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Let them wonder. We’re young, irresponsible, and engaged. We’re supposed to do strange things.
—Jorgesoll Knrr to Annita Daowot[src]

Jorgesoll Knrr was one of the gallant rogues for which Corellia became famous for during the waning days of the Republic and the rise of the Empire. Dashing, world-wise, with a devil-may-care attitude and a firm hand on the control stick of any kind of freighter, Jorge exemplified the popular galactic stereotype of a Corellian spacer.[1] Though he never really owned a ship of his own, he served as first mate for many years for the Bothan captain R'hask Sei'lar, with whom he had numerous adventures and exploits aboard the freighter Hawk-bat. Jorge carried himself with a confident swagger, and was known for often being the loudest, most amorous spacer in the cantina, and often the one who held his liquor the best. It was a wild, risk-filled lifestyle, but Jorge enjoyed the carefree nature of the independent spacer's life for many years, journeying from one spaceport to the next in search of the next big deal, the next thrill.[2]

Jorge was born on Corellia around 52 BBY and grew up in a low-income home in Coronet City. As a boy, he would often skip school to wander Treasure Ship Row and explore the various vendors from different parts of the galaxy. His parents were hard on the rambunctious child, and at age 14, he ran away from home to join a freighter crew. Jorge wandered from spaceport to spaceport over the next few years, fascinated by space travel and the independent spacers who flew through the void. In 31 BBY, Jorge ended up on Bothawui, meeting a young Bothan merchant named R'hask Sei'lar. The two took a liking to each other, and R'hask got Jorge a job serving on one of his father's freighters.[1]

R'hask too had a wanderlust of his own, and, eventually, was able to convince his father into giving him a particularly swift light freighter, which the Bothan promptly asked Jorge to help him crew. Jorge readily accepted and the two dubbed the freighter the Hawk-bat before setting out as independent shippers. The two friends found that running the ship was more work than they had anticipated, with numerous costs and hassles plaguing them. The biggest concern was that the Hawk-bat was undercrewed—the freighter properly needed at least two more crewmembers to run effectively. To aid them, Captain R'hask and his first mate hired a veteran Duros space mechanic named Eragas Yonmek to assist them as the ship's engineer, although Jorge and R'hask had a hard time finding a permanent cargomaster.[1]

On a trip to Af'El, the Hawk-bat received an illegal upgrade of a sensor-fogging defelite lining on the ship's cargo hold. While R'hask and Jorge were usually able to make ends meet, they decided that it might be more profitable to occasionally ferry smuggled cargo. The ship also received an armament upgrade at that time. As such, Jorge and R'hask continued to wander the spacelanes, seeking their fortune in "the next run." They did reasonably well, enough to keep ship-tracers off and allow them to claim some level of success in their career of choice.[3] Three years after acquiring the Hawk-bat, the two were able to completely pay it off from the Sei'lar family, making them truly free.[1]

The Clone Wars did not stop the cargo runs that Jorge, Eragas, and R'hask made in the Hawk-bat. However, they did heighten the danger. In 20 BBY, while trying to run a Separatist blockade, the Hawk-bat came under attack by Separatist fighters, who damaged the ship severely. Not only that, but the assault saw Eragas Yonmek slain and Jorge severely injured—although the Corellian recovered from his wound, his right arm had been permanently injured, making it difficult for Jorge to fly more than a few hours at a time. Cap'n R'hask was unwilling to part ways with his first mate, though, and instead hired a pilot named Daryn Drake,[1] as well as a brilliant young engineer named Sarth Kraen to assist with flying the Hawk-bat. Sarth made numerous upgrades to the ship, and they continued much as before, though Jorge's role in the actual flying was less due to his injury.[3]

