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Talnya Bedcas was a Togruta padawan during the Clone Wars. At the age of thirteen, she was chosen as padawan by Master Gan Gullien, this being a year and a half before the battle of Geonosis. Talnya served in many battles and had a close-knit bond with some clones under her command, specifically Captain Vank. Together they braved several battles and saved thousands of lives.


The Clone Wars

First Mission

Commander, Go without us. Were only going to die anyway."
I will not leave the injured, when they have a chance to survive.

—Vank and Talnya

During her first mission on Saleucami, the gunship crashed on the planet, killing two clones and leaving the rest very badly injured. But Talnya herself managed to only get scrapes and bruises. Even knowing that the Separatists knew their location, Talnya refused to leave the injured clones. Thinking this of a reckless nature, a near death Vank insisted she go. Talnya refused, and told the clones to keep quiet while she led the droids away. Vank thought this brave of her, but also slightly crazy. Before he had a chance to change her mind, Talnya had gone to lead the Separatists away. Talnya waited a few minutes, as the droid army drew closer. After the droids were in range, Talnya led them away. Leading them to a dead end and blocking their escape, Talnya returned to the clones. She used Force Heal to save Vank, Portal, and Gear, as they were about to die. To Talnya's dismay, she could not save all of the clones. Instead of abandoning the bodies of the dead clones, Talnya buried them. She helped the clones make their way towards a farm, which was farther then it seemed. After one of the clones could not walk any further, Talnya used the Force to carry him to the farm house. Upon reaching the home and negotiating with the farmer, Talnya collapsed from exhaustion. After awaking the next morning, she found that a Republic gunship had come to pick them up. After leaving, Talnya spoke with her master, who told her he was proud of her. She also spoke with Vank, who thanked Talnya. Once they reached the ship, Talnya learned that they would soon depart for another mission.

Other Missions

Hmm.... it's very risky, but it just might work.
—Talnya, speaking of Gan's plan to destroy a Separatist outpost on Maridun.

Talnya also participated in the battle of Ryloth, The first battle of Geonosis and the battle of Felucia. And she helped destroy a Separatist outpost on Maridun.

End of the war

The end of this war is well overdue."
Indeed. But it is unlikely to end soon.

—Talnya and Gan, talking about the end of the war.

By the end of the war, Talnya had, Gan, and Vank, had become close friends, and knew each others' every move. Talnya had not only gained the approval and respect of her master, but also of Vank, Gear, and Portal. Talnya would often talk to her master about the end of the war. Gan had also said that Talnya was one of the wisest padawans he had ever known.


Gan believed that, Talnya now being seventeen and well trained as a Jedi in the ways of the Force, was ready for the trials. Together they confronted the Jedi Council. The Council agreed to let Talnya take the trials, but because of her young age, she would have to duel Mace Windu. After completing the Trials, and winning a long, hard, exhausting dual with Master Windu, Talnya was finally knighted, assuming the title of General.

Order 66

It was hard to kill Talnya. Not only was she young, but she cared for us. She should have been spared.
—Vank speaking to Portal and Gear about Talnya's death.

Talnya was on Dantooine while Order 66 was sent out. She was using her lightsaber to protect herself when she overheard Darth Sidious giving Captain Vank Order 66. Talnya asked Vank what Order 66 was. Vank whispered for her to run. Talnya did not run because she didn't understand. She was then shot to death by her troops, excluding Vank, Gear, and Portal. Afterward Vank spoke to Gear and Portal, who agreed that she should have been spared.


We'll never forget her. She truly understood us. She was one of us.
—Vank, Speaking to Portal and Gear.

After the Rebellion was created, Vank, Gear, and Portal joined it, after Vank reminded Gear and Portal that Talnya was fighting against evil. After the Battle of Endor, Vank, now near sixty in 30 ABY, convinced Dantooine to put up a statue in honor of Talnya. Then at some point in his life, Vank married. He told his children great stories of the Jedi. Many were about Talnya. At the age of a hundred and ten, Vank died in 80 ABY. But before he did, his children heard him mutter something about Talnya. Knowing who that was, they assumed he joined her in the Force.

Gear and Portal also spread stories of Talnya the Jedi across the Galaxy, and both died at the age of eighty in 50 ABY. The Legend of Talnya grew, and by 119 ABY her story had spread across the Galaxy.

Personality and traits

Talnya was a wise padawan. She stuck close to the Jedi Code and only obeyed her master and the Jedi Council above it. She cared more about the clones then any other Jedi and was considered an honorary clone.

Powers and abilities

Talnya was well trained in Force Heal, Force Push and Telekinesis. Though her Master tried hard, she wasn't as skilled with her lightsaber as she was with the Force.

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