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This is fun for me. It’s not every day I get to play detective again.
—Annita Daowot Knrr[src]

Annita Daowot was born on Commenor into a broken home.[1] Her mother and father separated shortly after her birth and Annita was placed with her father, Tord Daowot, who blamed Annita for the disappearance of his wife.[2] Furthermore, Tord was an unruly drunk who rapidly became abusive. Annita suffered all throughout her school years from sometimes daily beatings, wearing long sleeves to hide the bruises and keeping to a limited circle of friends.[1] She even ran away once, but her father found her and punished her severely for that.[2] Eventually, one of her classmates, Sarth Kraen, noticed that she didn’t go home at night. Sarth followed her home one night when she was about fifteen and was shocked to hear her being beaten by her drunk father. Sarth informed his own father, a lawyer named Samtel Kraen, about the situation, and Samtel filed an abuse and negligence suit on her behalf.[1] She went to live with her mother in the city of Munto, but continued her schooling with financial aid from Samtel Kraen and tutoring from Sarth, as her mother had little means to provide for her.[2] She spent many afternoons of her last few years of secondary school at the Kraen residence and grew attracted to Sarth, but he never reciprocated her feelings.[1]

Eventually, she graduated and joined the Commenor Investigators after going more education to qualify her as a forensics expert. Her own childhood experiences made her dedicated to finding and hunting down people like her own father, whom she hated. Driven to succeed, she quickly rose through the ranks to that of detective and became known as the best forensics investigator in the Munto Investigator force.[1]

Several years after joining the Investigators, she became embroiled in more Kraen family intrigue while investigating a double homicide on the Kraen residence, apparently in self-defense. She eventually learned from the recently returned Sarth Kraen that the Mistryl Shadow Guard were attempting to kidnap him, placing his entire family at risk. Her superiors placed her as the lead officer for the investigation, but Sarth was surprisingly uncooperative. Annita saved Sarth’s life after another Mistryl capture attempt, this one in broad daylight, and she realized that she needed to take drastic measures until all the remaining Mistryl on Commenor could be caught. Sequestering the Kraens in a remote safe house, Annita took as many precautions as she could, even hiring private security guards to watch over the Kraens, but it was in vain. The Mistryl tracked down the safe house and attacked it, only to be beaten off by the security guards. The last surviving Mistryl instead opted to kidnap Annita, threatening to kill her unless Sarth surrendered. The Mistryl left her at the Kraen residence tied with her head underwater, a rebreather with ten minutes of air on it her only supply of oxygen, before delivering an ultimatum to the Kraens.[1]

Annita was rescued minutes before drowning by a guard named Spectre, a companion of Sarth’s. Furthermore, the Mistryl were being dealt with by Sarth’s cousin. In a conversation, Sarth accidentally revealed that his cousin was actually his brother, a Jedi Knight, but Annita promised to keep that detail secret for Sarth’s sake. However, she finally admitted to herself that Sarth had already found someone else for him, Cassi Trealus. She rededicated her life to fighting crime, but soon became attracted to a rakish Corellian spacer who had once flown with Sarth but decided to settle down on Commenor and open a tapcafe.[1] She and Jorgesoll Knrr became an item and their love soon flourished as they realized they were right for each other. There were a few obstacles in their relationship, and certain subjects that they couldn’t discuss due to their legality of the issues, but they fell in love. Less than two years after they first met, Annita and Jorge were engaged when Jorge proposed to her after taking her to see a fancy dinner and opera show.[3]

Still, that didn’t deter her from continuing to succeed in her job, as she was promoted even further to sergeant and assigned as the head of evidence for the entire city of Munto. It was possibly one of the happiest times of her life and she could hardly contain her excitement. However, more troubling was the Imperial liaison officer assigned to her division, Captain Norres. Norres had been conducting his own investigation of the Mistryl case and had surmised that Annita was hiding something.[3]

Over the next several months, Norres continued to probe, even though Annita deflected all of his queries. Undaunted, Norres resorted to bugging hers and Jorge’s residences, searching their apartments for evidence and having them followed, casting a pallor over their wedding preparations. Annita grew concerned about her friends on the Hawk-bat and also informed the Kraen parents of the potential danger. However, Annita was resolutely determined to go forward with the wedding, though they both knew they might have to leave Commenor afterward. She had already planned out her dress, location, bridesmaids, cake, and the entire ceremony and didn’t want to ruin the occasion.[3]