In 19 BBY, Jorge and R'hask undertook an illicit smuggling run to Coruscant, where they were set to deliver their cargo to its recipients, some Black Sun officials. Shortly before they met with the Black Sun contacts, R'hask and Jorge left Sarth and Daryn behind, but the pilot had learned about the nature of the deal and quit, as he had no desire to be involved with Black Sun. Instead, R'hask and Jorge carried out the deal alone, instructing Sarth to wait at a hotel for them. However, they were nearly drawn into a gang rivalry when their cargomaster, a Twi'lek named Hoph'nesi, revealed himself to be a rival gang member. Jorge and R'hask quickly escaped in the ensuing shootout, and were aided in their flight by a local spaceport worker named Cassi Trealus, a human female. Impressed by her resourcefulness, the two offered her a job as their new cargomaster, and she agreed.[1]

From there, Jorge and R'hask headed back to the Dukanis Spaceport, and Jorge introduced Cassi to the Hawk-bat while R'hask collected Sarth, as well as Sarth's cousin, Micor Kraen, whom Sarth had introduced to Cap'n R'hask as a new pilot. R'hask had hired Micor, not knowing that the man was actually a fugitive Jedi Knight named Selusda Kraen and actually Sarth's brother. For his part, Jorge showed Selu how to fly the Hawk-bat and they took an easy cargo run of textiles to Bespin, which turned out to be quite profitable. In fact, their run was profitable to the point where Cap'n R'hask treated his crew to wining and dining at a fancy Bespin restaurant, and Jorge took the opportunity to show up dressed in his finest going-ashore clothes, so as to impress the numerous ladies he danced with at the restaurant.[3]

The next stop for the crew of the Hawk-bat was Corellia, but shortly after reversion from hyperspace in the Corellian system, the ship came under attack by pirates. While Selu flew the ship, Jorge helped man the ship's defensive turrets in beating off the attackers. The nose of the Hawk-bat suffered a hull breach, nearly killing Selu Kraen, but he was pulled into the aft section while Jorge and Sarth hastily patched the damage. The pirates were beaten off and a Corellian Security vessel pulled them to a nearby space station for repairs. As it turned out, the ship's crew was even able to collect some reward money for their participation in dealing with the pirates, and, after a brief interview with CorSec officials and some needed repairs, the crew of the Hawk-bat set out again.[3]

A little under a year later, Jorge and Captain R'hask began to display some anti-Imperial sympathies when they agreed to smuggle arms from Duro for a fledgling Naboo resistance that was harboring fugitive Jedi. They were careful to keep their activities hidden from the rest of the crew, as they were unsure if the others could be trusted. From Duro, they went to Commenor, allowing Sarth and Selu to visit their family, while they made some arrangements of their own for transferring their cargo. After Sarth Kraen sent word of an attack on the Kraen family by a group of Mistryl Shadow Guard mercenaries who sought to capture him, Cap'n R'hask flew the Hawk-bat over to the Kraen residence, while a badly injured Selu was taken to a nearby medcenter. In the mean time, R'hask and Jorge explored the perimeter of the Kraen estate and found several weapons that had been abandoned, indicating a sizable Mistryl presence. R'hask then volunteered to take Selu to the famed medcenter on New Holstice, though his offer was really a pretense for him and Jorge to meet a Naboo contact on that world. Easing their difficulties further, Cassi volunteered to stay behind with Sarth, who would be needed for the Commenorian investigation into the Mistryl attack.[2]

Jorge and R'hask were able to deliver Selu to the medcenter and they subsequently departed to meet with their contact, a Naboo man named Neeves, as well as his compatriots and a Gungan associate of his named Skoors. They deliver their illicit weapons, but a surprise Imperial embargo on the planet prevents the Naboo from leaving, and they in turn detain Jorge and R'hask as a security measure. The detainment lasted roughly two weeks, during which time Selu recovered and met with another Jedi fugitive, Quinlan Vos.[2]

When Jorge and R'hask were finally released, they learned that the Empire had crushed the Naboo resistance. Just as they were departing the Naboo, a group of Imperial stormtroopers burst in, shooting to kill. R'hask and Jorge joined the Naboo in battling the troopers, but were forced to flee. During their flight, R'hask Sei'lar was badly injured and Jorge, terrified by the blaster fire around him, ran for his life, abandoning the captain. He managed to link up with Selu and Vos, who were coming to investigate the area, but was already wracked with regret for having deserted his friend and partner. Jorge was able to convey the gist of the events to the two Jedi, who led a swift assault on the Imperial troopers, but their efforts were too late to save Sei'lar, who was executed by the Empire. Jorge, barely functional, was led back to the New Holstice spaceport, where Selu defeated a group of ship thieves and met an individual who would eventually become part of the Hawk-bat's crew, the runaway Echani Milya Tayrce. While Vos, Tayrce, and Selu attacked and seized some Imperial craft to serve as a diversion, Jorge discreetly lifted off in the Hawk-bat and made his way to the edge of the system to link up with the others, who were able to divert Imperial attention successfully.[2]

