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"The Empire stands for peace and justice above all else. Long live it, and may the Emperor reign for a lifetime." - TK-117.

TK-117 was a human male Imperial Scout Trooper. He served from 5 BBY to 5 ABY. He was the third and last commander of the 71st Mobile Reconaissance Unit. He was known throughout the Stormtrooper Corps as one of the best snipers in the Galactic Empire and as a top-of-the-line soldier. 117 also went by the false name Kyle Grandon during an undercover mission on Coruscant and when he briefly left the Empire before returning.

TK-117 was born on Coruscant in 23 BBY to a mother and a father. His true name was forgotten as a result of disciplinary Imperial training and an Ensign that deleted 1,000 too many Stormtrooper Corps records. The Scout Trooper fought in many battles during the Galactic Civil War, including the three most major ones. In these battles, 117 fought alongside his squadmates in the 71st Unit. 

He was on the second Death Star when the Emperor arrived in 4 ABY, and was later stationed on the forest moon of Endor. He survived the battle, later fighting at Jakku in 5 ABY. The Scout officially retired as a soldier that same year, along with his remaining teammates, after escaping Jakku. After this, the former trooper retired to his homeworld, Coruscant.  

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

A human male born during the final years of the Galactic Republic, TK-117 was born on the planet of Coruscant twenty–three years before the Battle of Yavin. He lived with his two parents in a luxury apartment complex. He was around four years old the day the Empire was created. Life was very easy on him, as he had rich parents. When he was just a year old, in 22 BBY, 117's mother bumped into Republic officers Orion Calway and Rathium Perox while walking home. The three had a conversation while 117's mother held the child. This was about two months after the Battle of Geonosis.  

In 19 BBY, the Galactic Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire, and the boy who would become 117 was watching the live HoloNet broadcast of self-proclaimed Emperor Palpatine delivering his famous "Proclamation of the New Order" speech to the Galactic Senate. Because of his wealth, he attended the prestigious Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant. While his peers enjoyed talking about the latest holo-sports matches, 117 took an interest in mechanics and tech, such as  

TK-117 was born and raised in the Republic's capital.

blasters and vehicles. As a result of this, he was often treated as an outcast, and someone who would be stuck working at a run-down job the rest of his life. 117's father was absent for most of his childhood and teenage years, with him leaving 117's mother almost every night to head out to yet another shady club run by yet another seedy and underground crime-lord. Some of these nights, 117's mother would lecture him on the dangers of becoming "someone like your father" as she would put it. 117's father's dealings and businesses were well-known to the Imperial Academy 117 was attending, thus causing most instructors there to keep a more watchful eye on the future soldier.

117 eventually broke down one day in 10 BBY. A classmate in his Imperial Culture class began picking on him about his about his father and how 117 would turn out exactly the same. It escalated to be physical when TK-117 punched this classmate in the face. This was the last straw for the Academy's administrative board. He was pulled out of the Academy for "highly undisciplined and unacceptable behavior" as the letter put it. 

Death in the family Edit

Tragedy struck the future Scout Trooper in 9 BBY, when a Rebellion mission to steal Imperial technology was carried out at his mother's workplace, a factory that built blasters and other technology for Stormtroopers all across the galaxy. The Rebels hijacked a transport vehicle, loaded with E-11s and Stormtrooper armor. They subsequently put on the armor, and grabbed the weapons. This resulted in the killing of half of the factory's staff, and the Rebels successfully stealing the equipment. At some point after his mother's death, 2 men came to 117's apartment, informing him that his mother was on the list of casualties. Palpatine was seen as an inspiration to him, and as a symbol of hope, especially after his mother died. When he was 15, he earned himself a job in Coruscant's industrial district, repairing speeders and other ships for a decent amount of credits. To him, though, this job was just a placeholder profession until he could join the Empire.  

Joining the Empire Edit

When he was 18, he filled out a form for Imperial training. He had received a letter from the ISB's Academy Screening Office and he was eventually accepted into the Imperial Academy.Like many others at the Royal Imperial Academy, 117 had taken an engineering class. This was where he had learned to work on ships and repair them, as well as being able to know the inner-workings of blaster rifles and pistols. While training, he also received basic flight training for TIE Fighters. He trained rigorously on Coruscant for five years, before he was deemed fit to be a Scout Trooper, and was placed for duty on a Star Destroyer.

