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Sir Tarse Medrego SV CSO was a male Vorsyt officer of the Royal Navy of the Golden Empire and a hero of the Vagaari War. He was widely regarded by superiors and subordinates alike as the most brilliant tactical mind of his generation in the Royal Navy, and was consistently entrusted with major command positions throughout his career.


Early life and service

Born and raised on Uyiq-Mest, Medrego was an athletic and personable child. When he was eight, the Golden Empire acquired Uyiq-Mest into its fold, and Medrego watched with excitement and envy as a first generation of Vorsyts journeyed to the stars. As he grew up, he considered a career in the Uyiq-Mest Planetary Defense Force, but ultimately set his sights higher and applied to the Royal Naval Academy at Iscandar.

Accepted for service, he distinguished himself at the Academy. While his grades were not far above average, he won several tactical competitions and received the academy's prize for tactical excellence at his graduation. Commissioned into the Royal Navy in 119 ABY, Medrego served in several strategic commands. His charisma and tactical ability won him the respect of his men, and he earned a captaincy of a picket ship at the unusually young age of thirty-three, only ten years after being commissioned. Though he accepted some staff positions, he consistently declined offers to teach, preferring to remain as close to the field as possible.

Medrego married during his early career. His first daughter, Aivret, was born in 130 ABY.

The Vagaari War

By 141 ABY, due to his exemplary record and recommendations by influential superiors, Medrego was captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Stronghold. At the onset of the Vagaari War, the Stronghold was part of the Prime Fleet under the overall command of Prime Legate Tariun Sakaros. Near the end of the year, however, Sorrik and over half the Armada were dispatched south to repel the Ssi-ruuvi Incursion. In order to keep the pressure on the Vagaari, Sakaros created Tarse Medrego and Salome Hrek as Legates.

Legate Medrego was famous for taking the fight to the Vagaari, and his men fought courageously out of respect for their commander. Though he experienced more casualties than Hrek, his aggressive style of warfare and unpredictable tactics also cost more Vagaari lives. Balanced against Hrek's careful, well-planned style of warfare and Tariun Sakaros's shrewdness and viciousness, the three Legates managed to hold the line against the numerically superior Vagaari until Sorrik returned.

Unwilling to change strategies again, Tariun left Hrek and Medrego in command, but gave them what had been Sorrik's command as reinforcements. With new troops and a waning enemy, the Empire pressed in against the Vagaari until their civilization was devastated and their species reduced to extinction.


Following the war, both Salome Hrek and Tarse Medrego were offered spots in the Royal Navy's High Command. Hrek accepted and was made an Admiral, but Medrego declined in order to retain field command. For his services to the Empire he was made a Commander of the Sovereign's Order, received the Star of Valor for gallantry in his use of the Stronghold in direct combat with the enemy, and was given a permanent promotion to Commodore.

The personal request of Sorrik, the new Prime Legate, finally persuaded Medrego to accept a brief teaching assignment at the Baes academy from 145 ABY to 147 ABY. Afterward, however, he returned to field service, assuming command of the Star Destroyer Tempest. In the first week of 149 ABY, Tarse's daughter Aivret began her own Royal Navy career as a Cadet at the Royal Naval Academy.

The Nightmare War

When the Nightmare War erupted in 149 ABY, Medrego and the Tempest were called into service. Medrego provided space cover for Aria Nikina's ground forces during the Defense of Daispin, forcing much of Sacco Vyrak's fleet to withdraw even before his death. The Tempest became Tariun Sakaros's flagship when he brought together the Xoquon Sector Fleet, and Medrego was his second-in-command.

After the Battle of Harth Gool, Tariun was recalled to the Sith Star first to act as Regent while Rin was absent from the Empire, and then to supervise the deployment of her Anzat hounds and Shadow Massassi. Medrego assumed command of the Xoquon Sector Fleet, with Te`net Organi as Praetor representing the Order of Keltrayu. The two worked well together, with Organi and his Centurions leading boarding parties onto enemy ships while Medrego used his fleet to demolish the rest of the enemy force. Medrego allowed Organi to confront Merita Ot'kyn at the Battle of Rubutu, though he cautioned the Qua that he was only agreeing to blow up Ot'kyn's flagship last.

When Organi became infected with the Sickness, Medrego badgered him until he returned to the Sith Star for treatment. Vem replaced him as Praetor for the fleet. As a former Legate himself, Vem respected the demands on Medrego's attention, and the two had an effective partnership.