Once everyone was onboard the Hawk-bat, Selu took the ship to Nar Shaddaa to drop off Quinlan Vos, who was in search of his wife. From there, the ship departed to return to Commenor. Selu attempted to hand over command of the ship over to Jorge, who was by rights the new captain, but Jorge deferred, saying that captains didn't abandon their crewmembers. The Corellian was wracked by grief and was only just beginning to cope with the death of Sei'lar.[2]

On Commenor, Selu learned that the situation had deteriorated, as the Mistryl had made numerous attempts to seize Sarth Kraen, which had been fended off with the aid of Durashield Securities guards, including Spectre, a former ARC and acquaintance of Selu. As the Mistryl had captured Annita Daowot, a Commenorian detective and a friend of Sarth's, and threatened to kill her unless Sarth turned himself in, the crew was in a bind. Jorge, accompanied by Milya, journeyed to the Munto medcenter where Sarth and Cassi were, but Selu did not join them. Instead, the Jedi disguised himself as Sarth and took Sarth's place by surrendering to the Mistryl, allowing Spectre and Sarth to rescue Annita.[2]

While the crew and the Kraen family were shocked by Selu's action and, for some of them, the revelation of his true identity, it took the words of Milya to galvanize them into action. Jorge, Sarth, Cassi, Milya, and Spectre agreed to undertake a foolhardy rescue mission to Emberlene, the Mistryl homeworld, in an attempt to save Selu. Despite his old injury, Jorge did much of the piloting, and flew the Hawk-bat to Emberlene. They attempted to pose as a pirate vessel seeking to join the Mistryl, but their overtures were rejected, causing a group of Mistryl fighters to give chase. Jorge attempted to elude them by flying into an orbital shipyard. After a harrowing chase, the Mistryl fighters break off due to the arrival of a large war fleet in the Emberlene system. In the confusion, this time the Hawk-bat is successful in slipping down to the ground by posing as a courier ship. They were able to reach Selu's location with relative ease thanks to a helpful Mistryl controller, and while Sarth, Milya, and Spectre stormed the Mistryl enclave, Jorge kept the Hawk-bat's engines running. With the aid of a pair of droidekas that Sarth had commandeered, they were able to rescue Selu, only to learn that to their horror, a large computer core that Selu had brought as part of his disguise is actually a bomb that is nearly ready to go off.[2]

Jorge and Cassi brought the ship up just in time for the others to board and escape as the bomb, actually a nuclear fission device, detonates. As hostile warships slip through the weakened defenses to pound Emberlene, the Hawk-bat escaped. While the ship was in hyperspace, Jorge, along with the other crewmembers, convinces a badly injured Selu who is losing the will to live, to keep living despite the guilt he feels for the destruction on Emberlene. Helping Selu through this time also helped Jorge resolve some of his own guilt about the death of Captain Sei'lar.[2]

On Commenor, Selu was taken to the medcenter to recover, and while he convalesced, Jorge, Sarth, Cassi, Spectre, and Milya agreed that Selu is the best choice for the new captain of the Hawk-bat, as Jorge no longer had any desire to captain the ship without R'hask Sei'lar—there were too many painful memories now. Instead, the Corellian smuggler decided to open a tapcafe and restaurant called Jorge's Folly. At the same time, he also struck up an acquaintance with the detective Annita Daowot, much to the surprise of the other crewmembers. During a party with the Kraen family, the crew, and Annita, Jorge formally handed over the Hawk-bat to Selu, and also watched as Spectre and Milya were confirmed as crewmembers. After the Hawk-bat eventually departed to once more ply the space lanes, he stayed on Commenor to start his business.[2]

