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Greetings, reader. I am Kel Dor polymath and historian Alejandro di Banino, history professor of the Rothwidge University. Currently, I'm on the process of doing a research with the objective of discovering the rise to power of the infamous historical figure of the members of noble families. I will start with the particular case of the first royal house that governed Rothwidge, the Pazzi, who begun commanding the Rothai government through the power of money by the beginning of the First Century after the Ruusan Reformation.

Differently from what many people believe, the Pazzi were not as powerful as the military government that followed; the unsuspected parallel prowess of the Ruling Council of Ten. Ten individuals designated by the Old Jedi Order itself, who were, not only influential members of the most important noble families, but also the main lackeys of the High Council at that time. The barely fact of being among the lines of this Ruling Council made you incredibly rich, notorius and powerful.

The idea of commanding the entire Rothai planetary civilization through force of arms became useless over time, as this despotic government was overthrown by the great many organized dissent groups that emerged.

Without the House of Pazzi to take care of the commanding, however, the stage would have never been set for the conflicts that followed, the merciless war against the Rothai Assassins Order and the Obilivion Elite. The Pazzi were a known family, with a lot of money and material goods, but primarily, a head for banking. I will name and speak of each of the members of this family that made our planet tremble over centuries.

Bartholomeus de' Pazzi. He was the founder of the infamous Rothai House of Pazzi, as well as a banker and noble by the time of the Rothwidge hegemony. Just like many of his confidants at that time, he came to power almost in the blink of an eye. With an iron fist, Bartholomeus punished and stole from people during his ruling. History will never forget him for what he did. Specifically, he was a man of the Renaissance. That cultural movement was a 'solution' that came from the Jedi Order to purge the galaxy's, so called, "systems of outer space", which meant, teach them Galactic History, train them on the ways of the Force, and teach them science and culture.

Bartholomeus was native to Dorcaya, a very rich and resourceful world on the Mid Rim, on which he hoped to follow the legacy of his father—Jacopo de' Pazzi—as a successful banker and businessman. However, despite all of his family's stability and resources, the planet's government at that time was overthrown by the group identified as the "Vizzizzet Terrorists", who were constantly infiltrating Dorcaya's high command and buying most of the police and military.

With nothing left to hope for on the big hell world, Bartholomeus and the Pazzi fled thousands of star systems away and found shelter on the beautiful planet Rothwidge, on which, differently from Dorcaya, most of the surface was covered with water and grasslands.

Living a pretty life on Rothwidge as influential off-wolders, the Pazzi begun making progress on the planet's government, and, getting a place of their own. Generally, Bartholomeus' and his family's early life on Rothwidge was a heaven. The young boy was very respected on school for all of his family's money and influence, as well as for the vault and legacy that surely expected him when he graduated and started his career as a banker.

Making associates of all kind on Rothwidge's banking structure—primarily the House of Medici and the House of Barbarigo—the Pazzi ensured the safety of the most important businessmen and did not take care of the people of the planet. As a result of this decision, the outer dissent groups that still existed on Rothwidge since the beginning of the Renaissance, begun protesting with unprecendented riots planet-wide.

Even today, it is unknown which was the group that killed the Pazzi, but we cretainly know that it was in a terrorist attack where Jacopo and Vedera de' Pazzi—Bartholomeus' parents—perished.

This was a hard strike for the Pazzi, and, when Bartholomeus grew up and took the place of the most influential banker on Rothwidge, founded the Royal House of Pazzi and dedicated completely to the quest and murder of his parents' killers. After he was elected President of the Rothwidge Planetary Bank (which he co-founded), Bartholomeus became the most influential man in the entire planet.

Starting since then a merciless war against the dissent, Bartholomeus grew tired of the results of hiring bounty hunters and mercenaries from either local towns or other worlds, and decided to found the Rothwidge Military Arm. After he married high social-class noble and banker Carlotta Izia da Vesmari, Bartholomeus became the father of Jean-Claud de' Pazzi, who would follow his father's despotic and subjective rule.

Bartholomeus' war on crime resulted with the total anihilation of many of the dissent groups, and who were fromerly involved were kidnapped and tortured by the Military Arm. Also, as a measure of ensurance, Bartholomeus murdered the former dissidents' entire families and commited atrocities behind the scenes. This facts were never known to history, however, until almost two-hundred years after Bartholomeus' death, historians found new reports detailing the government's atrocities at that time. In each of them, lists could be found with more than three-thousand names.

Despite all of this horrendous revelations, Bartholomeus is still remembered today as one of the most respected Rothai individuals during the Renaissance, as well as the mastermind who fought crime at that era. Currently, Bartholomeus is remembered as a hero on the History Museum, and a statue of him is located inside the Rothwidge Planetary Palace.

His son, Jean-Claud de' Pazzi, was famous specially for the singular pact he made with the Barbarigos, another influential banker family. When Bartholomeus died, the power of the Presidency was passed to Leonardo de' Medici, the next most important banker on Rothwidge. Unfortunately, Medici's ideals for ruling were a lot different than those of Bartholomeus, and Jean-Claud, along with his mother, Carlotta, plotted the death of Medici in order to give his place as governor to one of their lackeys.

Their plans were never carried out successfully, however, because of the fact the Barbarigos did not have the courage to take part in the fight. When Jean-Claud hired mercenaries for doing the job, this were discovered by Jedi and killed the same day.

Falling in some kind of desperation, Jean-Claud and Carlotta hired four agents to set a trap for Medici and secretly kill him. This plan was also thwarted, and after that, Jean-Claud only opted to invite Medici for a dinner at his chez. Having poisoned the food for Leonardo, Jean-Claud murdered the President, and had his dead body launched to the sea.

After the apparent "dismissal" of Leonardo de' Medici, the Pazzi managed to get Emilio Barbarigo on the position of President of the Rothwidge Planetary Bank. Emilio, however, was merely a pawn following the Pazzi's decision.

This diabolical moves, however, did not remain unpunished for a long time, as they were discovered by another powerful man, Duke Vandrazio Black. After the Pazzi were proved to be the murderers of the Medici, Barbarigo became almost a single-handedly succesful governor… but not for a very long time.

The period of Barbarigo as President of the Rothai Bank, as well as his conspiracy to crave power along Francesco Salviati and the war against Vieri de' Pazzi will be the starting point of my next report.

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