Placement into the 71st Edit

117 was stationed on the Imperial Star Destroyer Sentinel, a capital ship under the command of Admiral Stryker Perox. His first deployment was to the planet of Sullust, where an insurgence of Rebels was discovered. During this mission, he had managed to kill 12 of the 15 Rebel units, resulting in his placement into the 71st Unit just over a week later. At some point during this insurgence, he was guarding a group of imprisoned Rebels when one of them spat on his armor, and proceeded to insult him and the Empire. He became fast friends with the team's co-commander, TB-497. They both shared interests, such as blaster mechanics and ship design. The team's leader, TBR-226, wasn't particularly fond of either of them, but 226 always seemed to not like anyone.

Galactic Civil War Edit

Post-Battle of Scarif Edit

In the hours after the decisive Battle of Scarif, 117 was aboard the Sentinel when the Star Destroyer, along with many others, were above Scarif grabbing prisoners from numerous Rebel ships, such as the Profundity, where crewman Lansor Onn was taken from and put onto the Sentinel.

Battle of Tatooine Edit

117 was on the Sentinel around three standard hours prior to the Battle of Tatooine. He had woken up at a very early hour in the morning, as it was rations hour. He bumped into 497 just after eating his rations. He then walked back to his quarters and slept for around two more hours. He was awoken by the intercom system of the Destroyer, with the announcer hailing him to Admiral Perox's office. 117 had an irrational fear of Perox, yet he couldn't even tell himself why. 117 headed down to Perox's office.

Perox was seated in his office, impatiently awaiting the arrival of 117. As 117 arrived, Perox scolded him for his being late. He quickly apologized and took a seat. He was informed of TBR-226's broken leg, thanks to a catwalk not being up-to-par. He was promoted to the position of temporary commander, while 226 recovered. 117 was heading back to his quarters, when a second call requesting the entire unit, was put over the intercom. 117 dreaded the thought of having to meet with Perox again. The unit of six troopers formed inside the office, with Perox informing them of a possible Rebel presence on Tatooine. The unit, being one of scouting, was to be sent down first, to check out the area. 117 and the others went into a storage area, where they would find their equipment. He picked up a rifle, a Jump Pack, a Personal Shield, and a Pulse Cannon. They were then led out to the Sentinel's main hangar, where an Imperial Officer did roll call, and subsequently led them to the shuttle.

117 took his time on board the shuttle, in between leaving the Star Destroyer and arriving at Tatooine, to think about the battle ahead. 117 was seen as a strong, brave trooper, but the reality was that he feared not death itself, but dying and being forgotten about, with not even a word to his family. The thought of being left behind and completely forgotten was terrifying to him. 

After this, he decided to split the squad up, and he and TB-497 had gone up to a hill. He had his sniper rifle active, and when he saw KE-111 being attacked, he set his sights on Hekter Stag, a human Rebel working alongside a Rodian. With the Rodian surviving, the Battle of Tatooine began. 117 attacked a few more Rebel units before witnessing 497 nearly being killed by a hidden Rebel squad. He had discovered an item he had picked up on the Sentinel was actually a shield, similar to the Droidekas of the Clone Wars of years past. He continued to fight in the battle, killing a few more Rebels before witnessing Chimera Four, an AT-AT, was destroyed. Upon witnessing the destruction of the Imperial walker, 117 was sent into a rage, ranting about how he would kill every last Rebel in the galaxy. 497 had a short talk with him, before they regrouped with the rest of the 71st Unit. 

117 and the rest of his unit had rested on some rocks and stones after the battle. While resting, 117 was called over by a Sandtrooper standing behind him. This trooper, named TK-819, promptly informed him of the escaped Rebel forces moving to Jabba the Hutt's palace. This information was revealed to the Empire by an Imperial spy operating in the palace that discovered Rebel presence a few days before. 819 gave 117 his plan, and they returned to the Star Destroyer.

Return to the Sentinel Edit

After coming back to their base, the 71st Unit took time to clean their armor while in their quarters, except 117. The Scout Trooper was ordered by a cadet to Admiral Perox's office. While in his office, Perox informed 117 about the consequences if he failed again. 117 stepped out of Perox's office, and found TK-819 there. 819 had reported his plan to infiltrate Jabba the Hutt's palace, but before they could fight the Rebels, they had to evacuate the palace. The 71st Unit, as well as TK-819's unit, the 29th Battle Legion, boarded a shuttle and headed back to the desert planet.