Over the next year, Jorge's Folly did a steady business and built up a sizable clientele, as many of his former spacer acquaintances were happy to stop by. His friendship with Annita also developed—and quickly became something more. The fact that the occasional law-enforcement agent stopped by to enjoy a drink or two didn't hurt either—Jorge and his night manager, Marsdan, insisted that the establishment remain a sort of neutral zone—no listening devices, no blaster fights, and no sting operations.[4]

Jorge's relationship with Annita progressed rapidly, and the two fell in love, despite the obstacles they had to overcome. By mutual agreement, there were some subjects that they didn't discuss due to issues with legality and their friends. However, that did not stop Jorge from taking Annita out to a fancy dinner and opera show, and then asking her to marry him, less than two years after they met. He was elated when she agreed.[4]

Annita and Jorge began working on the wedding plans several months before the actual nuptials, though an event at her workplace began to bother her. Her Imperial liaison officer, Amavel Norres, had become suspicious of Annita's conduct in the Kraen-Mistryl case and had begun making inquiries and shadowing the two of them. Even as Jorge and Annita tried to enjoy their engagement, they were hampered by the fact that Norres went so far as to bug Annita's apartment. Alarmed by the possibilities, as well as the Hawk-bat's disappearance, they paid a visit to Samtel and Lena Kraen, warning them of the situation. Jorge grew somewhat worried as Norres intensified his investigation, but Annita resolved to push forward with the wedding. Jorge acquiesced to her wishes, knowing that she had always wanted something like this.[4]

The night before the wedding, Selu, Sarth, and the rest of the Hawk-bat's crew arrived after having been in distant parts of the galaxy for several months. Jorge informed his friends of the danger Norres posed, and they agreed to take some precautions. The next day, Jorge arrived early at a Commenorian chapel, dressed sharply and ready to be wed to his bride. The wedding started without incident; the guests arrived, as did his friends. All was well up until the point where Annita walked up to begin the matrimony. The ceremony was suddenly and rudely interrupted by the appearance of Imperial troops, led by Norres, who called for their arrest.[4]

In response, the Hawk-bat crewmembers, having all been trained at least minimally as Jedi during their absence, revealed themselves, as did a number of Selu's allies, who had taken positions on a second-floor balcony. The wedding soon turned into a full-fledged firefight, with the Jedi shielding the guests as they fled. Norres tried to kill Jorge, who had delivered several blows to the Imperial, and Annita finished the Imperial agent with his own blaster. Annita and Jorge then escaped to the Hawk-bat along with Sarth and Cassi, which had been parked nearby in case they needed to escape quickly. Once the Jedi, Selu's friends, and the elder Kraens were aboard, they headed towards space and they escaped to the Outer Rim world of Yanibar, where Selu had established a refuge for Force-sensitives. Jorge and Annita were married in a rustic double wedding, along with Cassi Trealus and Sarth Kraen.[4]

However, Yanibar was far too undeveloped for both Jorge and Annita. Instead, they moved to Cloud City on Bespin, a remote world far from the reach of the Empire, but reasonably developed. With Annita's help, Jorge opened a shipping company called Bexpress Shipping, which also served as a pipeline for ferrying goods to and from Yanibar. Although Jorge had enjoyed his years on Commenor, life as a spacer had given flexibility, and he quickly settled into life on Bespin with Annita at his side. They had a single son, Bryndar Knrr, who was born in 14 BBY.[1]

In 11 BBY, Jorge and Annita were present at the wedding of Selusda Kraen and Milya Tayrce on Yanibar. They helped arrange a hotel on Cloud City for the newlyweds' honeymoon and were on hand to assist when the occasion was crashed by a Dark Jedi, whom Selu and Milya slew after a prolonged battle. After the Dark Jedi was defeated, Jorge and Annita retrieved Selu and Milya and provided medical aid while helping them with a cover story that allowed the pair to return to their hotel unsuspected and enjoy their honeymoon.[5]

