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Tatooine is a violent world ruled by the Hutt gangsters.

Tatooine, also called the Land of the Twin Suns in prophecy, was a desert world located within the Outer Rim Territories. It had a hot and harsh climate and was known for being a source of rare minerals, many of which were taken by Czerka Corporation around the time of the Jedi Civil War. Eighteen years before the Invasion of Utapau, a drought began that lasted for decades, thereby crippling the moisture farming economy of the planet.


Very little of the history of Tatooine was documented, though there were records about many spaceports, including Anchorhead. It was one of the oldest settlements on the planet, having stood for thousands of years. It was originally a mining facility used for many notable organizations, including Czerka Corporation, and was abandoned and resettled numerous times due to the poor quality of the ore. Czerka abandoned it because of the hostility from the Tusken Raiders, as well as the low-quality ore, and the settlement nearly collapsed because of it. Despite the hard times, the people were able to make it a successful center for moisture farmers, though it began to decline once again because of the lack of rainfall.[1]

There were many well-known stories regarding the settlement. One of them was an ancient legend that said a powerful Jedi Knight landed at Anchorhead during a war with the Sith and found a hidden star map that supposedly told him the location of an ancient super-weapon. Not many people knew what to make of it, though they would have been surprised if it was true because most saw Tatooine was insignificant on a galactic scale and could not fathom that it held such a great importance to the Jedi Knights.[1]

Even so, the story was true. During the Jedi Civil War, the redeemed Revan and his companions, including Carth Onasi and Bastilla Shan, landed at Anchorhead while on their quest for the Star Forge of the ancient Infinite Empire. After fighting off numerous Tusken Raiders, they found a star map in a Krayt dragons layer that helped them piece together the location of the Star Forge, which they and the Galactic Republic were later able to destroy.[2]


Sometimes referred to as the planet of limitless sand by travelers, Tatooine was thought to have been one of the oldest planets in known space. Because it orbited two suns, it was covered in deserts and rocky formations. The days were so brightly lit that the planet, to those from a distance in space, would appear to be a third star if looked at from the right angle. It was how Tatooine was originally discovered, as explorers believed it to be a star so they moved in closer to study it. They were amazed when they found that it was actually a planet.[1]

Very little of the planet was habitable to Humans outside the northern areas of the northern hemisphere, and one could only stay in the other regions of the planet for so long before succumbing to the violent temperatures and massive sandstorms. Only one percent of the planet was covered in surface water, though fossil records did indicate that the planet was once covered in large oceans that dried up, leaving many geographical features that were well known to the planet’s inhabitants.[1]

Numerous different sentient species from all across the galaxy made up the inhabitants of the planet. Most of the non-Humans tended to stay in cantinas where they could go to the bar or gamble, as the inhabitants of the planet loved to gamble. The majority of the gambling was on swoop racers, one of the most dangerous games on the planet. It was a testament to the fact that the planet had long been controlled by the vile Hutts.[1]


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