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I'd created the Sith, from my own thought, my dream and my successive
—Darth Tempus

Darth Tempus created his own Sith Armada from his thought and his imagination that his words will spread across his children's children for over thousand of millennia in the entire galaxies so that all hateful will under his severant will obey without question nor hesitation.


This Temple was once, a very long time ago. But enough this bricking question you ask. Continue!
—Darth Tempus

The Creation of his Temple:

As a boy before he become Darth Tempus when he stumble upon an unknown planet knowing this he's standing was the beginning of his life time when he use his power and the ship he stole to create his own temple from his own thought from what he's foresee in his dream - The Sith Temple. The invader or guest will never step foots on his planet.

He use his power from the ship that his ship got amazing power to create anything from the chameleon illusion when the ship is now transformer into the first Sith Temple that's shape in pyramid shape in dark steel grey with red mark's along with multiple of pillars to 'support' the roof and the main structure of his 'beloved' Teml so that he will create his own Sith, his own colony so that he will won't bother to his people never again.


The role you got, the title you may have.
—Darth Tempus explain to unknown Sith.

Each Sith got different role and understand their quality of their needed so that Tempus will provided them what do to without further need. Tempus wrote down Ten title, so that their ranks they will have, but the rarest is the Voice/Regent and The Wrath and only singular Hand and only those who worthy to Darth Tempus personal advisor.

Sith General:


The Wrath:



The Closest:

Sith Troopers:




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