Skirmish at Jabba's Palace Edit

The two Imperial miltary units converged at Jabba's palace, but before entering, 117 had tried to speak to the eye-droid guarding the palace. It wouldn't let him in. He pulled out his blaster, threatening to shoot it. After it let them in, the troopers came across Bib Fortuna. 117 considered trying to speak to him, but his Huttese was botched. 117's best friend, TB-497, bribed Fortuna, and the Twi'lek promptly let them in. 117 convinced Jabba, after a conversation with him, to evacuate the palace in search of Rebels. 117 oversaw it to make sure that every palace patron got out. While watching the last alien board a shuttle, 117 was thinking about his past. 497 led him back to the palace, and they began the hunt for Rebel soldiers. After hearing a blaster shot in the distance inside of the palace, the two Stormtrooper teams headed to the location that it was heard at. In the room, they found a cargo lift and the body of a dead Stormtrooper. At
Zanns palace

117 and the rest of his unit converge with another team to stop a Rebel operation.

this point, one Rebel revealed herself. This soldier was killed almost immediately. Then, a second Rebel trooper revealed himself as well. However, despite 117's attempts to shoot him, he escaped. The Imperials let him get away and heard the palace's doors opening. 117 commanded his troops to get ready. At this point, Jabba's translator droid K-4T1, who was left behind, came out from a doorway. He was blown to pieces by Rebels, and the battle began.

117 ran off into a room. There, two Rebels were entering. 117 took cover, and waited. The two enemy soldiers entered the room, and they attempted to shoot 117 after 117 shot at them. However, the Scout Trooper lost his blaster pistol when one of the Rebels shot 117 in the shoulder, causing the Imperial to drop his blaster. He was almost killed, before being saved by MC-228. 117 continued to fight, and when he found TK-1225 about to be killed, he saved him from a Rebel that was trying to drop 1225 into the Rancor pit. 117 commanded 1225 to play dead, so as not to attract attention. By this point, the Rebels had almost reached their extraction zone. While the Rebels continued to push, 117 came across a Rodian soldier in another hallway. 117 went to the alien, trying to punch him, and the two got into a fistfight, before 117 landed a knock-out blow, making the alien unconscious. 117 continued to fight, and was startled when 497 tapped him on the shoulder. By then, the Rebels had escaped with their cargo and had lifted off. All of the remaining troopers went outside and waited for a shuttle to pick them up.

Post-battle downtime Edit

117 had once again been called down to his commanding officer's office, and when he entered, Perox simply had a blank stare on his face. 117 sat down, asking Perox what the problem was. Perox simply told him to get out. 117 complied, and headed back to his quarters. Soon after exiting Perox's office, 117 made his way to the shooting range, finding his friend, TB-49, practicing target-shooting with a blaster rifle. As 497 was being attacked by the holographic images, 117 turned them off, and the two went to sit on a bench, and conversed for a minute before 497 asked 117 to fix his blaster. 117 quickly repaired it, and 497 revealed that he was just testing the Scout to see if he had the same skill he had weeks ago. 117 replied saying that he's "still got it".

Liberation of Bespin Edit

Soon after going back to his quarters after talking with 497, 117 was resting in his bed, reading a HoloNet report on a datapad, about how Emperor Palpatine planned to dissolve the Senate. However, shortly after reading the headline, he got a comlink call, informing him to report to the bridge. Reporting to the Sentinel's bridge with the rest of his teammates, 117 was informed by Admiral Perox of their next mission: capturing Rebel forces on Bespin. When the talk was done, General Hedan set the course for lightspeed for the Destroyer. 117 felt lightheaded when this happened, but stayed on his feet, unlike his comrade, JC-1337.

While the Destroyer was in hyperspace, KE-111 had attempted to steal the seat of a tech sitting at his desk. The two nearly engaged in hand-to-hand combat, but 117 had commanded 111 to stop fighting and leave the tech alone. After this, Perox complimented 117 on his commanding. This surprised the Scout, as the Admiral never did that before.

