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Sun Fac was a male Geonosian from Geonosis. He was born in 48 BBY.


Early life

Sun Fac was one of the few Force-sensitive Geonosians, which made him a great champion in the gladiator arena on Geonosis.

Arena champion

One day he had to fight three acklay. He flew around the first acklay, enraging it. When the acklay was confused, Fac chopped its head, killing it. Then he attacked the second acklay, using his crimson saber, cutting of all of its legs. Fac stabbed the beast in its stomach and used the Force to crush the last one, however he lost his one eye in the battle. Poggle the Lesser was pleased with the warrior's skill and made Fac his bodyguard.

Service in the CIS

Fac tried to escape Geonosis during the Clone Wars but was shot by an RC. Later he remained in a Sith meditation allowing to survive the crash.

Rise of Darth Solus

Decades later, Sun Fac reawakened and was discovered by Lumiya, who trained the Geonosian Dark Jedi in the way of the Sith. Darth Solus was born in the galaxy. He was planning to rebuild the CIS with the help of his newfound Sith powers.

He used a Geonosian Nimbus Fighter as transport.

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