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Nihyal Ostrada is the lead archaeologist on the Yanibar Project. Originally from Mirial, she holds a Doctor of Archaeology degree from the University of Obroa-skai and was an associate archaelogist at the recent Hoth excavations and preservation. She specializes in Empire-Rebellion War antiquity and preservation techniques. Additionally, she sits on the Galactic Board of Outer Rim Antiquities. Her published works include Refuge in the Ice: The Essential Guide to the Battle of Hoth and Echo Base and Beyond the Sea of Grass: An Archaelogist's Journey to Dantooine, both of which have received considerable acclaim and have done quite well in sales.

Her research has earned her the attention of the Skywalker Foundation, which placed her on retainer for several years to do investigative work into the history of the Jedi enclave on Dantooine, as well as the Na'al Institute, which noted her tireless efforts to preserve and translate artifacts dating from the early reign of the Palpatine Empire up through the Empire-Rebellion War. Based on these accomplishments, she was chosen as the lead archaeologist to journey to the desolate world of Yanibar to unravel rumored hints of a hidden society from that era.

Over the last several months, Doctor Ostrada has been painstakingly working on unearthing artifacts and information from the Yanibar site before being forced to flee due to Grasp depredations. Having returned with a re-assembled team, she and her crew have discovered a large amount of relics, as well as sizable amounts of records. Now, in what may yet prove to be her opus, she is preparing a history and full account of the enigmatic and isolationist inhabitants of Yanibar during Palpatinitic rule, and what befell them.


Wherein Dr. Ostrada addresses the distinguished audience of the Drall Museum of Galactic Antiquities:

To our gracious hosts of the Five Worlds and especially the Five Worlds Defense Force, I and my team wish to express our sincere gratitude for your hospitality. We also owe a debt of sincere gratitude to the Drall Museum of Galactic Antiquities for their assistance with analyzing the artifacts we were able to retrieve from Yanibar. For those of you not familiar with that world, it is an unremarkable planet at the fringe of the galaxy, barely habitable and seismically unstable.

Several months ago, the Skywalker Foundation contacted me about a possible dig on Yanibar. Through sources of their own, they had learned of a society that existed in the Galactic Civil War that might have had Force-sensitive elements in its culture. As I had just finished my own investigations into the ancient ruins of the Jedi enclave on Dantooine, they considered me for the position and promised to fund me fully, unlike some of my other sponsors. I accepted their offer and began assembling my team, as well as gathering background information on Yanibar. The Skywalker Foundation was also able to secure a protective detail for our dig site composed of members from the Five Worlds Defense Force. We eternally grateful for the service and sacrifice of those sons and daughters of the Five Worlds.

Their loss was not in vain. We have found something on Yanibar—the ruins of a civilization of Force-users. These people, whom we've taken to calling the Force exiles, apparently saw Yanibar as a type of refuge from the Galactic Empire that dominated that time period. There are still many unanswered questions about the Yanibar refuge, though. We've learned how it was founded by a Jedi Knight named Selusda Kraen, and we've managed to find some records on him. We've learned much about the early years of the settlement. However, we don't know what caused Yanibar's widespread devastation. We can only surmise that it either destroyed the Yanibar civilization or forced them to flee—but if they fled, we don't know where they've gone. Our archaeologists are hoping to find some kind of key that will tell us what happened there, but for now, it remains one of the mysteries of the galaxy—where happened to the Force exiles?

We were not able to uncover much from this site before a Grasp attack forced us offworld. We barely survived, and only through the intervention of a Re-Unification League fleet were we able to escape and make our way here. Despite our extremely-abbreviated period of study, we believe that the artifacts we uncovered may prove uniquely insightful. We look forward to sharing more of our discoveries with you at a future date once we have conducted further analysis. Again, we must extend our profound thanks to the Drall Museum of Galactic Antiquities for hosting us.

Thank you.

