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The Survivor was a Providence-class carrier/destroyer built by Mon Calamari Shipyards. It was created for the Confederacy of Independant Systems, who used it primarily as a battleship rather than for transporting cargo, starfighters or troops. It was, however, used to transport Draft starfighters on several occasions. During its time with the CIS, the Survivor was named P-103.

After the death of Dooku, many individuals, mainly droids collected on the Survivor and around eight other capital ships and left the busier areas of the galaxy to found a new government on the planet Providence. After this event, the Survivor's owner, OOM 33, renamed the ship to its more well known name. The ship was key to many battles, including both the first and second Battles of Providence. During the second battle, The ship served as the main platform for most of the early stages. It was almost captured by Darth Tyler but was saved by Sollas Vikkal, Azz'gabat and Unit 933.

Unit A-10, the leader of the droids' new government owned a flagship called the Assassin, which he had a special configuration for which involved connecting it to the Survivor.

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