The Sentinel was removed from hyperspace, and the planet of Bespin was occupied by Imperial forces. 117 was put on guard duty, along with 1337, while Admiral Perox made negotiations with Baron Administrator Dominic Raynor. After the talks were done, 117, as the commander of the 71st Unit, was informed of Perox's plan to stop the Rebels from winning, unlike the Battle of Tatooine shortly before. Afterwards, 117

Bespin skyscrapers

The area of Bespin where the battle occurred.

and 497 were standing guard inside of a building, when a Rebel attempted to infiltrate it. 117 shot the Rebel, and just when the two thought the danger was over, the entrance was opened by a Rebel, and a grenade was thrown. 497 tackled 117, and they both got out of the building, while enemy forces began to occupy the structure.

117 and 497 remained outside of the building while more and more Rebel forces began to enter the structure. 117 called for reinforcements, and almost immediately after he said that, and Imperial shuttle had landed. Becoming suspicious, 117 pulled out his Pulse Cannon, looking through the scope. There, he could see that the Imperial vehicle had been hijacked by two Rebels, one of which 117 could have sworn he saw during the Battle of Tatooine.

Some reinforcements came to help the two soon after this, and with about 12 more troopers arriving for help, they decided to storm the building that the Rebels were in, since now they had some help. After getting all of the Rebels out, they tried to stop the Tibanna generator from detonating. However, this failed, and it exploded, with 117 and 497 getting out, and a few of the reinforcements dying.The two, a few minutes later, were scouting the city, when they received a comm call from the Captain of the newly arrived Star Destroyer Vengeance, Theon Vranett, where he requested to stand by for more reinforcements.

After waiting for reinforcements for some time, the two saw multiple X-Wings in the sky. 117 turned around, and saw the X-Wings destroy one of the reinforcement shuttles, where one of the shuttle wings hit the ground, nearly killing 117. After this, trooper and squadmate KE-111, along with MC-228, had found 117 and 497. After this, more and more Rebels came out of their hiding spots, officially beginning the battle. 117 had received a comm call from Captain Skallon of the Sentinel to rendezvous at another building, where the final generator was to be destroyed. The efforts to stop the Rebels failed, however, and the 71st Unit was running to stop the Rebel ships from escaping. This only partially failed, as the Sentinel had pulled one of the two ships into its tractor beams. The other one had escaped.

The 71st Unit had returned once again to the Sentinel, and Admiral Perox had greeted them all. 117 expected Perox to scold him for losing the Rebel ship, but to his surprise, the officer had actually congratulated 117, going so far to shake his hand. A few minutes after this, 117 was in his quarters, reading a HoloNet News article about how Jedha City was destroyed in a mining accident.

The Death Star Edit

The Sentinel had begun to head for the Imperial superweapon, the Death Star, and the GR-75 transport that was captured by the ship was to be escorted to the battle station, alongside two shuttles, one of which was carrying the 71st Unit's members. 117 had exited the shuttle, and turned around, noticing the Sentinel leaving. He was stumped, but soon met Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, who had come to greet 117 in the hangar. After this, Motti had decided that he was going to split members of the 71st Unit into different groups. 117 and 497 had been paired up, and were going to escort some generators that were being placed into the sector. The two troopers had made their way into the power sector, and 497 began to look out of a wide viewport, commenting that you don't get a view like that everyday. A minute later, the two were commanded by a Navy Trooper to move some generators.

After a while of doing this, the two were informed by another Navy Trooper that the Rebels had escaped their GR-75, and that they needed all of the help they could get to stop them. 117 and 497 got ready for battle. As the two rushed down a corridor, grabbing weapons, a couple of Rebels attempted to kill them, but 117's TL-50 blasted them away quickly. Moments later, a call came over the Death Star intercom that informed 117 and 497 that the battle station was approaching Yavin.

Battle of Yavin Edit

After wiping out a couple of more Rebel soldiers, 117 had opened his comlink to his teammate, 1337. 1337 informed the Scout that he, 1225, and 111 were under attack. 117 and 497 rushed to their help, wiping out the Rebel soldiers that were attacking the trio. Soon, the six of them were speeding down the corridors as a team. After running into an officer who informed them that they should take defensive positions. 117 saw this as an opportunity to use a nearby turbolaser. Climbing into the mechanical weapon, the Scout fired on


117 operates a turbolaser during the Battle of Yavin.

two passing X-Wings, but missed both. However, a Y-Wing that was straggling behind the rest of Gold Squadron managed to get hit and blow up thanks to 117's shooting. The Scout climbed out of the turbolaser promptly afterwards.

