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I’m not letting two crippled old humans go off on a crazy quest to get themselves killed before we take care of the Empire.
—Daara Sherum[src]

Daara'sherum, or Daara Sherum as she was known in Basic, was a Lethan Twi'lek born on Yanibar to a pair of farmers. She, like her parents, was Force-sensitive and a part of the Force-using group known as the Zeison Sha, who had lived on Yanibar for millennia. She grew up in relative poverty, as her parents tried to eke out a living on the inhospitable ground of Yanibar. Like other Zeison Sha, she grew up learning how to use the Force, particularly for telekinesis and in the use of the signature Zeison Sha discblade and also developed a special dislike for both the Empire, who had occupied Yanibar, and the Jedi Order, whom the Zeison Sha blamed for many grievances years earlier.[1]

When she was fifteen, Imperial troops began raiding Zeison Sha villages. In one of the raids, both of her parents were slain by Imperial blasters. The orphaned and embittered Twi'lek was taken in by an elder who had helped train her, a Zabrak named Olno Mada. She lived with Mada and his wife Krynan for the next several years, and Mada helped her hone her natural abilities as a warrior and a scout. Still angry from the loss of her parents, Daara would often ambush Imperial scouts during their patrols of the Yanibar wilderness. She was skilled, deadly, familiar with the terrain, and absolutely remorseless—however, she was known to be a bit reckless, much to the consternation of her foster parents.[1]

On one of her ambushes in 16 BBY, she underestimated the number of Imperial scouts she was engaging and ended up in a running fight with eight biker scouts. The Twi'lek would have been doomed, except for the unexpected interference of two travelers-Selusda Kraen and the ex-ARC Spectre. The two were both trained in the Jedi arts and defeated the rest of her attackers. Daara had no love for the Jedi, but out of gratitude for them saving her life, agreed to take the two back to her village, as they requested.[2]

The two Jedi, upon meeting Olno Mada, declared that they had come to try and reconcile the Jedi and the Zeison Sha, to unite them against the common threat of the Empire. However, though most of the other Zeison Sha were skeptical, Daara had already begun to soften towards the Jedi, due to their saving of her life and their straightforward honesty, as well as their willingness to help with menial chores around the village. By the time that the elders of the Zeison Sha assembled to hear out the two Jedi, Daara had come to believe in them and their message.[2]

The elders were not as easily convinced, though. Although they initially rejected their offer, they were swayed after Spectre and Selu shot down an Imperial bomber patrol that was threatening the Zeison Sha, as well as promising to establish and defend the refuge on Yanibar. However, not long afterward, a disturbance in the Force led Selu and Spectre to take their ship and journey to the distant world of Darlyn Boda, where one of their comrades was under attack. Daara accompanied them and assisted in rescuing the remnants of another Force-using tradition, the Matukai, and Selu's friend Milya Tayrce from an Imperial attack.[2]

Daara remained with them as they were entangled in a space battle between insurgents and the Imperial Navy. Along with the other Matukai and Jedi, Daara helped capture an Imperial ship, the Griffin, after Selu's ship was damaged. They then returned to Yanibar, where Selu used the Griffin to blast the Imperial base from orbit. The Zeison Sha were free, and a new colony where the Jedi, Matukai, Zeison Sha, and another group known as the Jal Shey, who Selu's friends had also negotiated into joining them, could live safe from the Empire.[2]

However, Selu and his friends still had unfinished business on Commenor, where another of their friends had been endangered after helping them. Daara loyally followed Selu and assisted him in fending off Imperial troops while they evacuated his friends.[2] After returning to Yanibar, she found a place in the new defense force that Selu and Spectre were putting together. For her part, she eventually joined a highly-trained group of Force-sensitive warriors known as the Elite Guardians, a specialized and very capable group of the Yanibar Guard that operated outside the normal command structure. She was one of its first members and soon rose to high rank in the organization.[1] However, her commitment to the Yanibar Guard did not stop her from meeting and developing a relationship with a Matukai Twi'lek named Kacheen,[3] whom she married in 7 BBY. Daara continued to serve in the Yanibar Guard for some years afterward as one of the foremost members of the Elite Guard, and fiercely loyal to both Yanibar and Selu Kraen. In 2 ABY, she and Kacheen had a daughter, Qedai, who was also Force-sensitive.[1]

By 3 ABY, Daara had achieved the rank of Master for her devotion to the light side of the Force and the Zeison Sha. She became one of Selu's most trusted Elite Guardians. When Selu and Milya returned from a secret mission with a Force-sensitive Noghri named Morgedh clan Kel'nerh, Daara was assigned to take care of and watch the new arrival. She also favored openly supporting the Rebellion in their attempt to destroy the Emperor at the Battle of Endor, but her suggestion was rejected by Selu, who told her of a prophecy that foretold the destruction of the Yanibar refuge if they openly engaged the Sith.[4]