Jorge and Annita continued to live on Bespin for the next fourteen years, growing their business and funneling information and supplies to Yanibar even as they raised their son, Bryndar. When Bryndar was a teenager, they sent him to a boarding school on another world, though the boy was much more inclined to athletics than academics, which pleased Jorge. Both parents missed him, but they knew he would need a better education than what was offered on Bespin.[1]

In 3 ABY, their peaceful existence on Bespin as respected business leaders who hobknobbed with Bespin's elite was disrupted on numerous occasions. The first was the Imperial takeover of Cloud City, and the space station changed hands several times thereafter.[1] Their lives were further thrown into chaos when a landing force of Zann Consortium thugs raided the city. A group of the Zannists tried to attack and vandalize Bexpress Shipping, but Jorge and Annita, with the aid of some droidekas and a squad of Yanibar Guard commandos who were passing through, fended them off. Annita received a minor blaster graze in the skirmish, but they were otherwise unharmed. Zannist reinforcements arrived in the form of Tyber Zann himself, but the crime lord was in no mood to fight, and instead left contact information to pass on for negotiations to acquire droidekas for himself.[6]

Shortly thereafter, in the midst of a Rebel attack on the Imperial-held Cloud City, Sarth and Cassi Kraen arrived on Bespin, asking for Annita's help. She helped them while they were able to relax. Sarth and Cassi were present when YGI agent Hasla Almani, who'd been undercover inside the Rebellion, made her way to the Bexpress Shipping offices after being shot down. Jorge knew that Hasla was supposed to be returning to Yanibar, but Hasla was insistent that she needed to be with the Rebels. With persuasion from Sarth and Cassi, Jorge and Annita yielded and reluctantly let Hasla return to the Rebellion for a bit longer, though Jorge was against the idea.[6]

However, after the Battle of Endor, Selu Kraen asked Jorge and Annita to extract Hasla. Taking a Shii-cho-class transport to Endor where the victorious Rebel fleet was located, Jorge and Annita met up with an old friend, the former Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian, who'd become a general in the Rebel Alliance. They passed on information about an opportunity to strike the Empire at Kuat, and also met with Hasla. Jorge and Annita were able to request that Hasla be part of an escort for the return trip to Bespin and the Rebels agreed, ostensibly as part of a plan to scout Bespin for eventual capture of world. In truth, the Rebel pilots were ambushed and disabled, while Hasla was forcibly brought into the Shii-cho and taken back to Yanibar. She was not pleased at all, but Jorge and Annita were determined to do what Selu had asked them. After their mission was complete, they returned to Bespin.[6]

A year later in 5 ABY, both Jorge and Annita, along with Bryndar, who'd just finished school, journeyed to the planet R'alla for a vacation with the Kraen family. Thanks to one of Jorge's connections, they stayed at a nice beach house. While there, though, the Kraens and Knrrs found a dead alien body. A series of suspicious circumstances led them to suspect foul play, and so Jorge accompanied Jorge, Selu, and Milya down the coastline to investigate. They found a small hidden Imperial research facility and took it by storm, aided by slicing from Bryndar, Sarth's son Akleyn, and Spectre's daughter Jasika, who'd snuck in via another entrance. While Selu went to secure the youths, Annita, Jorge, and Milya confronted the Imperial leader, who held them off by using an Wroonian test subject as a hostage. However, he soon shot the Wroonian, and though he was taken down, the hostage was mortally wounded. Annita and Spectre's daughter-in-law, Ana Vondar Kraen, tried to save her life, but were unsuccessful. They did manage to deliver the baby inside her, though, who survived. The Kraen-Knrr vacation ended shortly after that altercation—the local authorities had become involved and while the Yanibar Guard extracted most of the Wroonians, the Kraens and Knrrs couldn't stay for long. However, before they left, the youths were informed of the history and true nature of their parents' and relatives' occupations. Jorge, Annita, and Bryndar then returned to Bespin.[7]

After Bryndar grew up, he decided to move to Yanibar, joining the Yanibar Guard, while his parents became more intertwined with YGI. They continued to operate out of Bespin, moving material and personnel to and from Yanibar, particularly Tibanna gas shipments. Their considerable standing on Cloud City afforded them with the freedom to operate more or less at will for many years.[1]