The Scout, after removing himself from the weapon, regrouped with his fellow troopers. After 117 complained about how the whole station was in disarray, 497 informed him that nothing could destroy it. This made 117 come to a realization, and he abandoned his squadmates, running toward a room.

The Scout entered the Data Archive designated C23, and promptly looked through a few shelves of holoprojectors and datatapes. He discovered the one he wanted, and opened it, listening to a classified report on the then-recent Battle of Scarif. Seconds after the holovid had finished, an officer had entered the room, suspecting someone was down there. 117 hid before the officer left, giving the Scout time to leave as well.

117 had once again regrouped with his friends, and he was informed by 497 that the station was under heavy attack. This gave 117 the idea to escape, and the six did, heading to a hangar and dividing each group of 3 into two abandoned TIE Fighters, with 117, 497, and 1337 in one, and 228, 111, and 1225 in the other. The two TIEs took off, hoping to escape the potential destruction of the Death Star.

Just moments after flying out of the hangar, the Death Star exploded. 117's TIE, not facing the explosion, thought that it was Yavin being destroyed, and tried to call in to the station to congratulate them and inform them that he was coming back. But, there was nothing but static and debris rattled the TIE. He also tried calling the second TIE, but barely anything came through. After that, he managed to contact an ISB black site located on Geonosis. The black site said they would let 117 land there. After turning off the comm, 117's teammate JC-1337 said to the other two about how the ISB would just shoot them. 117 denied this, and continued towards the asteroid-belted planet.

Crash-landing on Geonosis Edit

Around one day later, the TIE arrived at Geonosis, and had to navigate it's way through the asteroid fields, but 117 failed, however, and the Imperial ship spun out of control, hurtling towards the planet. After mere minutes of being unconscious, 117 woke up inside the crashed TIE, his two teammates still out cold. The Scout managed to kick open the cockpit and escaped. At first, he believed that 1337 and 497 were dead, and attempted suicide before being interrupted by 1337. Soon after this, 497 also woke up and 117 had tried to contact the Sentinel. After this failed, 117 came to a realization that the abandoned battle droid factories would hold the parts that the broken comlink needed. The Scout headed off to there.

After arriving there, 117 took out his armor's flashlight and looked around for what he needed, eventually pulling a super battle droid, the droid with the part he needed, out of a rubble pile and pulling it back to the makeshift camp the three had set up for about the next two hours. By the time that the Scout Trooper had made it back, it was already night time. After 497, with his technical prowess, fixed the comm, they contacted the Sentinel, and the Destroyer sent a rescue shuttle to Geonosis' surface.

After arriving back at the Sentinel's main hangar bay, Admiral Stryker Perox had met with 117, stating how relieved he was to see 117 and the other two.

Celebrating on Takodana Edit

After being rescued by the Empire, the entire 71st Mobile Reconnaissance Unit, now regrouped, had gone to the forest planet of Takodana to have a drink and celebrate. After a while of being there, 117 remarked that he was glad for no fighting, politics, or war, and that the galaxy needed more happy people.

Outbreak on Dandoran Edit

Three weeks after the Battle of Yavin, the Sentinel intercepted a distress signal sent out by Grivant Borun, Chief Scientist of the Dandoran facility, after an outbreak of undead or "zombie" troopers occurred. 117, and the rest of his unit were called to the main bridge of the Star Destroyer to meet with Admiral Perox. It was recommended by Perox that the unit train before heading down to Dandoran. The unit did, and 117 practiced shooting holographic targets, while also talking with JC-1337 about how TBR-226 would heal soon and would be back as the leader of the unit. 117 expressed his distaste for 226 at this moment.

About 30 minutes later, the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader arrived on the Sentinel to discuss the Dandoran crisis with Admiral Perox. 117, along with many other officers and troopers, were lined up in proper formation in the hangar to greet Vader's arrival. After Perox's conversation with Vader, the Dark Lord left and the 71st Mobile Reconnaissance Unit formed in the hangar, where Perox informed them that none of them may come back from Dandoran alive. The unit was left unfazed, and the 6 troopers took off in a shuttle, which was commandeered by 117 himself. The ship jumped into hyperspace at some point between leaving the Sentinel and jumping out of hyperspace. The unit landed the ship at a landing platform in front of the main doors of the Dandoran facility and 117, along with the rest of the team, prepared their weapons, with 117 grabbing a blaster pistol. The Scout led his unit down the walkway that led to the main doors of the facility, and 117 knocked, albeit with no answer. However, seconds later, he found an alternate entry way around the side of the building.

