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The only thing I can absolutely tell you is what you already said: stay in the light side of the Force. In my opinion, the other parts of the Order’s regulations are not so absolute, and can therefore be eh, modified, if that’s what you wish. At any rate, I don’t see the point in adhering to the mandates of a defunct group.
—Quinlan Vos[src]

Quinlan Vos was an enigmatic Kiffar Jedi Master during the last days of the Old Republic. A mystery to many of his colleagues, Vos operated deep undercover during much of the war, seeking to undermine the Separatists from within, but he nearly fell to dark side while in Count Dooku's employ, becoming something of a double agent. Furthermore, against Jedi traditions, Vos had a family, but the war separated him from his beloved wife.[1]

He was eventually redeemed and returned to frontline service for the Republic. He was on Kashyyyk when Order 66 was activated and narrowly escaped execution at the hands of clone troopers. Though a full account of Vos's life can be found elsewhere,[1] he survived the purge and made his way to New Holstice with the aid of Vilmarh Grarhk, a shady Devaronian acquaintance of his. However, Grahrk abandoned Vos on the planet, marooning him.[2]

While he was there, Vos met Selusda Kraen, a fugitive Jedi Knight turned smuggler, who had been recuperating from injuries at the planet's medcenter. As his own crew had disappeared, Selu spent two weeks with Vos. The Jedi Master gave him additional instruction in the ways of the Force, feeling that the fugitive would need the aid to survive on his own.[2]

However, their stay was interrupted when they discovered a firefight between Selu's crewmembers and Imperial troops. Vos and Selu quickly intervened, defeating the remaining stormtroopers, but the captain of Selu's ship was killed. In response, Selu helped get the remaining crewmember back to his ship and promised Vos that he would get the Jedi Master offworld to his family.[2]

Before they left, Vos aided Selu and a companion of his in attacking a local Imperial landing force and stealing their ships as a diversion. The Empire was aware of Vos's presence and Selu felt that attacking them directly would catch them off guard. It worked and Selu, Vos, and Selu's companions got offworld after disabling an Imperial cruiser.[2]

Selu, taking temporary command of his ship, the Hawk-bat, flew Vos to Nar Shaddaa, where Vos had previously arranged to meet his wife, Khaleen Hentz. Arriving in the spaceport, Vos knew he had a long search ahead of him, but he was lucky enough to spot the miscreant Vilmarh Grahrk. Confronting the Devaronian rascal, Vos wrangled the information that his family had gone to Kashyyyk looking for him out of Grahrk. Furthermore, Grahrk agreed to conduct the Jedi Master to Kashyyyk to be reunited with Hentz. Vos agreed and departed with the Devaronian after bidding farewell to Selu, whom he felt needed to take his own path.[2]

On Kashyyyk, Vos was taken by Grahrk to a secret hideout in the forests of Kashyyyk where he was reunited with Khaleen Hentz and introduced to his son, Korto Vos. Furthermore, he also found other Jedi fugitives there, including his own master, Tholme. He lived out the rest of his days with his family as a fugitive Jedi, hiding from the Empire.[3]

In 3 ABY, Vos was spotted on Obroa-skai. He had been pursued by an Emperor's Hand, Mara Jade, but had managed to give her the slip. However, Jade soon picked up the trail of two old acquaintances of Vos's, Selu and Milya Tayrce Kraen. Vos reached the two other Force-users first and warned them. Selu and Milya were able to quickly subdue Jade. Vos then asked them why they were there, and they told him that they were looking for information on alien species whom Milya had had visions of. Based on his experiences during the Clone Wars and their description, Vos told them they were looking for a member of the Noghri species on the planet Honoghr. They then invited him to a refuge for Force-sensitives they had created, but Vos declined. Instead, the aged Kiffar Jedi then parted ways with them and disappeared once more.[4]

Behind the scenes

The character of Quinlan Vos first appeared in Force Exile II: Smuggler as a second mentor to Selusda Kraen. His presence was conceived early in the development of the Force Exile Series and Vos was present in the first draft of the story. Originally, he met with Selu Kraen after his escape from the Empire, though the initial draft had Vos teaching Selu elements of Vaapad. This was dropped from the final storyline, but the element of Vos serving as a second, albeit temporary, mentor to Selu Kraen and encouraging him to continue on the path of the Jedi was retained in the final draft of the novel. Vos was originally set to meet with his wife and son on Kashyyyk, but this posed a problem canonically since it was Vilmarh Grahrk who conducted Vos to Kashyyyk. The scene was therefore altered to have Selu take Vos to Nar Shaddaa, where he met Grahrk.

Vos later made another appearance in the fourth novel of the Force Exile Series, Force Exile IV: Guardian. Though he was not set as a character in the original dramatis personae, author Atarumaster88 needed a way to link Selu and Milya Kraen to the Noghri. Given his past canonical interactions with the Noghri on Honoghr, Vos was brought back. His role was primarily to point the Kraens towards Honoghr, giving them the information they needed to find Morgedh clan Kel'nerh. As in Smuggler, Vos's presence was always short-lived, and his tendency to leave the company of the other Force Exile characters was intentional. The author sought to portray him as a mysterious old Jedi who, guided by the Force, appears to render aid when needed, then abruptly disappears again.



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