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Tes'eniwi'rorce, also known by core name Seniwir, was a Female Chiss of the Chiss Ascendancy and the Chiss Imperium from Rhigar. Her father would be the leader of the Chiss Ascendancy and Imperium from 40 ABY until 56 ABY.


Early lifeEdit

Tes'eniwi'rorce was born in 20 ABY on the Chiss planet of Rhigar, just like her father. She would go to the Csilla Fleet Logistics Academy, where she would learn the way of being a Chiss pilot, dreaming of becoming an assassin. She would eventually graduate from school, after which she became part of a small band of pirates.

Assassin to Hawk clanEdit

She was the only Chiss which was member of Hawk Clan, which made her unique in the clan, but she would also be feared by some members due to her skill with blades. She was tasked with eliminating an unknown target. She accepted and hunted after him, only to realize that he was the son of the Chiss leader, as she refused the assigment, she was exiled.

Chiss ImperiumEdit

Her father would seize control of the Chiss Ascendancy and turned it into the Chiss Imperium, which would cause the Chiss to close again to the rest of the galaxy. Seniwir would serve her father with pleasure, whom's love for her daughter slowly began to fade, under influence of Darth Cyrus.

Wanting to prove herself for her father, she would start to hunt down her former target, Dec'seron'oran, the rebel leader. She would however be unable to reach him, until they finally met in Tem'onuati'rasim's estate on Csilla. She was however disarmed by Cserono and knocked out.

She would wake up later when she heard a loud noise coming from the throne room. She and Cserono would then help Tem'onuati'rasim, and carry him away. She would then go into exile on Csilla, secretly meeting her father at nights.


Tem'onuati'rasim would task her with infiltrating Dec'seron'oran's authority in the Chiss Ascendancy, which she accepted. She would pretend to like him in order to gain information of current movement of the military, which she would tell Monuatir.

She was however, decieved by Cserono, which had realized the purpose of what she was doing, and gave her false information. After realizing she was mislead, she made a third attempt on Cserono's life on board his vessel, the United. Her plan would however be foiled by the ever-loyal Household Praetorian operatives, which took her into custody.


At last, she was able to free herself by persuading a guard to free her, following which she escaped to the Unity's hangar, only to encounter Dec'seron'oran. Seniwir, which realized she would be outnumbered if she'd lethally hurt him, ran towards a nearby Tarsiss-class dropship. Cserono reminded Seniwir of her father's physical state, which had detoriated in the past months.

Seniwir, which had stolen a few weapons from the Chiss, threw a CryoBan grenade at Cserono. Afterwards, she ran back to where her father was being held, only to find Chiss guards stationed at the door. She swiftly took out both guards by making use of poison blades, following which she freed her father from prison, and together escaped in the Tarsiss, Cserono having departed.

Parting of waysEdit

Seniwir and Monuatir escaped the Unity to Cercit. Following an armed disagreement between Monuatir and Seniwir, the pair parted from eachother, with Seniwir leaving a tear.

Monuatir, which had finally realized what happened, was angry with Darth Cyrus. Cyrus, which had taken control of the Monuatir personage at the time, told him it was merely collateral damage, upon which Monuatir became furious at him, and resumed the fight again Cyrus. Seniwir, which departed to the Cercit great plains, one of few grassy areas on Cercit. Deciding to remain there, she set up a camp and stole the necessary supplies from nearby towns.

Seniwir, whom's mind had slowly started to detoriate due to her emotional situation, started to suffer from paranoia, setting up numerous traps around her camp for safety. Following this, her paranoia caused her to set off a beacon, which drew Dec'seron'oran's forces near, which was, however, inactively hunting for her, only considering her a side matter.

Monuatir had eventually gained control over much of his body, and went to actively seek for his daughter, using the resources of the remainder of his empire, the Chiss Imperium, to find her. He eventually traced her back to Cercit, more specifically, to the Great Plans, and prepared to get her.

IMG 0513

Seniwir at the Cercit great plains.

Cserono was finally led to Seniwir's position, and inserted various agents of Household Praetorian to eliminate her. Seniwir, which had set up traps, hid herself from the agents, figuring out what was happening, she activated her traps, effectively wiping out many forces of Praetorian.

The forces of Household Praetorian, which were ordered to take her out without using lethal weaponry, switched their Charrics to the stun function which their weaponry was upgraded with. Monuatir, which was finally prepared, took off to get his daughter back from Cercit, only to encounter the vessels of Cserono in orbit. Both sides engaged in battle over Cercit.

Having Seniwir restrained for questioning, she was taken to a nearby Tarsiss dropship, while the area was being flooded by the soldiers of Monuatir, and a ground battle went on between the forces of Household Praetorian and those of the Chiss Imperium.

Cserono and Seniwir escaped into orbit using the Tarsiss dropship, having evaded most fire from Monuatir's vessels. Praetorian forces on the surface of Cercit were eventually able to secure the ground from Monuatir's troops, the space battle however continued to exist. Monuatir, which had realized Seniwir was aboard Cserono's vessel, ordered not to attack the Unity. The Unity, along with the rest of the fleet, hyperspace-jumped to the Port on accident, where a three-way battle emerged.