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"The Centurion Song" was a song popular in the Order of Keltrayu, and often sung both as an expression of camaraderie and as a sign of mourning at memorials. Jira Zaffrod included it in her concert at the Samayus Palace of Opera in 153 ABY. Aside from that and rare other exceptions, it was almost never sung alone, but usually between two or more Centurions.


1Female Centurions used "sister" in place of "brother".

2When sung to or in mourning for a female Centurion, all Centurions used "sister". When sung generally for camaraderie, male Centurions used "brother" and female Centurions "sister".

Behind the scenes

"The Centurion Song" is heavily based on (and set to the same music as) "The Servant Song", a Christian hymn. The third verse is taken from "The Servant Song" word-for-word. Sakaros, who is Catholic, found himself thinking of the Order when he heard the song at Mass and most of the adapted lyrics fell into place naturally.

The fourth verse refers to the Order's motto, "Peace, Strength, and Vigilance".

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[1] One version of "The Servant Song"

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