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Thame Cerulian was a Jedi Master in the last century of the Old Republic. He trained notable Jedi like Count Dooku and was very respected by the galaxy at large.


Thame had already had three apprentices before he had personally requested taking Dooku on. He had attempted to curb Dooku's maverick streak, which had led to conflict between the two. When Dooku finally passed his trials, the two remained close, with Dooku often seeking advice from his former Master.

Fifty years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Thame became embroiled in the Bane Crisis, against the Disciples of Bane. He and his apprentice Seth Khaleb tracked down one of their number, Darth Sharka, and attempted to take him down. They failed and Seth was killed. However, Thame encountered Sharka again on Neimodia and with a team of Jedi he cut him down. Together with his former apprentice Leatre, Thame was confronted by Xethyr, Sharka's bodyguard. After a brief duel, Xethyr killed both Leatre and Thame, but not before Thame badly wounded Xethyr before he died.

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