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Old Republic era

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You are without a doubt the worst smuggler I've ever heard of."
Ah! But you have heard of me.

Darth Nox and Strove

Strove Vangasa (born Prince Sathar Gerthlin), also known as the Strove, was a Force-sensitive male Human/Zeltron hybrid smuggler captain and later Republic privateer and general who lived during the Cold War and the Galactic War. He was also the captain of the Forlorn Hope. Secretly the natural-born son of Light Sith Lord Beren Gerthlin and Zeltron Jedi Knight Sarra Vandoor, Strove was kidnapped by a pirate-gang known as the Marauders as an infant, with the intention of bringing the boy to his father, Lord Beren, as a reward. However, the leader of the Marauders, Vedf'aden'sabosen, who was mostly known throughout the galaxy by his core name Faden, took the boy to the planet of Elrood and instead chose to raise him as his own, while teaching him all about thieving and smuggling. Not knowing the boy's original name, Faden named the boy "Strove Vangasa", after his own mentor who died years ago.



Early life

Birth and royal blood

As the son of a powerful Sith Lord and famous Jedi Knight, Strove's birth was controversial to begin with, not mentioning him being the living, breathing example of perfect balance in the Force; a combination of both the Light side and the Dark side. Furthermore, since he was the direct heir to the pro-human and anti-alien Kingdom of Esleron, his birth became all the more questionable to the kingdom's royal house since he was born a hybrid.

In 3665 BBY, the man who later in life would be known as Strove Vangasa was born to the Sith Lord Beren Gerthlin, a prince from the human supremacist moon of Esleron, and Jedi Knight Sarra Vandoor, a famed and highly skilled Jedi from Zeltros. The moment Sarra became pregnant with Vangasa, it already became clear that they had to hide this secret from both the Republic and Sith Empire, because if the truth were ever to be revealed, it could result in a major political fallout that could possibly break the already fragile peace that was taking place at the time.

Eventually, Beren and Sarra split up. The Jedi Order, who were aware of Beren having abandoned the Sith Order by aligning to the Light side, but were unaware of his relationship to Sarra, agreed to shelter the rogue Sith Lord at the Jedi Temple on Tython. Sarra fled to her home planet of Zeltros where she would give birth to Vangasa at her former childhood residence.

Knowing that the first place the Sith would be looking for was on Esleron and Zeltros, Sarra pleaded for her child to be taken someplace safe. She handed her newborn to her former master, Siff Ittu, who then also took him to the Jedi Temple on Tython, not knowing that Beren had also fled there.

Darth Nox's assault

However, the Sith managed to find out about Sarra and Beren's affair, after Philin Garben, a former friend of theirs, betrayed them to the Dark Council. Afterwards, Darth Marr, Prince Beren's former Sith Master, sent the newly christened Darth Nox, a young Sith Sorcerer, and lord of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge, to Tython to invade the Jedi Temple, kill Prince Beren and Sarra Vandoor, and the child.

Faden's rescue

Living with the Marauders

Meeting Boker Terren

Faden's trainings


The Forlorn Hope


Republic's Most Wanted

A new prize

The Elder Holocron

Voyage to Malachor V
Finding the Holocron
New rival
Wrath of Nox
Empire's Most Wanted

Looking for a buyer

Visions of the past

Meeting Zarra Nova



Wanted by Faden

Next step

Assembling a team

The Jedi

The Scavenger

The Wookie

The Bounty Hunter

The Malfunctioning Assassin droid

Boker's return

The Hunt begins

Mystic findings


Crash landed

Nightsister attack


Unholy ritual


New clues

Finding the Red Fury

Attack of the Red Cartel

Terror Dark


Opening the holocron


Lost heritage

Finding the Rogue Jedi

Discovering Sarra Vandoor

New discoveries


Darth Niyvius' hunt

Into hiding

Skirmish on Nar Shaddaa

The Holocron stolen


First discovery of Force-sensitivity

Death of Niyvius

Gerthlin's killer

Assault of Coruscant

Republic task force


Silent period

Return of Darth Nox



Battle above the Black Hole

Nox's Death

Victory and awards

The freedom chip

Guardians of the Republic

Later years



Personality and traits



Boker Terren

Sarra Vandoor

Zarra Nova

Flite Tathin


Powers and abilities

Melee combat


Hidden force powers

Languages Known

Other abilities

Behind the scenes




Notes and references

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