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Battle droid arrest
("We have the droid armies ready chancellor, along with our Modular Taskforce Cruisers and A-A5 speeder trucks; we have 5 armies of droids and 8 flotillas of cruisers ready along with enough A-A5 speeder trucks to transport half of the Droids at a time.")
—(Tarzen Tagge discussing the units ready for war with chancellor palpitine

The Droid Wars was a war including the two biggest droid armies in the galaxy, the Grand Droid Armies of the Galactic Republic and the armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems with the Galactic Empire forming on the dark stormy world of Kamino.

Prelude Edit

The event started 3 years after the Separatist Crisis (22 BBY) when the senate had a majority vote on the creation of an army. Thus, the Republic didn't want to send their citizens to war and the senate was at a stalemate along with the rest of the Republic. Tarzen then contacted the chancellor informing him of the creation of the droid armies and that the republic was not alone in their endeavors to take down the CIS once and for all. The chancellor agreed and informed the Senate that he had found a solution. Thus, the Droid Wars began with the republic having TaggeCo for support with their droids, Modular Taskforce cruisers, and A-A5 speeder trucks. The chancellor said that TaggeCo also put in an order for vehicles and more powerful star ships to support their droid army with from KDY. Of course, it was a lie that mislead the senate so they wouldn't know that he made a secret order to KDY for those vehicles and star ships ahead of time. The Republic only had dedicated volunteers from their Judicial forces to help in the war effort though very few and far in between they were considered the most elite in the army due to there ability to cognitively think. The war began with the First Battle of Geonosis and there millions upon millions of battle droids deployed and destroyed. During the course of the battle, the republic hired freelance slicers and engineers to capture, reprogram, and repair the enemy droids in order to expand their own armies.

The event Edit

After the attack on Geonosis, the Republic and the CIS were a stalemate across the galaxy. The battle of Dromund Kaas was a turning point in the war where the Republic found a new force of about 3,600 Sith troops which were dug in on the planet. For about two and a half weeks, the Sith forces held their own due to a Sith Lord using battle meditation. Upon hearing this, Jedi Council got involved and aided the forces on the planet and they eventually overwhelmed the Sith forces. Then by the end of the 2nd year of the war the Galactic Empire came into play seemingly out of no where. Both the Republic and the CIS lost contact with 5 systems in one month this got both sides to obviously blame each other which only made relations more hostile than before. The Galactic Empire seemed to have limitless power and troops partially because the chancellor tapped the senates bank accounts. The Empire eventually got to be the dominate power and took down the CIS and Republic single handed while also holding off any opposition from rebellious groups. As the Empire began to capture or kill any Jedi in there path they were met with met with barely any opposition

Aftermath Edit

The Droid Wars brought upon the Galactic Empire to take the galaxy by force and even used the droids of the Republic and CIS very frequently, to enforce there oppressive rule.

Legacy Edit

As well as the droids going to the hands of many people across the galaxy as it would be common to own a B1 or a L8-L9 Combat droid. Obviously the more heavy droids were less and less common but none the less they were quite numerous in the galaxy.

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