The Yuuzhan Vong War only intensified the use of Bespin and Bexpress Shipping as a major hub for the Yanibar Guard, leading to an increased number of missions that Jorge and Annita personally undertook on behalf of YGI.[1] In 28 ABY, Jorge and Annita arranged to accompany a shipment of cargo to Manda on the Spindragon II, a Bexpress Shipping vessel piloted by their daughter-in-law, Jasika Kraen. En route, they stumbled into a Yuuzhan Vong convoy. They fled after shooting off a pair of starfighters sent in pursuit, but the Yuuzhan Vong were able to track their ship and attack them. Jorge and Annita were badly-injured in the ensuing fight, and the Yuuzhan Vong who subsequently boarded the ship were not much kinder. However, Jorge had managed to transmit a distress code which summoned a Yanibar Guard cruiser to rescue them.[8]

They were then taken to Yanibar to recover and heal. Before they could return to Bespin, though, Sarth Kraen called on them, asking them to accompany his wife Cassi on an expedition to search for a hidden world. Jorge and Annita agreed to do so, borrowing Sarth's ship, Silent Surprise, to rendezvous with a small ship over Ord Pardron, where they met with Cassi, Milya, and a wandering Force-user named Mithunir who had been looking for the planet Atlaradis for many years. Loaded with plenty of gear and supplies for a lengthy trip, the group set out. A Yuuzhan Vong fleet arrived and began pursuing them, but the ship was able to escape the system.[8]

Their first destination was the world of Socorro, as Mithunir had told them that his father had claimed a clue to Atlaradis was buried in the black sands. On Jorge's recommendation, they ventured out into the desert in a speeder to examine a natural phenomena called the min min lights that illuminated the desert at night. They followed one of the lights to its source, where Jorge fell into a sand pit. The others quickly pulled him out and Mithunir was able to reveal a wider passage underground underneath the sand pit. Cassi, Milya, and Mithunir ventured down into the passage, leaving Jorge and Annita topside with instructions to go for help if they did not return within a day.[8]

Many hours later, a phantom of Milya appeared, asking them to return to the ship and be prepared to fly down the cone of a volcano. Jorge and Annita did as instructed, retrieving the three from the volcano in the Silent Surprise just before it erupted. The three Force-users were singed and burned from the heat, but had escaped major injury by use of the Force, and had also retrieved a series of clues to Atlaradis. Annita was able to clean up the recordings they took while underground, layering them together to reveal a map of the galaxy. Jorge then deduced the location of Atlaradis, deep in the Unknown Regions. The expedition set course for the planet, arriving at the remote Jebuan system as a preliminary stop. It was a risky jump and Annita was reluctant to make the final jump towards Atlaradis, but Cassi, Milya, and Mithunir insisted on pressing forward.[8]

They arrived at Atlaradis, docking with the ship with a large space station in orbit over the planet that was guarding the only passageway through a dense asteroid field. To their surprise, the space station was functional and ancient, crewed by a handful of Rakata. The Rakata welcomed them in, introducing themselves as caretakers of the space station. However, a small Yuuzhan Vong ship had followed them, landing its warriors onto the space station. In the ensuing melee, both Jorge and Annita were badly injured.[8]

Despite the best attempts of Cassi and the Rakatan healers, they were still too weak to depart in the limited window that the hyperroute to Atlaradis was open. Instead, the Rakatans offered to treat Jorge and Annita until Cassi could return the next time the hyperroute opened—ten years later. Cassi was reluctant to leave them, but Jorge persuaded her to go, saying that he and Annita would be fine, and would be waiting for her when she returned for them.[8]

Behind the scenes

Jorgesoll Knrr was originally designed to serve as one of the first Hawk-bat crewmembers encountered by Selusda Kraen. His characterization as a Corellian smuggler and as the first mate of Hawk-bat alongside the Bothan captain R'hask Sei'lar was a deliberate albeit somewhat altered reversal of the roles of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Earlier drafts of Force Exile did not include Jorgesoll Knrr. The character was not conceived until the third draft of the first novel, Force Exile I: Fugitive, when author Atarumaster88 realized that the Hawk-bat needed more crewmembers, and created supporting characters such as Jorge and Cassi to fill the crew positions.