Annita had a dream wedding planned out in a traditional Commenorian chapel and Sarth and his shipmates arrived just in time. As the ceremony was taking place, though, a group of Imperials, led by Norres, entered the chapel, intent on arresting her for treason and collaboration with insurgents. However, Selu and Jorge had laid contingency plans, catching the Imperials in an ambush while the wedding party was evacuated. Norres tried to kill Jorge, but Annita coolly shot him with his own blaster. She and Jorge then escaped with Sarth, Cassi, and the elder Kraens while Selu, Milya, and Spectre covered their backs and fended off the Empire. Eventually, the Empire brought in reinforcements, but Sarth got everyone onto the Hawk-bat to rescue them. Soon thereafter, Selu and the rest of his compatriots boarded the ship and they blasted off Commenor.[3]

She and Jorge were conducted on the Hawk-bat to the Force exile refuge of Yanibar, where they were married in a simple ceremony that was vastly different from the one she had planned.[3] Nevertheless, she was happily married, though she and Jorge didn’t stay on remote Yanibar for long. Instead, they moved to the mining and resort world of Bespin, where Jorge had friends, and opened a shipping company that helped funnel goods to Yanibar.[4] It wasn’t the life she had grown to love on Commenor, but she learned to adapt and adjust. As long as Jorge was by her side, Annita felt she could handle anything. They had a single son, Bryndar Knrr, in 14 BBY.[2]

A few years later, Annita was present at the wedding of Selusda Kraen and Milya Tayrce. She would also later see the newlyweds during their honeymoon on Bespin after they were attacked by the renegade Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress. Milya and Selu slew Ventress, but were injured in the process. Jorge brought the two back to his and Annita’s apartment, where she helped treat their wounds and divert official attention from their involvement in the destruction that had been wrought during the duel.[5]

Annita and Jorge continued to live on Bespin for the next fourteen years, growing their business and funneling information and supplies to Yanibar even as they raised their son, Bryndar. When Bryndar was a teenager, they sent him to a boarding school on another world, though the boy was much more inclined to athletics than academics, to Annita's dismay. Both parents missed him, but they knew he would need a better education than what was offered on Bespin.[2]

In 3 ABY, their peaceful existence on Bespin as respected business leaders who hobknobbed with Bespin's elite was disrupted on numerous occasions. The first was the Imperial takeover of Cloud City, and the space station changed hands several times thereafter.[2] Their lives were further thrown into chaos when a landing force of Zann Consortium thugs raided the city. A group of the Zannists tried to attack and vandalize Bexpress Shipping, but Annita and Jorge, with the aid of some droidekas and a squad of Yanibar Guard commandos who were passing through, fended them off. Annita received a minor blaster graze in the skirmish, but they were otherwise unharmed. Zannist reinforcements arrived in the form of Tyber Zann himself, but the crime lord was in no mood to fight, and instead left contact information to pass on for negotiations to acquire droidekas for himself.[4]

Shortly thereafter, in the midst of a Rebel attack on the Imperial-held Cloud City, Sarth and Cassi Kraen arrived on Bespin, asking for Annita's help. Having recovered some evidence of a kidnapping on Corulag, they needed her expertise in forensics. Annita was able to use her experience to trace the kidnappers to the world of Mandalore, which earned her their gratitude. She was also present when YGI agent Hasla Almani, who'd been undercover inside the Rebellion, made her way to the Bexpress Shipping offices after being shot down. Annita knew that Hasla was supposed to be returning to Yanibar, but Hasla was insistent that she needed to be with the Rebels. With persuasion from Sarth and Cassi, Jorge and Annita yielded and reluctantly let Hasla return to the Rebellion for a bit longer.[4]

However, after the Battle of Endor, Selu Kraen asked Jorge and Annita to extract Hasla. Taking a Shii-cho-class transport to Endor where the victorious Rebel fleet was located, Jorge and Annita met up with an old friend, former Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian, who'd become a general in the Rebel Alliance. They passed on information about an opportunity to strike the Empire at Kuat, and also met with Hasla. Jorge and Annita were able to request that Hasla be part of an escort for the return trip to Bespin and the Rebels agreed, ostensibly as part of a plan to scout Bespin for eventual capture of world. In truth, the Rebel pilots were ambushed and disabled, while Hasla was forcibly brought into the Shii-cho and taken back to Yanibar. She was not pleased at all, but Jorge and Annita were determined to do what Selu had asked them. After their mission was complete, they returned to Bespin.[4]