After the team entered the building, they initially saw nothing wrong with it, other than the lights that were out in the main area of the facility. However, 117 shined his flashlight onto a group of dead scientists' bodies, and the entire unit was shocked to see this. After this, the 6 continued through the facility, coming upon a large room with rectangular computer consoles, with more dead scientists. At this moment, 117 decided to have the team split up into groups of 3, and the two teams continued through different sectors.

117, 497, and 1337 entered a small room where they had found an alive scientist crouched in the corner. When 117 tried to reach out for him, the man swung at the Scout, telling him to get away. The team of three continued into the next room over, which was a mess hall. As the three were checking around the room, a noise was heard coming from the kitchen of the mess hall. 117 went to investigate. As he walked in, he turned the lights on and encountered an undead trooper. After telling it to stand down, 117 shot it, killing the undead trooper. His two present squadmates ran in the room.

A short while later, 117 stumbled upon the doorway to the Infection Ward of the facility. After reading a sign that said he had to have a proper uniform, (to stay healthy, and not get infected) the Scout walked into the next room to the left to acquire one, and 497 and 1337 entered the area as well, before 1337 ran off into the Infection Ward, believing his armor would protect him. A few minutes after this, one of the undead troopers had locked 1337 in the Infection Ward, and 117 and 497 walked out to see what was happening, encountering this undead trooper. The Scout decided to shoot it in the face, but this didn't work, only blasting away a part of its head. At this moment, the two Imperial troopers heard the sound of three more undead troopers making their way towards the duo, and the two ran out of the locker area, heading into the decontamination chambers.

After the two had exited the chambers and entered another corridor, they were being chased by a huge swarm of undead troopers, and a short while later, they had encountered 111, 1225, and 228 dealing with some undeads on their own. 497 and 117 decided to help out, and the 5 fired on the undeads pouring out of a room. After this, the 5 pulled back from the undeads, and headed to a corridor, hoping to find some sort of computer system that would unlock the main entrance. There, 497 found a security room, where he unlocked the main doors, and they all, including the recently-returned JC-1337, made their way for the exit, while also outrunning a swarm of around 100 undead troopers.

As the unit continued to run, 497 was tackled by an undead, and 117, plus a few others, helped him up, as the Shock Trooper had a sprained ankle. After this, the team made their way to a turbolift, where they made their way to the entrance, which was now closing down thanks to an undead trooper. At this point, MC-228 stopped firing on the undeads, and told the others to leave him behind. 117 objected to this decision, but continued to help 497 out anyway. The team had made it out just as the entrance doors had closed, and 228 had saved them from the undeads, while also eradicating them with a single thermal imploder.

Mourning a loss Edit

Soon after returning to the Sentinel, 117 retreated to his quarters and sat there in silence for a while, before Admiral Perox arrived there, and delivered a datapad containing the fallen Stormtrooper's file within the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps records, asking the Scout Trooper to not reveal the information to anyone outside his own unit. 117 complied, and read the file, learning about 228's past and why he joined the Empire. 117 read it for a second time, and posthumously thanked 228 for his sacrifice.

Assassination of Alzir Ronarod Edit

About two standard weeks later, 117 and 497 were stationed on the industrial Core World of Ganthel, where Admiral Perox was making a deal with Ganthel's Industrial Production Office to add more TIE squadrons to the Sentinel's Navy armament. The two troopers were posted as guards outside of the building, where, after a few minutes, Perox walked out, commanding 117 and 497 to follow him back to the shuttle. The two complied, and returned to the Sentinel. However, just as the three stepped onto the Star Destroyer's hangar floor, General Hedan informed them that, in the wake of Ambassador Alzir Ronarod, a special summit on Coruscant was taking place in the Naval Intelligence Agency headquarters, and that all attending officers had to take Stormtrooper squads as bodyguards. This led to Perox taking the entire 71st Mobile Reconnaissance Unit with him to the city planet, where they gathered with numerous other officers to hold the meeting with Admiral Terrinald Screed presiding over them. By the end of the summit, 117 and his team had been commissioned by Perox and Screed to go undercover in the Coruscant underworld and find Ronarod's assailant. A few minutes later, this led 117 and 497, who were trying to find outfits to where, to an alleyway where they came across a spice dealer attempting to sell the narcotic to a citizen. 117 and 497 knocked both of them out, planning to take their outfits.

