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The Tershin Separation Party was an influential minority political party on the Iscali colony world of Tershin. It advocated political separation between Tershin and the Iscali homeworld, Iscandar, in opposition to the actual state of affairs, in which Tershin was a dependency. Many members of the party also desired complete economic independence; while Tershin and Iscandar's cities drew their own profits from each's exports to the other world, it was the central government on Iscandar which could make binding laws concerning trade practices for both worlds.

A very small minority of the party desired military independence as well, but most Iscali believed Tershin and Iscandar should keep their military forces combined, as both were stronger together than either separately.

The Tershin Separation Party's strength waxed and waned over the centuries, although it never represented more than twenty percent of Tershin's planetary legislature. The issue of separation became a moot point in 95 ABY, when both Tershin and Iscandar joined the Golden Empire. However, Queen Rin Sakaros did ask Tershin to vote on the issue separately, making it clear that the worlds would be treated as equal member systems in the future.

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