A year later in 5 ABY, both Jorge and Annita, along with Bryndar, who'd just finished school, journeyed to the planet R'alla for a vacation with the Kraen family. Thanks to one of Jorge's connections, they stayed at a nice beach house. While there, though, the Kraens and Knrrs found a dead alien body. A series of suspicious circumstances led them to suspect foul play, and so Annita accompanied Jorge, Selu, and Milya down the coastline to investigate. They found a small hidden Imperial research facility and took it by storm, aided by slicing from Bryndar, Sarth's son Akleyn, and Spectre's daughter Jasika, who'd snuck in via another entrance. While Selu went to secure the youths, Annita, Jorge, and Milya confronted the Imperial leader, who held them off by using an Wroonian test subject as a hostage. However, he soon shot the Wroonian, and though he was taken down, the hostage was mortally wounded. Annita and Spectre's daughter-in-law, Ana Vondar Kraen, tried to save her life, but were unsuccessful. They did manage to deliver the baby inside her, though, who survived. The Kraen-Knrr vacation ended shortly after that altercation—the local authorities had become involved and while the Yanibar Guard extracted most of the Wroonians, the Kraens and Knrrs couldn't stay for long. However, before they left, the youths were informed of the history and true nature of their parents' and relatives' occupations. Jorge, Annita, and Bryndar then returned to Bespin.[6]

After Bryndar grew up, he decided to move to Yanibar, joining the Yanibar Guard, while his parents became more intertwined with YGI. They continued to operate out of Bespin, moving material and personnel to and from Yanibar, particularly Tibanna gas shipments. Their considerable standing on Cloud City afforded them with the freedom to operate more or less at will for many years.[2]

The Yuuzhan Vong War only intensified the use of Bespin and Bexpress Shipping as a major hub for the Yanibar Guard, leading to an increased number of missions that Jorge and Annita personally undertook on behalf of YGI.[2] In 28 ABY, Jorge and Annita arranged to accompany a shipment of cargo to Manda on the Spindragon II, a Bexpress Shipping vessel piloted by their daughter-in-law, Jasika Kraen. En route, they stumbled into a Yuuzhan Vong convoy. They fled after shooting off a pair of starfighters sent in pursuit, but the Yuuzhan Vong were able to track their ship and attack them. Jorge and Annita were badly-injured in the ensuing fight, and the Yuuzhan Vong who subsequently boarded the ship were not much kinder. However, Jorge had managed to transmit a distress code which summoned a Yanibar Guard cruiser to rescue them.[7]

They were then taken to Yanibar to recover and heal. Before they could return to Bespin, though, Sarth Kraen called on them, asking them to accompany his wife Cassi on an expedition to search for a hidden world. Jorge and Annita agreed to do so, borrowing Sarth's ship, Silent Surprise, to rendezvous with a small ship over Ord Pardron, where they met with Cassi, Milya, and a wandering Force-user named Mithunir who had been looking for the planet Atlaradis for many years. Loaded with plenty of gear and supplies for a lengthy trip, the group set out. A Yuuzhan Vong fleet arrived and began pursuing them, but the ship was able to escape the system.[7]

Their first destination was the world of Socorro, as Mithunir had told them that his father had claimed a clue to Atlaradis was buried in the black sands. On Jorge's recommendation, they ventured out into the desert in a speeder to examine a natural phenomena called the min min lights that illuminated the desert at night. They followed one of the lights to its source, where Jorge fell into a sand pit. The others quickly pulled him out and Mithunir was able to reveal a wider passage underground underneath the sand pit. Cassi, Milya, and Mithunir ventured down into the passage, leaving Jorge and Annita topside with instructions to go for help if they did not return within a day.[7]

Many hours later, a phantom of Milya appeared, asking them to return to the ship and be prepared to fly down the cone of a volcano. Jorge and Annita did as instructed, retrieving the three from the volcano in the Silent Surprise just before it erupted. The three Force-users were singed and burned from the heat, but had escaped major injury by use of the Force, and had also retrieved a series of clues to Atlaradis. Annita was able to clean up the recordings they took while underground, layering them together to reveal a map of the galaxy. Jorge then deduced the location of Atlaradis, deep in the Unknown Regions. The expedition set course for the planet, arriving at the remote Jebuan system as a preliminary stop. It was a risky jump and Annita was reluctant to make the final jump towards Atlaradis, but Cassi, Milya, and Mithunir insisted on pressing forward.[7]

They arrived at Atlaradis, docking with the ship with a large space station in orbit over the planet that was guarding the only passageway through a dense asteroid field. To their surprise, the space station was functional and ancient, crewed by a handful of Rakata. The Rakata welcomed them in, introducing themselves as caretakers of the space station. However, a small Yuuzhan Vong ship had followed them, landing its warriors onto the space station. In the ensuing melee, both Jorge and Annita were badly injured.[7]

Despite the best attempts of Cassi and the Rakatan healers, they were still too weak to depart in the limited window that the hyperroute to Atlaradis was open. Instead, the Rakatans offered to treat Jorge and Annita until Cassi could return the next time the hyperroute opened—ten years later. Cassi was reluctant to leave them, but Jorge persuaded her to go, saying that he and Annita would be fine, and would be waiting for her when she returned for them.[7]

Behind the scenes

The character of Annita Daowot was specifically developed for Force Exile II: Smuggler to serve as a foil for Cassi Trealus and fill a storyline need that required a member of the Commenorian law enforcement. She existed in some of the earliest drafts of the novel, though her role was not originally as large. Annita was intended to both be sympathetic to the protagonists, but also be a source of tension between Sarth and Cassi, giving her a duality of natures. However, the love triangle between her, Cassi Trealus, and Sarth Kraen wasn't planned until later in the development. She was also essential to moving the plot along, serving as the fulcrum for the travel of Selusda Kraen to Emberlene for the climactic final scene of the book.

