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Sorry Vader, but Stefan wants you to live as much as I can stand you, not at all.
Marcus Lai on Stefan killing Darth Vader.

Stefan Thomas, also known as Darth Clavis later by the dark side Force-sensitive community as well as in secret by darksiders loyal to Marcus Lai, was a former Jedi apprentice and betrayed the Jedi to become a Dark Lord during the Rise of the Galactic Empire. Later it is revealed that he was to be the Sith'ari and would become the strongest Darksider in history, becoming one of the greatest threats to the Chosen One and Jedi, as the companion and enforcer of The Fallen as described briefly in the Prophecy of the Dark King.


Pre Star Wars: Rise of the Empire series

Birth and Childhood

Little was known about how Stefan was born however it is known that he wasn't born as an ordinary human was, Stefan was created by an unnamed Darksider's desire to create new life whom didn't exactly follow the scientific ways of Darth Plagueis through the manipulation of midi-chlorians but instead through the assimilation of Dark side force energy to a single point within a pregnant individual, the Sith Sorcery and Alchemy used to create Stefan however cost the Darksider and his force sensitive birth mother their lives - both lives sacrificed to make something new and more powerful.

That wasn't the most worse aspect of his birth however the sacrifice amount depended upon how powerful of a being that the Darksider was trying to create and that in itself was extraordinary, including the body and spirits of his "parents" being used in his birth but also the sacrifice of 196 deceased Sith and Darksider spirits on the world of Korriban which together with the duel energies sacrificed with the parents added up to a worth of a 100 Darksiders, he was born without parents into a Universe where he had intended by his father to be God. Indeed that since birth he had much potential in the Force and this called out to others, Adriana Lai came to Korriban in 31 BBY and found the young youth, she took him to Corellia and gave him to an Orphanage there so that he could become be a potential asset in the future. It was at the Orphanage that he was given the name Stefan Thomas.

Jedi Training and the Clone Wars

Stefan Thomas would eventually be found at the Orphanage by the Jedi and trained in the Jedi Arts, however no matter how hard he tried the impressive potential he had never came to pass as he was useless at the non-physical aspect of the Jedi training practice, he instead quickly became a Master Swordsman while mastering multiple of the forms at once. Stefan managed to almost complete his training by the Clone Wars and he quickly became a prominent member of the Jedi Order, however before long he found himself like all the Jedi forced onto the defensive, he and his master Tial Roxarn fled Coruscant on the eve of Operation Knightfall and the death that befell the Jedi Order.

Rise of the Empire

For the next six years, Stefan and his Master would be hunted across the Galaxy as the coordinated efforts of Darth Letalis and Darth Vader continued to hunt down the remaining Jedi to escape Order 66, Stefan would lose his Master after a botched attempt in the Corellia System when trying to wind up Jedi sympathisers to rebel against the Empire. Stefan's Master, Tial Roxarn, would attempt to ram the Exactors bride and thereby allow his apprentice to escape unharmed. Although Stefan did escape capture, Tial Roxarn and his fighter would be destroyed in the process, doing minimal damage to the Exactors Bridge tower hull.

Stefan would eventually make his way to his homeworld: Korriban, at Korriban Stefan would duel Marcus Lai however due to their Soulmate Bond neither would be capable of harming the other seriously, Stefan would eventually fall into the Darkside and would soon accept Marcus' teachings in the Darkside and Sith arts. The two Secret Sith would head off on a Pilgrimage to other Force sensitive Cultures to learn other aspects of the Force, Stefan would become hardened and wouldn't respect his enemies despite how hard they were to fight or the actions they would take leading to their death, Stefan's loyalties however would from henceforth belong only to Marcus and the groups he belonged to.

Time for a Rebellion

Stefan would return with Marcus shortly after the efforts made by Galen Marek and his Clone: Starkiller, they would be surprised by the fact that the Empire was under siege by the Rebellion, Stefan would assassinate a number of individuals over the next few years and eventually would murder Anakin Skywalker during his redemption when he attempted to kill Marcus.

Rebirth of the Empire series

Ruined Peace

Stefan Thomas would accompany Marcus Lai to the peace celebration at Kuat


Stefan grew up into his teens a loving and joking youth much similar to any stereotypical Hero however he finally had a touch with the Darkside when growing into adulthood when his Master was killed during the hunt for a Darksider prior to the Clone Wars, Stefan after that point gained sarcasm and sardonic additions to his personality where he began mocking allies and enemies alike, however deep down he was a Hell Fire of hurt emotions and rage. Once joining Marcus Lai, his personality seemed to brighten somewhat between the five years time skip of their Pilgrimage, however unlike Marcus he seems to have lost respect for his enemies and doesn't even respect death even if it were a noble one.

Physical Appearance

Booboo2 edit.jpg

Stefan as the Imperial Executor.

Stefan was born with black hair and brown eyes, he was oddly born also with a golden tan which Adriana Lai commented could have been a side effect of such a dark ritual on a crimson world, offering the possibility that the colour of his skin may have been red like the Sith Species should the ritual have been cast by one of neutral Force Sensitivity. Stefan wore the traditional Jedi Robes and boots, he was evidently well muscled due to all the Lightsaber training that he had done and those Force Powers related seemed his most notable skill, given that despite his potential he had been singled out as a weak link out of other Force Power attributes.

After the death of his Master this began to rapidly change as his Jedi Robes had to be discarded for more normal clothes in order to blend in more easily so that normal people would underestimate him which the Jedi disproved of, Stefan prior to his Master's death began wearing a shirt and blue jeans, after his Master's death however he eventually gained two earrings and had his shirt or jacket open to reveal much of his upper body as if taunting his enemies to try and stab him there which the Jedi greatly despised.