End Address 1

Yanibar Maps
Year Significant galactic events Births and deaths Events
50 BBY
49 BBYVaykaaris UprisingShipwreck in Jebuan system
48 BBY
47 BBYDrelve TlaleoMarriage of Samtel Kraen and Lena Quee
46 BBY
45 BBYKatana fleet is lostBwilorHawk-bat commissioned.
44 BBYStark Hyperspace WarAmavel Norres
43 BBYHelsi D'brisse
Annita Daowot
42 BBYCassi Trealus
41 BBYSarth Kraen
Anakin Skywalker
40 BBYFinis Valorum selected as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic
39 BBYSerra Keto
38 BBYSelusda Kraen
Pec Deplisk
Almos Terthbak
37 BBYTaelros BacSelusda Kraen taken for Jedi training
36 BBYSkip
Daara Sherum
35 BBY
34 BBY
33 BBYYinchorri Uprising
32 BBYInvasion of Naboo and discovery of Anakin Skywalker by the Jedi Order. Palpatine elected Supreme ChancellorCC-3433 "Trip"
Spectre Kraen
Feran Slayn
31 BBY
30 BBY
29 BBY
28 BBY
27 BBYOutbound Flight departs
26 BBY
25 BBY
24 BBY
23 BBYMission to Ando
22 BBYClone Wars start
21 BBYClone Wars rage across the galaxy
20 BBYClone Wars rage across the galaxy Sarth Kraen joins the crew of the Hawk-bat. Milya Tayrce enslaved, escapes to become a mercenary
19 BBYClone Wars end. Fall of the Jedi Order and rise of the Empire.Serra Keto
Plo Koon
Selusda Kraen receives rank of Jedi Knight and flees Jedi Temple after massacre there. Selu and Cassi Trealus join the crew of the Hawk-bat.
18 BBYGhorman Massacre, Eye of Palpatine is temporarily defeated by two Jedi, Naboo insurgencyHelsi D'brisse
R'hask Sei'lar
Destruction of Emberlene. Selusda Kraen takes ownership of the Hawk-bat, Spectre and Milya Tayrce join crew. Jorgesoll Knrr departs crew of the Hawk-bat.
17 BBY
16 BBY
15 BBYAjaur
Jahlel Almani
CC-3433 "Trip"
Kinman Doriana
Amavel Norres
Formation of Yanibar refuge, unification of Jal Shey, Matukai, and Zeison Sha. Marriage of Annita Daowot and Jorgesoll Knirr. Marriage of Sarth Kraen and Cassi Trealus. Formation of the Yanibar Guard and Kraechar Arms. S-1 blaster pistol introduced.
14 BBYDjinn Altis
Akleyn Kraen
Mission to Ord Cestus. S-2F blaster rifle and S-2C blaster carbine introduced.
13 BBYWan-Shen-class transport launched. Battlesuit52 introduced.
12 BBYPec DepliskSkirmish on Yanibar. Mission to Utapau. Freedom's Sons join the Yanibar Guard. S-3 autorifle introduced.
11 BBYBattle of MustafarMarriage of Selusda Kraen and Milya Tayrce. Ataru-class gunship and Shoto starfighter launched.
10 BBYS-5X sniper rifle and Nighthawk missile introduced.
9 BBYThe first offworld YGA commando mission, Strike on Smuggler's Run, successfully launched and completed. Valkyrie starbomber launched.
8 BBYRhiannon KraenSkirmish over Toola. Shii-cho-class transport launched.
7 BBYFeran SlaynStrike on Saloch
6 BBYMakashi-class frigate launched
5 BBYFirst deep-space YGF vessel, Niman-class cruiser-carrier Plo Koon, launched. Mauler heavy tank deployed.
4 BBYBattle of Nar Shaddaa
3 BBYFirst Yanibar Guard strike against the Empire (First raid on Babubib). First Weather Control Nexus established.
2 BBYFormation of the Rebel Alliance, First Galactic Civil War begins
0 BBYBattle of Yavin, Battle of Toprawa, Destruction of AlderaanStrike over Brentaal IV
3 ABYBattle of Hoth, Duel on BespinBattle of Drexel
4 ABYBattle of EndorTyber Zann
Urai Fen
Spectre Kraen
Nate Kraen
Anakin Skywalker
Zeyn Kraen
Skirmish on Coruscant, Mission to Nar Shaddaa, Battle of Yanibar, Battle of Kuat, Battle of Bespin, Mission to Honoghr. B-wing starfighter introduced to Yanibar Guard.
5 ABYAriada Cerulaen
Ryion Kraen
Skirmish on R'alla
7 ABYThe Bacta WarAit ConvarionSkrimish at Polixi
8 ABYWedding of Han Solo and Leia Organa
9 ABYThrawn Campaign
10 ABYEmperor Palpatine rebornEncounter at Hosk Station
11 ABYPalpatine defeated and slain
12 ABY
13 ABY
14 ABYEncounter on Bakura
15 ABY
16 ABYBlack Fleet Crisis begins
17 ABYBlack Fleet Crisis ends
18 ABYFirst Corellian InsurrectionMarriage of Rhiannon Kraen and Kavlis Burke
19 ABYPellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty signed, Galactic Civil War ends
20 ABYWedding of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade
21 ABYSheeka Tull Kraen
22 ABYMission to Coruscant
23 ABYSecond Imperium Crisis
24 ABY
25 ABYYuuzhan Vong War begins
26 ABY
27 ABYStrike on Leritor, Strike on Rodia
28 ABYTsaruuk
Yiu Shac
Mission to Socorro, Mission to Naboo, Ariada Cerulaen falls to the dark side, Battle of Rishi, Second Battle of Yanibar, Expedition to Atlaradis.
29 ABY
30 ABYYuuzhan Vong War ends
31 ABY
32 ABY
33 ABY
34 ABY
35 ABYDark Nest Crisis, Swarm WarAayla Secura retired from service
36 ABY
37 ABY
38 ABYAriada Cerulaen, Selusda Kraen, Milya Tayrce KraenHunt for Ariada, Atlaradis Exodus
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