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Surun (/'sʊər.ʌn/ SOOR-uhn), from surun meaning "man of sorrow" in the Bunduki language,[4][5] was a mononymous Force-sensitive Human from Bunduki active from the Great Peace of the Republic onward. A Steel Hand of Palawa and Force Warrior, he was best remembered for his mastery of several schools of unarmed combat, including Teräs Käsi, Broken Gate, and the Echani martial art.

A younger scion of one of Bunduki's noble houses,[6] Surun was surrendered to the monastic Followers of Palawa as an infant upon discovery of his latent Force sensitivity. Raised as one of the Followers' Steel Hand warriors,[7] Surun ascended to mastery of the Teräs Käsi martial art upon his formal investment as a Steel Hand at the age of twenty-five standard years. Surun eventually departed his native Bunduki to pursue advanced instruction in other unarmed combat disciplines among varied Force traditions. His subsequent perambulations across the galaxy led him to study various martial arts among the Force Warriors[8] and Jal Shey.[9]

Despite the longstanding animosity between the Followers of Palawa and Jedi Order stretching back to the destruction of Palawa,[9][10] Surun eventually humbled himself and sought instruction from the Order as well. Though too old to merit inclusion into its ranks, Surun received some informal instruction from various Jedi during his time at the Jedi Temple, learning the Broken Gate martial art[11] and the simple lightsaber form Niman[9] in exchange for sharing his knowledge of the Palawa hibernation trance[10] and Teräs Käsi.

Surun was a collector of Forceful relics, assembling a sizable collection of ancient Jedi artifacts and Sith artifacts unearthed from sites across the galaxy. Often coming into conflict with Jedi Shadows sent by the Council of First Knowledge,[9] Surun scoured the galaxy for forbidden artifacts of great power. Of these, his most notable acquisitions were the long-lost Syn Talisman[Wook] and Nico Okarr's Sith artifact, both of which possessed the documented ability to forestall the effects of aging-mediated decay and provide the user with artificial longevity.[12][13] The latter he gifted to his Nightsister ally Sarana, though the former he kept on his person at all times.

Notes and references

  1. Humans from Bunduki in Legends canon have consistently exhibited unique iris pigmentations, with Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi depicting Arden Lyn's eyes as gold and The Clone Wars: The Way of the Warrior portraying Jeter Snahl's as purple. This precedent was followed for this article.
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