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TX-29: “Mistress, Republic ships have emerged from hyperspace, I have counted 14 cruisers, they are moving to engage.
Jane Zarkan: “Grand Admiral, ready all guns, sound action stations, bring all ships to combat footing, I'll be right there!
―TX-29 and Jane Zarkan, at the outbreak of the Second Battle of Earth

TX-29 was President Jane Zarkan's personal T-series tactical droid assistant and advisor, given to her after the signing of the Confederate-Earth Treaty of Alliance.

His first battle was the First Battle of Earth, in which he advised Jane on naval combat tactics and whilst some landing ships managed to get past the Confederate-Separatist defence fleet, his advice meant the Confederate States Navy was an extremely deadly combat force, destroying numerous Republic ships, and stifling reinforcements for the Republic Army units which had managed to get past the Confederate-Separatist fleet and land on the planet, so few landing ships managed to get past that the Republic Army was only able to fight for 3 days before the Republic tried to evacuate them, the evacuation fleet tried to break though, but was unable, the Republic soldiers were forced to surrender.

After the decisive Separatist victory in the First Battle of Earth, Jane personally decorated TX-29 for the advice he gave her. TX-29 was also made the Grand Admiral of the C.S.E Navy, the supreme commander of the navy, he was also made captain of Jane's flagship, Velociraptor.

Over a year later, he engaged the Republic Navy once more during the Second Battle of Earth, when Velociraptor was crippled, Jane Zarkan gave the order to abandon ship, she transferred her flag to the Lucrehulk-class battleship Independence, which became her new flagship, as TX-29 had advised her in the first battle, his tactical advice in this one proved critical, as the Republic was trying to destroy Independence. With TX-29's advice, the Confederate fleet once again destroyed the Republic fleet, the Second Battle of Earth was a Separatist victory. TX-29 was once again commended.

He was destroyed one year later, when Earth was invaded by the Empire during the Third Battle of Earth, when the Imperial Navy fleet pounded Independence, the ship exploded, destroying him, his mistress, and Jane's personal bodyguard Unit 46.

TX-29: “I am sorry, mistress, I have failed you.
Jane Zarkan: “Don't worry about it, Grand Admiral, I know you did the best you could, at least we die for freedom, and for the Separatist cause!
―TX-29 and Jane Zarkan, moments before their ship, the Independence, explodes, killing them both

Characteristics and PersonalityEdit

The Republic ships are doing exactly what I thought they would! Ha! Ha! Ha!
—TX-29, pleased that the Republic Navy's tactics are exactly as he thought they would be
TX-29 was a genius in naval tactics, being able to counter most of the Republic's naval tactics, causing Separatist victories in both the First and Second battles of Earth, due to his knowledge of tactics the Republic was unable to mount a large-scale break-through of the CIS/CSN defence fleet, therefore being unable to land sufficient numbers of soldiers to win the ground battle of Earth, also preventing the Republic from landing supplies and reinforcements to the clones who had managed to make it to the ground.

Due to his knowledge of naval tactics, he was pleased when the Republic Navy used the tactics he had expected them to use, and he enjoyed countering them, he was also pleased of his commendations by his mistress, and was proud at being the commander-in-chief of the Confederate States Navy.

He was conscious about failure, when he realised he had lost the battle over Earth against the Imperial Navy during the Third Battle of Earth, he apologised to Jane Zarkan, considering himself a failure, Jane told him not to worry about his defeat, for she knew he had done the best he could, moments later the Independence exploded, killing them both.

Unlike most T-series droids and their commanders TX-29 and Jane Zarkan developed a bond of friendship, unlike most Separatist commanders Jane Zarkan was actually concerned for the droids under her command, in particularly those who served as some of the commanders of her military.