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The Nightsister Silri was a dark-side Force user from Dathomir who managed to escape the planet during the Galactic Civil War. Forming a tenuous alliance with the crime lord Tyber Zann, she worked with the underworld leader and helped him to unlock a powerful Sith artifact he had found. However, she had ambitions of her own and concealed the true power of the artifact. When Zann allowed the modified artifact to fall into Imperial hands, she was furious, but nevertheless accompanied him and his Talortai associate Urai Fen back to Coruscant in 4 ABY on a daring raid on Emperor Palpatine's private vaults. Fighting through Palpatine's elite guards, Zann was able to steal the pass key to the Emperor's files in order to amass incredible wealth. For her part, Silri struck out on her own and recovered the artifact, whose true worth she had concealed from Zann.[1]

During the raid, Silri's solo excursion cost the life of her rancor, Cuddles, leaving her even more ill-tempered with the crime lord than usual as they barely escaped from pursuing Imperial forces. To cover their flight, Silri was instructed to create a diversion. As they were near the Imperial Opera, the angered Nightsister crashed through the skylight, interrupting a performance of a Taelros Bac opera attended by hundreds of high-level dignitaries. Silri landed on the stage in the middle of a solo performed by an eleven-year-old girl named Rhiannon Kraen, showering the stage with glassine shards as she prepared to unleash havoc.[2]

What she wasn't prepared for was the sudden intervention of Milya Tayrce Kraen, Rhiannon's mother and well-trained in the Jedi arts. Milya leaped onto the stage, brandishing a lightsaber that she had concealed against Silri's lightwhip. The two women fought a bloody brawl that ended when Milya wounded Silri in the arm with a shard of glassine. Silri, enraged but knowing she could not beat Milya, escaped and reconnected with Zann before escaping. However, during the fight, Silri had managed to plant a Dathomiri blood trail on Milya, allowing her to track the other woman across space.[2]

Regrouping offworld, Silri then aided Zann in stealing the massive warship Eclipse, but used the ship's computers to unlock her painstakingly retrieved artifact, which revealed the location of a long-preserved Sith army from centuries past.[1] Silri quickly bent the army and its three Dark Jedi lieutenants to her will and then departed for Yanibar, to exact vengeance on Milya using the blood trail to track Milya. She arrived to find that Tyber Zann and his forces were already there, engaging the Jedi and Yanibar Guard defenders. Silri confidently crashed her forces into the middle of the Yanibar Force exile refuge, instructing them to cause maximum casualties while she went in search of Milya and her daughter, Rhiannon. First, though, she demanded the surrender of the refuge and threatened to bombard it with chemical and radiological weapons if her demands were not met. The Yanibar Guard commander, Selu Kraen, acquiesced, but Silri was not interested in a settlement and instead sent her three Dark Jedi servants to kill him at the designated sight for negotiations, where he would be alone and unarmed.[2]

Silri was able to find Rhiannon alone and tried to attack her, but was intercepted by the droid J7-A0 and a Noghri warrior named Morgedh clan Kel'nerh. Though Silri defeated both of them, their defense allowed Milya to arrive and personally fight Silri. The two fought a ferocious battle, but ultimately Morgedh intervened again, distracting Silri at a crucial time and allowing Milya to kill her. Selu also slew all three of Silri's Dark Jedi and the Yanibar Guard defeated the Zann Consortium to end the threat to Yanibar.[2]

Behind the scenes

Silri was chosen as a secondary antagonist for Force Exile IV: Guardian due to her canonical association with the Zann Consortium. Atarumaster88 felt she was one of the least dynamic characters and juxtaposed her against Milya to give her an opponent of similar lethality. Their conflict was symbolic in that the two women, one representing destructive chaos and the other representing lawful order, were fighting over a young child who personified the future. While it was not canonical that Silri lost her rancor on Coruscant, Atarumaster88 chose to devise that event in order to explain how they could escape on such a small transport without the beast, as well as create another point of schism between Silri and Tyber Zann. While Forces of Corruption hinted at a conflict between Silri and Zann, Atarumaster88 decided they would rather unite to fight against Yanibar rather than introducing another subplot to complicate the novel further.



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