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Saleucami Convention

Taris Convention
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Byssian Empire


300px-Goldenloewe flag Byssian Empire

  • Byssian Empire
    • Potential triple military alliance
  • Sith League
    • Military alliance/military access
    • Political marriage
  • Hsskhor Syndicate
    • Defensive alliance
    • Trade agreement
  • Formation of the Triple Alliance

The Taris Convention was a diplomatic meeting on the neutral world of Taris between the Byssian Empire and the members of the Eastern Galactic Coalition to discuss the possibility of a joint triple military alliance.

Talks were proposed by the ambassadors of the Byssian Empire housed aboard the Korriban Gates following the fall of the Galactic Republic and the formation of the Eastern Galactic Coalition.

Though the Hsskhor Syndicate was wary of signing to a second military alliance so recently, the Syndicate agreed to meet with Byss on Taris to discuss the matter, accompanied by Sith ambassadors aboard the Reach of the Sith, newly arrived from Tion.

The Sith were unsure of whether to sign a military alliance with Byss. Even as talks commenced, the Sith League leadership still had not made up its collective mind, and updates from Korriban streamed into the Qonwûl's communications suite every few hours.

Sith-Byss proceedingsEdit

Eventually, however, the Sith elected to accept the military alliance proposed by the Byssian Empire, contingent upon a few qualifications. First, as a sign of good faith, the League requested that Emperor Caeso seal the alliance by wedding Queen Rhea of the Sith, thus solidifying the proceedings in a political marriage.

Furthermore, the League declared that any act of aggression undertaken by Byss against the Hsskhor Syndicate or Eastern Galactic Coalition would result in an immediate fragmentation of the alliance. The Sith also reserved the right to release the Syndicate, its military ally, from any war undertaken by the Empire. The Byssian ambassadors deliberated and accepted these terms.

Hsskhor-Byss proceedingsEdit

The Hsskhor representatives offered a trade agreement and a defensive alliance to the Empire, though they elected to not pursue a military alliance at that time. Additionally, they warned the Empire that any aggression against the Sith League and the Eastern Galactic Coalition would be answered in kind, and would result in the dissolution of the alliance. The Byssian ambassadors deliberated and accepted these terms.


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