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Invisible Hand
-Retreat down halls

*Glass comes over and blocks them.*

<Obi-Wan> Hold on! How did this happen?

<Palpatine> Well, someone pushes a button, then suddenly this glass came out.

<Obi-Wan> Not how as in how, how as in why.

<Palpatine> How was I supposed to know?

<Obi-Wan> Do you mean how, or why?

<Palpatine> How.

<Obi-Wan> Ok.

<Anakin> Master, I think we have company.

<Obi-Wan> And I didn’t get tea made.

<Anakin> Not that company.

*Droids walk up.*

<Obi-Wan> Do you have a plan B?

<Anakin> I never gave you plan A.

<Obi-Wan> Then what’s plan A?

<Anakin> Well, if you...

<Obi-Wan> Give up! Good idea.

<Anakin> *sigh*

-Confront Grievous

*All three walk in, escorted by Battle Droids, to see Grievous.*

<Obi-Wan> General Grievous, the mechanical minion of Dooku! I should have expected a capture that weird to be your doing.

<Grievous> Just be glad I didn’t have you executed for trespassing.

<Anakin> Grievous! Why are you keeping us captive?

<Grievous> Because you were trespassing...and now I have three prisoners for Darth Sidious, the mastermind behind it all.

<Anakin> Hey! That’s my line!

*Ani pulls out his lightsaber. Obi-Wan follows.*

<Anakin> Now you’ll pay!

<Grievous> Guards!


<Grievous> Guards? Why are they never here when I need them. Fine, I will deal with you myself.

<Obi-Wan> So that’s how you get you’re revenge.

<Anakin & Grievous> What?

<Obi-Wan> You steal his line like he stole yours...cause you always say that, later on.

<Anakin> Are you having another force flash?

<Obi-Wan> Maybe...anyway, continue.

*Grievous lights up two lightsabers.*
*Grievous, Anakin, & Obi-Wan fight.*

<Grievous> You’ll never catch me, Jedi!

*Grievous runs towards glass and hits it repeatedly.*

<Anakin> Try going around it.

<Grievous> Oh.

*Grievous exits.*
*Beeping sound heard.*

<Obi-Wan> Anakin, can you land something like this?

<Anakin> You mean a ship? Are you sure? I might kill someone for real this time.

<Obi-Wan> True...but at least try.

<Anakin> Ok...but remember...I warned you.

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