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My blades are sharpened, and ready for battle!
—Urai Fen[src]

A skilled Talortai warrior of many years by the time of the Galactic Civil War, Urai Fen was the devoted strongarm and companion of the infamous crime lord Tyber Zann. It was his quiet strength and cunning that allowed Zann to escape imprisonment on Kessel. It was his skills that enabled Zann to successfully infiltrate worlds like Bespin and Coruscant. Of all the people known to Zann, Urai Fen was perhaps the one individual that Zann could call a friend, and Fen remained devoted to the crime lord until the very end.[1]

Fen met Zann prior to the Galactic Civil Wars, but was old enough to remember the Sith Wars. When Zann was captured after stealing a Sith holocron, he entrusted the artifact to Fen. Fen then raised a Zann Consortium force to free Zann. Together, Fen and the crime lord built a powerful crime syndicate to rival Black Sun, including its own war fleet and army. Fen helped Zann recruit the dark side Force-user Silri to assist in interpreting the artifact which Tyber Zann recovered as well.[1]

Fen also assisted Zann with a raid on Bespin designed to implicate Xizor, the leader of Black Sun, in the theft of tibanna gas from the Imperial garrison there.[1] While there with a small force of mercenaries, Zann encountered Jorge and Annita Knrr while Fen arranged the theft of the tibanna. The pair had been defending their business from attack by Zann's thugs with droideka droids, which Zann had an interest in using, given his own employment in advanced versions of the combat automata. Zann later negotiated a business arrangement to obtain droideka parts from the Knrrs' suppliers and Fen kept a close watch on the talks to ensure there was no threat posed to the crime lord.[2]

Fen's next mission took him to Carida, where Zann hoped to sell the Sith holocron to Xizor. However, the location turned out to be an Imperial trap and the possessor of the artifact, the bounty hunter Bossk, fled to the Empire with the holocron in tow. Zann had planned for this, though, and he and Fen used their fleet to fight their way out of the trap. Linking up with Silri and a small force, they followed the artifact to Coruscant, where the tracking device Zann had planted inside it led them. Fen, Zann, Silri, and their party infiltrated a highly-secretive data vault on Coruscant belonging to Emperor Palpatine, which gave them the control codes to the incomplete Star Dreadnaught Eclipse. Arriving over Kuat, Fen and Zann stole the Eclipse and raided its data banks after fighting their way out of the shipyard. However, the battle cost the Zann Consortium heavily in terms of casualties. When word reached Zann that the Knrrs' supplier, Kraechar Arms, had sold them out, he was furious and vowed revenge.[2][1]

Abandoning the Eclipse, Zann and Fen were delivered Sarth Kraen, the head of Kraechar Arms, and his wife Cassi, who had been captured while on a separate expedition. When Zann learned of Kraechar Arms culpability, he interrogated both of them for information on how to punish the treacherous company. When Sarth resisted the questions, Zann threatened to molest Cassi, at which point Sarth relented. After Sarth's capitulation and revelation of the Kraechar Arms headquarters and defenses on Yanibar, Zann considered giving Cassi to his crew as a prize. However, Fen dissuaded him, saying it would be a ignoble action. Given his own Force-sensitivity and respect for the Jedi, Fen felt such an action was beneath them and Zann acquiesced.[2]

Fen then accompanied the remnants of the Zannist fleet to Yanibar, where they fought a protracted engagement against the Yanibar Guard. A stalemate occurred during the battle, during which a commando team led by Sarth's adopted brother, Spectre Kraen, broke into Zann's flagship Merciless and attempted to both free the Kraens and sabotage the ship. Fen and Zann discovered the sabotage and engaged the intruders. Fen faced Spectre in single combat, matching his heavy arm blades against Spectre's lightsaber, but though he was able to wound Spectre, Fen was undone by a grenade planted on his back. The detonation killed the Talortai warrior, though Zann later avenged him shortly before the destruction of the Merciless. Sarth and Cassi escaped, and the Yanibar Guard was successful in wiping out Zann's fleet as well as Silri. With the sudden decapitation of the Zann Consortium and loss of so many personnel, the organization imploded afterward.[2]



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