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Sword of the Jedi: The Fall is a short story by J.J. Cushwex. It serves as a prelude to his upcoming Sword of the Jedi trilogy. It stars Jaden Korr on the moon Iyuur in late 45 ABY. It is the first work published onto the wiki by the author.


In late 45 ABY, Jaden Korr arrives at the moon Iyuur of the planet Oplex. He remembers how he has found the moon and remarks on the planets poor condition.

He is then contacted by a mysterious voice. The voice whisks him away to Beyond Shadows and shows him a vision in the Pool of Knowledge.

Thinking her to be a Sith, Jaden tries to attack her. She easily defeats him and poses an unanswerable question that he bathes in the Pool of Knowledge to understand.


The Jedi Knight Jaden Korr walked through the trash-strewn and heavily crowded streets of the moon Iyuur. It was miserable. Poor beings sat on the side of roads, hoping for someone to pass by and give them a small amount of money, or hoping to rob someone of all their possessions and get off the miserable moon.

Sometimes, when in places like this, Jaden would take comfort that the night sky was the same there as anywhere else. Even that was taken away here, as the sky was eternally dark, the only light coming from street lamps, the small amount of light that reflected from the planet's Atmo-shield, and whatever light was reflected by the uninhabitable parent planet Oplex that dominated the sky. Even worse, the planet never left the sky. The two were tidally locked, always staring and never wavering. Like two dance partners in a twisted celestial dance. 
Jaden would have never visited this planet on purpose, unless of course, to liberate the people that had been wrongfully placed here by the Galactic Habitation Agency after the Yuuzhan Vong War. All the beings that had once lived here were from other worlds that had been devastated during that conflict, and that the government hadn’t cared to try and restore.

No, he knew they were trying to do their best. There was a whole galaxy that needed to be taken cared of. Who cared if a little out of the someone's planet was nearly destroyed, and it's inhabitants could never return home?

Sometimes Jaden wondered why he even bothered. 


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Reception and Awards

The first version was reviewed poorly, criticizing the quickness of Jaden Korr's fall, lack of context and the multiple grammar errors.

The second version was reviewed mostly positive, with much praise directed at the Presence's character and the improvements on the first version. Though, it has been criticized for it's pacing and central conflict.

It was nominated at the Star Wars Fanon Short Story Contest in 2020 By the author, but it failed to win in both categories. It has not been nominated for Featured work status.

Behind the Scenes


This is the author's first work published onto the wiki. It is the works second published form, the first being released April 1rst, while the second version being released May 9th. The initial version was written in two hours on March 31rst. While the second version was written May 8th-9th and edited the same day it was completed. The author used the reviews of the first version to help write the second, and there where many differences. Including the setting of Jaden's temptation, the removing of a scene taking place on the planet Megiddo, and adding more tie-ins to the upcoming novel, Sword of the Jedi Book I: The Fallen.  

The first version clocked in at 1,368 words, while the second version ended at 2,610.  

The idea for the short story arose when the author began to outline the novel, and wanted to explain Jaden's fall to the dark side better than through inner dialogue and flashbacks.