After the war ended, the Xoquon Sector Fleet was disbanded, but Medrego retained command of the Tempest; he received the Royal Navy Superior Service Medal for his command during the war. Following the 65 Reforms, he was created a Counsellor of the Sovereign's Council and, as part of the new governmental reorganization to provide sector-level administration, became the first Sector Magister of the Romasi sector. He was allowed to keep the Tempest as the flagship of the Romasi sector defense force. With the restructuring of the Navy's rank system to allow senior ranks command authority, Medrego also accepted a promotion to Counter Admiral.

Medrego commanded the defense force for three years. During his tenure, Aivret graduated the Royal Naval Academy, and her father pinned on her ensign's rank himself. In late 154 ABY, after a diplomatic mission to the P'w'eck Confederation, Breek Zagrev and Kyriel Windrunner discovered Klesk. When the planet was absorbed into the Empire, Medrego was installed as its military governor to oversee the efforts to catalogue the planet's history and prepare for the mass migration of Djinnosh to the world. He received another promotion to Vice Admiral in the process.

The Southern Expansion Campaign

By 156 ABY, the Djinnosh and their government were fully moved to Klesk, and Medrego used the planet as a base for his new mission: the Southern Expansion Campaign, expanding the Empire south of its traditional border in the Romasi sector. Medrego was entrusted with a major fleet, as well as support from the Ministry of Diplomacy and occasionally-assigned Centurions, led by Gershet Deyrzhion. He briefly left his charge to attend Eskol Kaartinen's funeral in late 157 ABY.

Skills and abilities

Admiral Medrego has a fondness for using all three dimensions of space in novel ways. Most good commanders will stagger lines at different points on the y axis, but Medrego...
—Breek Zagrev

Tarse Medrego was generally viewed by most servicebeings across the Armada as one of the best tacticians and commanders in the Empire's history. He employed creative and sometimes counterintuitive strategies in battle, and managed to successfully prosecute his front of the Vagaari War despite operating at a numerical disadvantage for most of the war. Medrego thought quickly and could adapt almost immediately to changing circumstances in battle.

He also had the ability to inspire loyalty in those serving under him; postings aboard Medrego's flagship were widely regarded as very prestigious, and those who served under him respected him and were willing to embrace hardship and extraordinary risks in his campaigns.

Appearance and personality

Medrego stood 1.80 meters (5'11") at his normal height, though he could fully extend his legs to add several centimeters. He had blond hair and sharp blue eyes; Breek Zagrev thought of him as looking "tough and clever".

Salome—Viscountess Hrek, now—she took the High Command job, and did it well. It takes an exceptional planner and a dedicated public servant to do for the Navy what she did, and I admire her sincerely. But it's not for me. I'm a warrior, I'm born to fight. Not face-to-face like the Executor, perhaps, but war is my life. Administration and politics have never been for me.
—Tarse Medrego to Gem Reytal

Love of military service and battle were Tarse Medrego's most defining characteristics, as well as commitment to both the Empire he served and the beings serving under his command. He loved his family, though he was away from them for long stretches, but he especially approved of his daughter Aivret's decision to join the Royal Navy. Medrego tried to remain in line positions as much as possible, feeling he served best as a commander of troops, and in fact declined a promotion to the Royal Starfleet High Command—which would have included a jump in four ranks and paygrades—because he feared becoming a bureaucrat instead of a warrior. He was unafraid to take risks himself when necessary, and routinely committed the Star Destroyer Stronghold to battle during the Vagaari War.

Apart from his subordinates and his family, Medrego enjoyed close professional relationships with Queen Rin Sakaros and Prime Legate Sorrik, and Tariun Sakaros, Breek Zagrev, and Salome Hrek all considered him a personal friend.

Dates of Rank

Rank Date
RN Vice Admiral.jpg Vice Admiral 68
RN Counter Admiral.jpg Counter Admiral 65
RN Commodore.jpg Commodore 7:57
RN Captain.jpg Captain 54
RN Commander.jpg Commander Unknown
RN Lieutenant Commander.jpg Lieutenant Commander Unknown
RN Lieutenant.jpg Lieutenant Unknown
RN Midshipman.jpg Midshipman 10:34
RN Ensign.jpg Ensign 1:33
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