Soon after, the unit returned and 117 had put on the stolen outfit and created a false name and identity: Kyle Grandon, mercenary for hire. The team had also entered separate turbolifts surrounding the area of Coruscant's level 2141. After arriving at the level, 117 and 497 split up, with 117 heading towards an alleyway. 117, while heading toward an open bar, noticed two men, one of which was wearing a Rebel Alliance Intelligence jacket, were talking to each other. 117 bought a drink and listened in, hearing about a man named Kintar who assassinated "the Ambassador". 117 approached the two and told the pair that he was a mercenary for hire. The Rebel Intelligence officer almost immediately "recruited" him into the Alliance, and they headed off to a nearby Rebel safehouse. When arriving at the house, they almost immediately left, heading to pick up Kintar at another Rebel safehouse, which 117 informed 1225 and 1337 to guard in order to hold the Rebels back. After this, 117 and the Intel officer made it to the house about 1 hour later. The Intel officer attempted to grab at his blaster to shoot the troopers, but 1225 twisted the man's wrist, and swiftly killed him on the basis that he knew too much, as moments earlier 117 accidentally revealed himself as an undercover trooper. After this incident, 117 headed into the safehouse himself, eventually hearing on the floor above him a conversation between two people. One was Kintar, so 117 called 1225 and 1337, who were in the building in a matter of minutes. The trio headed to a turbolift, when Kintar and a second Rebel stepped out. Kintar stunned 1225 and 1337, but 117 tried to get Kintar, who escaped into another room. The other Rebel tried killing 117, but the Scout managed to gun him down.

At this point, Kintar had called in the dozens of other Rebels hidden at the safehouse, and called for them to attack 117. Eventually, after fighting off several Rebels, one of them tackled 117, sending them both flying out of a boarded up window. After 117 had taken a physical beating from the Rebel, and one of his Stormtrooper teammates had saved him. The trio of Imperials began to fight off countless more Rebels, and eventually called 497 and 111 in for assistance. When all Rebels were down, Kintar was the only one left standing, and 117 raised his blaster before realizing that the man had been shot in the back by a fellow Rebel in all the chaos. After this, the team headed back to Coruscant's upper level, and returned to the NIA headquarters, where they got their armor back. It was here that 117 learned via Admiral Perox that he had been demoted back to second-in-command, as TBR-226 had returned to the unit after almost 3 months of recovery.

Battle of Jagomir Edit

One month and one week after the Ronarod incident, 117 and the rest of the 71st Unit, which now included TBR-226, were deployed to the planet of Jagomir, where a Rebel base made out of stolen pre-fabricated Imperial buildings had been discovered. The team was deployed via a Gozanti-class cruiser, along with another unit. 117 was specifically instructed by 226 to stay on top of a hill and snipe Rebel soldiers. After a quick rundown of the battle strategy, the soldiers moved out, and 117 headed to the hill as instructed. When he put his eye up to the sight, he set his target on a group of Rebels, specifically a male Wiseauan. He promptly killed the Rebel, which alerted the others to Imperial presence. However, 117's fellow teammates managed to eliminate the enemies before they had a chance to alert the commanders at the base. Almost immediately after this, 117 was contacted by 226 via comlink to head closer to the main base area, and 117 complied, speeding down the hill with an SE-14c in hand. As he reached the main battlegrounds, 117, surrounded by fire, took cover via boxes scattered about the base. Unfortunately, more Rebel soldiers began to pin him down. However, right as he was about to be killed, the new commander of the unit, 226 managed to save him. Once the initial battle was over at Resolute Base, 117 watched as 226 returned to the Sentinel with a datacard found in the outpost's main computer modules. After the smoke cleared, increasing numbers of Stormtroopers came down to guard and take back buildings that were once theirs. 117 and 497 both guarded the same communications facility, and they had a conversation about the supposed datacard that was recovered, with 117 saying that rumor had it that the Rebels were making their own space station. 497 laughed this off as the prefabricated buildings around Jagomir were lifted into Imperial airspace and taken back for good. 117 and the rest of the unit also returned to the Sentinel.