Jorge's name is meant to be pronounced similarly to the English name "George", not the Latin pronunciation with a silent j. His first name was inspired by the creator of Star Wars, George Lucas. Jorge's surname, Knrr, is derived from the surname of director Irvin Kershner, who directed The Empire Strikes Back. His initial depiction was supposed to have been one of canonical character Rik Duel, also a Corellian smuggler, but the fact that Duel had only appeared in comics limited the usefulness of images of Duel. Instead, an image of actor Henry Ian Cusick was used to portray the Corellian after an extensive search by Atarumaster88.

The roles of Jorge and R'hask Sei'lar in Fugitive were both intentionally limited, as they were relegated to only appearing in the final third of the book. Jorge was characterized as amiable and a ladies' man, but both competent and intensely loyal to Captain Sei'lar. His role would be much more significant in Force Exile II: Smuggler, the sequel to Fugitive, as Atarumaster88 sought to expand a number of character roles, including Jorge's.

In Smuggler, Jorge and R'hask Sei'lar would have a significant amount of exposition devoted to their clandestine efforts to supply arms to the Naboo resistance. This secret mission served as the foundation on which the death of R'hask Sei'lar was set. The death of Sei'lar at the hands of the Empire served as a major character shift for Jorge, and revealed a man reeling from pain and shock. Jorge's despair, guilt, and inability to cope served as an avenue for Selusda Kraen to step in and assume command of the Hawk-bat temporarily. Jorge's guilt and a desire to recompense for his earlier failures also motivated him to accompany the subsequent mission to rescue Selusda Kraen. Finally, the loss of Sei'lar served to convince Jorge that his spacing days were over, which provided a means for Selu to take permanent ownership of the Hawk-bat, which was essential for the plot of Force Exile III: Liberator. The end of Smuggler also the fledgling sparks of a relationship between Jorge and Commenorian law enforcement agent Annita Daowot.

Jorge was not originally intended to feature in Liberator, but Atarumaster88 enjoyed writing both his character and that of Annita, so he included both of them. In fact, their role in the story served to highlight the whirlwind romance between them and set the stage for the final climatic battle on Commenor at their wedding. For the Force Exile III rewrite, Jorge's scenes were only subject to minor changes, most notably adding the scene where he proposes to Annita to help give context to their relationship as well as the scene where he and Annita talk to Samtel and Lena. The end of Liberator saw Jorge and Annita take up residence on Bespin following the skirmish on Commenor, where they served as a link between Yanibar and the greater galaxy. Jorge also later reappeared in the second Yanibar Tale, Hand in Hand, but only in a minor role as part of the wedding and disrupted honeymoon of Selusda Kraen and Milya Tayrce.

Jorge and Annita made a recurring appearance in Force Exile IV: Guardian as minor characters. They only had a few scenes, similar to their role in Force Exile III, but Atarumaster88 was unwilling to cut them out of the storyline. Their role was primarily to help move along segments of Sarth and Cassi's quest, as well as instigate certain actions to influence Hasla Almani's storyline. For the latter, Jorge and Annita served as the mechanism to induce Hasla's return to the Yanibar Guard. They later appeared in the short story Deception on R'alla where they again had a small role alongside other members of the Kraen family. Deception on R'alla also allowed their son, Bryndar, to directly appear in a Force Exile work for the first time.

For Force Exile V: Warrior, Atarumaster88 contemplated killing off Jorge and Annita at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong to motivate the major characters and Bryndar, but ended up opting not to as the plot was already too complicated. Instead, as he developed the Atlaradis storyline, it made sense to include Jorge and Annita on the expedition to provide additional motivation. Rather than kill them off, Atarumaster88 left them on Atlaradis at the end of the story awaiting the other Force exiles to journey there. The choice to leave behind two non-Force-users on a Force nexus was deliberate, to show that Atlaradis had something to offer everyone, not just Force-users.



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