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The Rebellion have always been firm allies with the Sullustan peoples, they plan to usurp the loyal Imperial Government there, or so my spies tell me. Take your new apprentice and deal a blow to the Rebellion.
Palpatine commanding Exar Kun to go to Sullust once aboard the Ravager.

The Sullustan Rebellion Campaign was a major campaign during the Galactic Civil War that took place over and on the planet of Sullust, the main purpose of the conflict was the enhancement of the Rebel Forces located on Sullust however due to the appearance of the 8th Imperial Superiority Fleet under the command of Exar Kun and Moff Adrian Kilran, the battle ends in a victory for the Galactic Empire and they managed to capture Gial Ackbar however weeks later the Mon Calamari would escape from Imperial captivity with help from the Rebels.


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