Skirmish on Derricon Edit

Intercepting weapons shipments at Cataalda Edit

Clues to Spire Station Edit

Battle over Inett Edit

Battle of Spire Station Edit

Battle of Kamino Edit

Stranded at sea Edit

Battle of Hoth Edit

Leaving the Empire Edit

In 3 ABY, just after the Battle of Hoth, 117 made one of the biggest decisions of his life: He abandoned the government and organization that had been his home for so long. Though he didn't hate everyone in the Empire, (specifically his squadmates) 117 felt it was something that needed to be done. Soon enough, he started going by his old undercover name Kyle Grandon, ans he was soon recruited into a group of smugglers.

Rejoining Edit

6 months after first leaving the Galactic Empire, in 4 ABY, the Restoration Ultimate was raided by (unknown to 117) the members of the 71st Mobile Reconnaissance Unit, along with second-in-command to the Emperor himself, Darth Vader. As he hid underneath a dilapidated control panel, Vader found 117 and, utilizing the Force, recognized the former Scout Trooper as one he had encountered 4 years back, during the Dandoran crisis. Sensing 117's desire to return to the Empire, Vader did not kill him, and merely let him go back to the Sentinel with his squadmates, ready to fight as a soldier in the machine once again.

The Death Star II Edit

Unbeknownst to 117, (and almost anyone else for that matter) one of the most decisive battles of the Galactic Civil War was gearing up to start. And so, having returned to the Empire and redressed in cleaner, neater Scout Trooper armor, 117 and the rest of the 71st Unit traveled via shuttle to the newly-constructed second Death Star.

Battle of Endor Edit

Operation: Cinder Edit

Battle of Marsosa Edit

Hunt for Iden Versio and Del Meeko Edit

Around 3 months after the Battle of Endor, 117 was assigned to hunt down the Imperial defectors Iden Versio and Del Meeko, who had massacred an entire squad of Stormtroopers on the planet Vardos during the early stages of Operation: Cinder. Unfortunately unsuccessful in the end, 117 would live to see that the duo of defectors had fought during the Battle of Jakku.

Battle of Jakku Edit

The New Republic era Edit

In the aftermath of the Battle of Jakku and the complete dissolution (or so he thought) of the Empire, 117 had one last goodbye with his former Imperial squadmates, with KE-111 becoming a freelance bounty hunter across the galaxy in his ship the Shadowhunter, JC-1337 becoming a ship repairman on Kuat, and finally, his best friend TB-497 remaining within the Galactic Empire, searching desperately for any sign of a resurgence, which he found eventually within the Unknown Regions. 117, however, retired to a simpler life, buying out his parents' old apartment from the days of the Republic and Clone Wars in order to have a decent place to live for the remainder of his time in the galaxy. From that point on, 117 got a regular career and decided it was best that, even if he wildly disagreed with the galactic change, he should just let the New Republic govern as they see fit, no matter how vile or treacherous he found it. And so, TK-117 left behind his old Stormtrooper moniker for a proper name, (presumably Kyle Grandon) though he kept his old battle-worn armor safely kept stored away within the apartment as a relic of the old times he used to experience with the rest of his unit. For the first time in what felt like an eternity, TK-117 was at peace.

Meeting a woman, having a son, and settling down Edit

Two years into his retirement as a Scout, 117, still going by the name of Kyle Grandon, met a woman named Lyra Vespant. The two fell in love, and wed in 9 ABY, and they later had a son that was born a year later, Michael Grandon. As Michael grew up, he chose not to follow his father's "old-fashioned" Imperial beliefs, and instead support the New Republic, going so far as to join the nascent Resistance against the First Order in 29 ABY, much to 117's dismay and disappointment, though no action was (nor could've been) taken by the former Imperial, so he let his son be, still believing in personal freedom.

Personality and traits Edit

TK-117 was a fair-skinned male with dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes. His hair was neatly cut, but still had a bit of a defining style to it. TK-117, being an Imperial trooper, was loyal to the Empire, although he had several problems with it, unlike his comrade TK-1225. He often secretly despised his commanding officer, Stryker Perox, although he did hold some level of respect for him.

He deeply trusted the other members of his team, and cared for all of them, especially TB-497, his best friend. He had sympathy for MC-228, a trooper on his team with a dark past. The Scout Trooper had an interest in technology, and thus took an engineering class at the Academy. He knew most pieces of tech well, and also knew some ships inside and out. 117 was also a considerably good sniper, and was good in most combat positions, long and close-range. 117 was an avid user of the word "kriff", which was considered an expletive in the galaxy.

Appearances Edit

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