But you were a captive.

<Palpatine> Dooku treats his captives nicely.

<Anakin> Oh.

*A Senator walks up to Anakin.*

<Bail> Hi. I’m Bail Organa, Senator from Alderaan. We at the Senate are grateful for your rescue.

<Anakin> Well, it was Obi-Wan’s idea.

<Bail> Fair enough.

<Anakin> You seem like an intelligent, respectable man. How’d you get onto this movie?

<Bail> It pays well.

<Anakin> True.

*Beeping in background.*

<Anakin> Excuse me, I have to be going.

<Bail> Of course. Thank you again for returning Palpatine.

<Anakin> That makes him sound like a pet.

<Bail> Well, he is always running off in a costume.

*Ani leaves.*

-Ani finds out Padmé is pregnant.

*Ani walks in.*

<Anakin> Padmé, it’s been too long!

<Padmé> It was only last episode.

<Anakin> No, I mean since I saw you last, not since we were last on.

<Padmé> So do I.

<Anakin> It’s been 3 years.

<Padmé> Really? It only seems like a couple weeks ago we got married.

<Anakin> Well, technically it was.

<Padmé> This time thing with the show is so confusing. I mean one week is ten years, then next only a couple hours, then eventually, one week is three years. What next...nineteen?

<Anakin> True.

<Padmé> Oh, but, Ani. I have great news.

<Anakin> As do I. You first.

<Padmé> No, you.

<Anakin> No, you.

<Padmé> No, you.

<Anakin> Ok...the war. It’s almost over. I can feel it in my heart.

<Padmé> Are you sure it wasn’t those Cheerios™ you had for breakfast?

<Anakin> How did you know what I had for breakfast?

<Padmé> Wife’s intuition, I guess.

<Anakin> what did you want to tell me?

<Padmé> *long pause.* I can’t remember. I forgot my line.

<Anakin> I’m sure it’ll come to you.

<Padmé> I hope.

<Anakin> Come on. Let’s go inside.

<Padmé> Yes, let’s.

*Anakin walks off.*

<Padmé> Oh, right! Ani, I’m pregnant!

*Padmé walks off.*
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