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-Anakin tells Padmé he has to go to Tatooine

<Commlink> You’ve got mail.

<Anakin> Just when you sit down to watch a little smashball…

<Padmé> You had another nightmare last night, didn’t you?

<Anakin> Jedi don’t have nightmares. They do have really vivid dreams, though.

<Padmé> You wanna talk about it?

<Anakin> Sure! Well, it started...

<Padmé> I was being polite. You were supposed to refuse. Now who sent the message?

<Anakin> *Pulls out commlink* A guy named...Cliegg Lars. Says his wife was captured by Sand People.

<Padmé> We have to help him!

<Anakin> We don’t even know him!

<Padmé> That doesn’t matter. We have to help him!

<Anakin> But Obi-Wan said to stay on Naboo!

<Padmé> No, he didn’t.

<Anakin> You’re right. Let’s go.

-Padmé and Anakin travel to Tatooine

<Anakin> So how does this thing take off?

<Padmé> Push this button.

<Anakin> How do you close the doors?

<Padmé> Same button.

<Anakin> How do you plot a course and jump to hyperspace? No, wait...let me guess. Same button?

<Padmé> You’re so smart.

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