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The Strikefast was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer of the Galactic Empire.

It was one of the first fifty Imperial II-class Star Destroyers to be produced by Kuat Drive Yards, but unlike its brethren, did not join the Imperial Navy for inconspicuous reasons: it was seized by Imperial Intelligence to act as a covert operations base to root out dissenters in the wake of the newly formed Galactic Empire, just weeks after the ascension of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.


The sixty Borstel ion cannons were replaced with thirty concussion missile tubes, slightly increasing its firepower, but the clustering of the missile tubes into clusters of six tubes onto a single pinpoint target was for a single reason: a knockout punch. The heavy dual ion cannons turrets were expected to haze an enemy's shields, and the focused fury of the half-dozen missile tubes was expected to drain the shields at a single point for just a moment, long enough for turbolasers to briefly stitch the target vessel's hull, or for supporting bombers to launch salvos of proton torpedoes in the brief window provided by the lapsing of the shields.

Operational HistoryEdit

Insurrection on MygeetoEdit


The Strikefast's first assignment was to Mygeeto, where the killing of several dozen clone troopers had percolated the ears of Imperial Intelligence. Just before its first deployment, the 86th Reconnaissance Regiment had been assigned to the Strikefast, and it would soon find immediate usage.

The Strikefast hung over the capital city of the barren, hyperborean world, deploying undercover Imperial Intelligence agents to assist local Imperial agents in the uncovering of the unknown perpetrators. No less than six hours later, a bomb was detonated, killing half of the Strikefast's on-ground intelligence personnel. This prompted a blockade of the capital city by the Strikefast, and the full strength of the 86th Reconnaissance Regiment was sent groundside to hunt down and kill the bombers.


A second bombing occurred in a high-level luxury hotel, killing a fire team of the 86th Regiment that were interrogating hotel officials for any information. Fortunately, an LAAT/i assault gunship (gunship Viktor 86/33) came swiftly to investigate the deaths, and picked up the thermal signature of an outbound airspeeder. Further analysis showed radiologicals: miniature tactical nuclear devices.

Viktor 86/33 radioed the Strikefast its report, and was ordered to discreetly shadow the airspeeder while the Strikefast's sensitive fire-control sensors could acquire the terrorist vehicle and until the LAAT/i could be joined by further reinforcements. When it was joined by five other LAAT/i vehicles and a flight of four ARC-170 fighter-bombers were in cover position overhead, the gunships were ordered to hold a moving perimeter around the airspeeder. Fortunately, the terrorists didn't spot the half-dozen gunships, and the airspeeder docked at the terrorist base, which was situated in the center of a warren of Wookiee habitat and residential modules.


The Strikefast gave final authorization to attack after it was clear that the area was maintained, and the most elite clone commando unit of the 86th Regiment was dispatched: Ansilon Squad. Furthermore, a standard clone trooper squad, Micro Squad, was dispatched into the Wookiee residents to get the civilians out of the fire zone. Things turned for the worse when a terrorist spotted a Micro Squad soldier, and killed him promptly. Ansilon Squad could only advance so slowly to maintain its pretense of stealthiness, but three clone troopers of Micro Squad were killed and five were taken hostage before the last three could escape to the perimeter.

After the loss of stealth had been confirmed, Regimental Command opted for a semi-stealthy tactic to flush out the terrorists and to preserve the lives of the captured Micro Squad troopers. Tango Company, a clone trooper company, was deployed onto the rooftops of the complex, and were armed with heavy weapons. They were to slowly advance onto the terrorist cubicles, giving time for the terrorists to see them and arm themselves against Tango Company. Ansilon Squad would advance from the rear, snag the hostages, and escape as the ARC-170 cover flight destroyed the small base.

Things became problematic when it became apparent that the terrorists were more heavily armed than previously thought, and the 86th Regiment received a transmission from the terrorist leader, who threatened to detonate the tactical nukes if Tango Company didn't hold off. In the midst of the chaos, Ansilon Squad was able to covertly infiltrate terrorist pickets, and get within three cubicles of the Micro Squad hostages.

All hell broke loose when a Tango Company trooper fired in self-defense at an audacious terrorist. The terrorists activated the fire extinguishers, hazing the air to lower firing accuracy, and reiterated their demand to Regimental Command to stay back, lest the clone troopers be beheaded on a general HoloNet frequency for all to see.

Ansilon Squad was commanded to launch an immediate attack. Ansilon Two was heavily wounded in clearing out the first two cubicles from sustained enemy automatic weapons fire, and Ansilon Four was killed when a terrorist E-WEB shredded his chest in half. Nonetheless, even though the other two squad members suffered debilitating wounds, the hostages were successfully recovered, and Viktor 86/33 descended from the rooftop. A series of low-power missile blasts blew apart the floors between the hovering LAAT/i and the hostage cubicle, and then the gunship descended, deploying plasticine ropes to exfiltrate the remnants of Ansilon Squad and the Micro Squad hostages.

Tango Company, however, paid the price for the tenacious terrorist attack. Bogged down in Wookiee environmental modules and suppressed by automated turrets and the extinguisher haze, eleven troopers were killed, and twenty-six injured before they were given the order to retreat. A second clone commando unit, ACE Squad, was deployed to give suppression fire for Tango Company to retreat and to evacuated the wounded. Afterward, the ARC-170 flight demolished the entire complex, even killing hundreds of innocent Wookiees that hadn't been evacuated by Micro Squad before the shootout. The TAC nuclear devices were also destroyed, along with the bulk of the terrorists. Even though it took three more weeks to root out the remnants, the 86th Regiment were able to foil three further bombings during those weeks, and not a single civilian was killed after the shootout in the Wookiee habitation complex.

Tafanda Bay CrisisEdit

The Tafanda Bay was the Ithorian agricultural herd ship in orbit over Ithor. A week after the resolution of the Mygeeto Insurrection, the Imperial transport Star Galleon Diligence developed a hyperdrive failure four light-years from Ithor, and several tugs were dispatched to bring the Diligence to Tafanda Bay for repairs. Aboard the Diligence were 6000 to-be-decommissioned B2 Super Battle Droids from the recently-ended Battle of Rhen Var and also a dozen weaponized virus biological weapon canisters taken from the C.I.S. on Rhen Var.

When the Diligence docked with the Tafanda Bay to expedite repairs, a band of rebels seized its lethal cargo. The company of clone troopers of the local 938th Battalion that were assigned to defend the Star Galleon were overwhelmed by thousands of rebels, who promptly murdered most of the engineers and dockhands, seizing the COM unit of the Star Galleon through which all of the Super Battle Droids were wired, and promptly activated them, and they stormed the city. Further units of the 938th Battalion were called from Ithor's surface to defend against the rampant legion of Super Battle Droids, but since they were transported piecemeal, were outmatched.

The Strikefast, on deep interstellar patrol, was assigned to defend the Tafanda Bay. It was joined by the Acclamator-class Heavy Cruisers Bane and Locust Swarm, and shortly afterward, slew around to meet the Tafanda Bay station. The 86th Regiment was joined by the 118th Special Encounter Regiment and several battalions of the Galactic Marines.

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