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Tal Prine was the second in command of the White Star Pirates. He began his life as a young Jedi, but he left the Jedi Order at age 26. After that, he struggled to live a normal life, but his strong connection to the Force made that nearly impossible. When Orion Forte came to Corellia to look for pirates, Tal Prine joined him and left his homeworld. Tal Prine and Orion Forte continued through the galaxy, mostly the Outer Rim, looking for pirates to join the organization. When Orion decided that he wanted battle droids in his army, Tal Prine was the one to arrange for them to be built. Tal became a skilled lightsaber duelist during his time with the Jedi Order, but Orion could have easily beaten him. This was mainly what kept Tal from just turning to Orion and killing him and taking control of the White Star Pirates. When Orion finally decided to start his invasion of the world, Tal was the one to come up with the plan. Tal Prine died during the First Battle of Ris'danon along with most of the other pirates.


Dak Jesser: True Enemy

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