When Yanibar was threatened by the fleet of Tyber Zann, Daara was on the bridge of the Yanibar Guard's flagship, the Yoda, which Selu had hidden under a Force illusion along with the rest of the fleet. Her mental link with Selu allowed her to signal the fleet when to attack the Zannists. However, though the Yanibar Guard inflicted significant losses on the Zannists, the battle ended in a draw. Shortly thereafter, Zann began landing troops on Yanibar and Daara headed groundside as well. She was part of initial harassment attacks on the Zannist force as it advanced up the Daizon Valley towards the refuge, working alongside elite commando units such as Cresh Squad. After their advance stalled, Daara remained ready for action until a distress call came in from Selu Kraen. She responded to it, finding him in the Hall of Remembrance, wounded after a ferocious duel with three Dark Jedi. She transported him to safety and the Yanibar Guard, through a series of other events, ultimately won the battle and defeated Zann and his allies,[4] but Daara continued to serve in the Yanibar Guard, helping keep a vigilant watch over the refuge.[1]

At the same time, she spent much time raising her daughter. Qedai was a wild, rambunctious youth was a predilection towards outdoor activity and sports. Daara encouraged these pastimes, just as she had been encouraged by her own mother and also taught her how to develop her own Force talents. It was unsurprising when Qedai was drawn to the Zeison Sha Force-using tradition that Daara had practiced for decades. Qedai enjoyed a close relationship with her mother, even though Daara's duties often took her far from Yanibar.[1]

In her teenaged years, Qedai decided to follow in Daara's footsteps and sign up for Elite Guardian training. However, her headstrong and independent nature earned her several reprimands and she was held back a year after disrespecting one of the teachers. A two week-long vacation in the desert with Daara allowed the two to discuss and settle the issues she had with authority and Qedai returned with a more teachable attitude.[1]

When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy in 25 ABY, Daara and her husband were active on information-gathering missions to learn more about the alien invaders. However in 27 ABY, the two were captured while on a mission to Leritor. Kacheen was bitten by a venomous amphistaff in the process and was ritually sacrificed by the invaders. Daara remained in captivity, stoically enduring mistreatment and prepared to meet her own fate as another sacrifice. However, a squad of Yanibar Guard commandos landed and freed her. They were extracted by the Yanibar Guard Fleet and the allied Jalsinnare mercenaries, allowing Daara to return to Yanibar to recover and mourn her husband of nearly thirty years.[5]

Though no longer young, Daara continued to serve in the Yanibar Guard. When Qedai and the rest of her team were trapped on Rishi by a Yuuzhan Vong force, Daara volunteered to accompany the fleet, leading the extraction shuttles that flew to the rescue of her beleaguered daughter. Daara personally intervened, jumping down to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the Yuuzhan Vong leader on the ground as well as a Force-hunting voxyn. She slew the voxyn and severely wounded the Yuuzhan Vong, but was fatally injured. Despite the best efforts of the medics, she perished on the medevac shuttle with her daughter at her side. Daara passed with the knowledge that she had saved Qedai, but her death was a heavy loss not only to Qedai but also to Selu, Morgedh, and the rest of the Elite Guardians.[6]

Behind the scenes

Daara was first inspired by a canonical picture of a Zeison Sha warrior fending off two Imperial scouts on the cover of Hero's Guide. After seeing that picture, Force Exile creator Atarumaster88 decided to include the character as a supporting character in Force Exile III: Liberator. Daara serves to introduce the two Jedi, Spectre and Selu, to the Zeison Sha. She also is the most sympathetic of all the Zeison Sha to their cause. Daara's role was largely unchanged in the rewrite of Force Exile III: Liberator. She later had a cameo role in the Yanibar Tale Hand in Hand when she appeared at Selu Kraen's and Milya Tayrce's wedding. Daara also had a few minor appearances in Force Exile IV: Guardian as a full-fledged Master in her own right. Her role was mostly to assist Selu Kraen with the training of Morgedh clan Kel'nerh, but she also played a part in defending Yanibar from Tyber Zann and his forces.

Daara appeared twice more in works of the Force Exile series related to the Yuuzhan Vong War. Daara turned out to be the object behind the mission in Nine Riders, which revealed that her husband had perished at the aliens' hands. Her subsequent appearance in Force Exile V: Warrior was predicated around the concept that Daara would want more than anything to avoid her daughter befalling them as well, even if it led to her death, which it did. Daara's death also served to develop Qedai's character, turning her down a dark and suicidal path before being rescued.



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