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The TIE Aurora was the main fighter of the Varino Imperium, it was a mix of the TIE Defender and the TIE Interceptor, though it lacked the missile weaponry it was meant to maneuver quite well and use its light turbolasers to destroy somewhat larger transports such as the GR-75. Though compared to a larger ship using turbolasers it would not do as much. It looked like a much more slim TIE Interceptor, its turbolasers were mounted on the pylons connecting the wings to the cockpit. It was the earliest of the Varino Imperium's self-designed starfighters and as such had some teething issues. It would also be the only ship produced under the Imperium Fleet Systems before it became Cerci IV Drive Yards


The TIE Aurora was a ship constructed to mirror the performance of a TIE Interceptor and the weaponry of the TIE Defender, so it while being heavily armed was very light and quick. It would have two TIE Interceptor style wings on its sides, which mounted a single Repeating Laser cannon each. On the Pylons connecting the wings to the cockpit were the two light turbolasers, the pylons as such were much larger extending the entirety of the main hull structure, which had a similar appearance to the TIE Advanced x1 though shorter. Its main generator for the weapons was located directly behind the pilot and extended nearly the entirety of the hull's superstructure, most of the power was spent on the turbolasers. It had an average TIE sensor array as well as adding a life-support module. There was also located below the pilot's seat a storage area accessible from below the ship, it would be used to store survival equipment and rations.

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