Annita's original name was "Slani," but Force Exile author Atarumaster88 decided that too many characters already had names beginning with the letter s. Her personality and skills were directly modeled off a friend of the author who is also an expert in forensics. The expertise contributed by this individual was valuable to the author in terms of allowing him to write realistic descriptions of certain scenes, particularly those involving injuries or corpses.

In the first released draft of Smuggler, the conflict between Annita, Cassi, and Sarth was never resolved inside the novel, only alluded to. At one stage during the writing, the author considered placing a scene with an extended fight between Cassi and Annita. This was dropped for being anticlimatic; as it disrupted the pacing of the story. After a review by Jedi Master 76 two months after the release of the novel, Atarumaster88 decided to insert a scene which would show the resolution of the tension between them. However, he was unsure about how realistic his dialogue would be in a scene with Cassi and Annita, feeling that writing deep, emotional female-to-female dialogue would be difficult. As such, he elicited the help of a female user on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, Solus, to read over and suggest corrections to the scene before inserting it. The scene was later re-written again in the 2012 re-release of Smuggler and counting a beta-draft that was also redone, ended up as the most-revised scene in all of Force Exile. The newest version of the scene had Annita requesting Cassi for an interview, rather than having Cassi approach Annita unexpectedly, as Atarumaster88 felt that was more in line with the characterizations he had created.

She was not originally intended to have appearances outside of Smuggler. However, as he finishing Smuggler, Atarumaster88 thought that it might be interesting to pair her with Jorgesoll Knrr to provide her with an enduring romantic interest. He also decided to give the two an appearance in the sequel to Smuggler, Force Exile III: Liberator, as he didn't want to leave Jorge and Annita's relationship unresolved in the third book. When he first started writing Liberator, he did not originally plan to feature them in a large role, but after re-drafting the novel's layout, he decided to set the final showdown of the book at their wedding. His reason for doing so was that it not only provided the impetus for the Force exiles to sever their ties to Commenor, but also he liked the incongruity of setting a sizable skirmish at a wedding. The author wanted to practice writing a wedding as a precursor for the planned wedding of Selu and Milya, which was part of his reasoning for writing the scene. Annita's scenes and characterization only had minor changes in the Force Exile III rewrite, most notably adding the scene where Jorge proposes to her as a better tie-in to Smuggler, as well as a small scene where she and Jorge warn Samtel and Lena of the impending danger.

Atarumaster88 continued to include Annita, as well as her husband, Jorge, in subsequent Force Exile works, including the Yanibar Tales anthology, as he enjoyed writing their characters. They had cameo appearances in Hand in Hand, the second story to be released in the collection of short stories. Once the author decided to place Jorge and Annita on Bespin at the end of Liberator, it also made sense for them to be included in Hand in Hand—that too, did not occur in the initial planning stages of the short story. Annita was portrayed by actress Rose Byrne, who played Dormé in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Annita and Jorge made a recurring appearance in Force Exile IV: Guardian as minor characters. They only had a few scenes, similar to their role in Force Exile III, but Atarumaster88 was unwilling to cut them out of the storyline. Their role was primarily to help move along segments of Sarth and Cassi's quest, as well as instigate certain actions to influence Hasla Almani's storyline. For the latter, Jorge and Annita served as the mechanism to induce Hasla's return to the Yanibar Guard. They later appeared in the short story Deception on R'alla where they again had a small role alongside other members of the Kraen family. Deception on R'alla also allowed their son, Bryndar, to directly appear in a Force Exile work for the first time.

For Force Exile V: Warrior, Atarumaster88 contemplated killing off Jorge and Annita at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong to motivate the major characters and Bryndar, but ended up opting not to as the plot was already too complicated. Instead, as he developed the Atlaradis storyline, it made sense to include Jorge and Annita on the expedition to provide additional motivation. Rather than kill them off, Atarumaster88 left them on Atlaradis at the end of the story awaiting the other Force exiles to journey there. The choice to leave behind two non-Force-users on a Force nexus was deliberate, to show that Atlaradis had something to offer everyone, not just Force-users.



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