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-Battle of Geonosis

<Yoda>Look, it’s Dooku!

<Anakin>It is. What should we do!

<Yoda>Take the controls! Follow him!

<Anakin>Why aren’t you talking funny?

<Yoda>The other Jedi aren’t paying attention.

*Anakin heads to the front of the LAAT/i*

*LAAT/i hits a dune and the Jedi except Yoda and Obi-Wan all fall out*


*LAAT/i hits another dune and all the clones except one fall out*

<Anakin>Sorry again!

*LAAT/i crashes into a wall above the cavern Dooku entered and falls to the platform outside it*

<Obi-Wan>That was actually not a bad landing, Anakin.

<Padmé>I really wish we could have some good landings once in a while, though.


-Anakin and Obi-Wan duel Dooku/Yoda duels Dooku

<Anakin>You go left, I’ll go right.

<Obi-Wan>Ok. Wait, my left or your left?

<Anakin>We’re facing the same direction. Left is the same for both of us.


<Kaminoan 1>Nute Gunray!

<Obi>Would someone shoot him, please?

*Anakin heads right, followed closely by Obi-Wan*

*Anakin stops*

<Anakin>Uh, Master, left is that way.

<Obi-Wan>Of course. I knew that.

*They separate and come at Dooku from two different angles*

*Anakin and Obi-Wan charge, Dooku leaps up, Anakin and Obi-Wan crash in the middle and fall over, unconscious. Dooku lands and accidentally cuts of Anakin’s arm*

<Dooku>Oo, that’s gonna leave a mark…

<Yoda>Now you’ve got to fight me!

<Dooku>Speak like this, you do not?

<Yoda>Only around the Jedi. You were once a Jedi, but now you’re not, so I don’t have to talk funny.

<Dooku>Slightly odd, I find this.

<Yoda>Stop pretending to be dyslexic and just fight!

*Dooku and Yoda fight*

*Dooku leaps back and lands on Obi-Wan*

<Dooku>Oops. How clumsy of me.

*Dooku runs off screen*

*Anakin and Obi-Wan wake up*

<Anakini>I have a burning sensation in my left shoulder…

<Obi-Wan>Your right arm’s gone!

<Anakin>Waddaya know, it is!

*Padmé runs up to him*

<Padmé>You’re injured!

<Anakin>Oh, it’s only a scratch.

<Padmé>A scratch? Your whole arm’s gone!

<Anakin>Ah, it’ll heal in time.

<Padmé>Keep on thinking that. In the meantime, I’m going to get a doctor.

<Anakin>Whatever flies your starfighter, I guess.

<Yoda>Fought, your first battle is, Anakin. Well, you have done.

<Anakin>Thank you. Now, let’s get out of here.

-Clones enter hangar of Acclamator

*Clones enter Acclamator in background in wave after wave*

<Sidious>Look at them. Hundreds of thousands of them. All of them photocopies of our strategically placed man, Frank.

<Dooku>Do you think all will go as planned, my lord?

<Sidious>They do not call me the mastermind behind it all for no reason. Of course it will all work out; I’m a mastermind.

<Dooku>Oh. In that case, I have no doubt.

<Sidious>This will all work to our advantage, my not-so-young apprentice. In due time, you will see.

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