Eventually however, Stefan would come to wear a black customized uniform unique only to him with both being either open shirted and not, as was his right as the Empire's Military Executor and the Emperor's consort. Included in his new uniform, is a jacket much similar to the one that Marcus wears, throughout the post-Clone Wars period.


Stefan Thomas' Jedi lightsaber

Stefan's Lightsaber was the one he wielded as a Jedi, a Jedi Lightsaber with a purple blade that he specialized for combat, he used this for most of his Jedi life but then replaced it with two upon becoming a Sith.

Darth Clavis' two Sith lightsabers

Were two Lightsabers designed by Clavis during his pilgrimage with Darth Letalis, the weapon was designed specifically to use both weapons as detached blades and to even fuse them into a double blade if it became necessary to overwhelm his opponents, he was deadly with either blade and had no specific problem with using either hand.

Mask of Konahrik

Force Abilities

Dark side-aligned abilities

Basic dark side abilities
  • Dark Transfer - Clavis was later found able to use Dark Transfer and return life to those recently deceased, he could also heal almost any injury, amplifying his power through the Dark side.
  • Force travel - Clavis could easily use the Dark side to teleport himself great distances across the Galaxy with minimal negative effects.
    • Force travel negation - Clavis could easily create a Barrier through the Dark side that would negate Force travelling to certain locations that he is in, with ease.
  • Force Fear - Clavis used this to make Allies and enemies alike fear him, especially in battle, by the time of the rebellion.
    • Force Horror - Clavis had much skill in the use of Force Horror and its companion: Force Insanity, by the time of the rebellion.
      • Force Insanity - Clavis was a Master of Force Insanity by the time of the Rebellion.
  • Force lightning - Clavis, like any powerful Sith was quite skilled in Force Lightning.
    • Chain lightning - Clavis was quite able to shock more than one person with Force Lightning.
    • Force Shock - Clavis used this to stun potent targets, using it to catch Jedi off guard and kill them.
    • Force Storm - Clavis had been able to create a storm of Force Lightning from the palms of his hands.
  • Force Maelstrom - Clavis could easily use Telekinesis and the Force to launch a Force Maelstrom on his enemies.
  • Force rage - Clavis used his anger and rage to enhance his powers and skills.
  • Force Scream - Clavis was able to release an accidental and uncontrolled Force Scream.
  • Force Slow - Clavis was taught Force Slow by Marcus Lai.
  • Telekinesis - After falling into the Dark side, Clavis was a Master of using Telekinesis.
    • Force wound - Clavis could injure the internal organs of a person, using Telekinesis, with ease.
      • Force grip - Clavis was quite able to cause injury to the body of an entire person with Telekinesis.
        • Force choke - Clavis more than once choked someone for failure, even putting pressure on the throats of his power hungry subordinates, to remind them who is boss.
      • Force crush - Clavis had no problem using the Force to totally crush an enemy's body until they died.
  • Mind Control - Clavis used this skill to infuse a long term Force Corruption in the minds of the people he comes across, turning them into his allies.
    • Force Corrupt - Clavis was believed to be capable of Force Corruption.
  • Spear of Midnight Black - Clavis was believed to be able to forge Darkside Energies into a spear which he directed at his enemies for maximum damage.
  • Torture by Chagrin - Clavis was capable of using this ability to torture people until death.
  • Battle Meditation - Clavis became a Master of Battle Meditation, particularly Sith Battle Meditation, which he used to crush his enemies with ease in confrontations.
  • Aing-Tii Fighting-sight - During his Ten years pilgrimage with Marcus, Clavis went about learning other abilities from the Force Cultures he stayed with, there he possibly learned this from the Aing-Tii.
  • Art of the Small - Clavis was taught this power by Marcus while his apprentice.
  • Comprehend Speech - Clavis learned from Marcus to understand the language of any race that speaks it.
  • Force Throw - Clavis, upon using the Darkside, has been shown to be very skilled at the telekinetic arts.
  • Force Vision - Clavis was shown to have Force Visions.
  • Force Push - Clavis could easily use Force Push to use Telekinetic powers to move objects or individuals.
    • Force Whirlwind - Clavis could use the Force to control the air current causing a maelstrom and controlling it.
    • Force Wave - Clavis was able to use Force Wave to explode pure Telekinetic energy out around him.
      • Force Repulse - Clavis could use Force Repulse, the cousin of Force Wave, the deadly effect to those around him upon using the Dark side.
  • Force Barrier - Clavis could create a field of Force energy to defend against damage directed at him.
  • Precognition - Clavis was quite capable of predicting the future of events or more specifically his future with powerful enemies.
  • Shatterpoint - Clavis was eventually taught to be able to sense the Shatterpoints of enemies but not as far as their effect in the galaxy.
  • Force-flash - Clavis was taught by Marcus to stop the recording of Holocam, briefly disabling them, when he passes by if he so desired.

Light side-aligned Force abilities

  • Tutaminis - After his pilgrimage Clavis showed great skill at the different types of defensive Abilities used by the Jedi, also a natural ability came to him prior to his pilgrimage.
  • Battlemind - Marcus taught Clavis the art of a Battlemind, including how it could be used with Vaapad and other dark side powers.
  • Hibernation Trance - Clavis was quite capable of going into a Hibernation trance for many reasons, usually healing.

Other Force abilities

  • Flow-walking - During his five years of Pilgrimage with Marcus, he learned this from the Aing-Tii while being apprenticed under them.
  • Theran Force-listening - During his pilgrimage with Marcus, Clavis took up learning with the Theran Listeners, learning how to hear things through the Force.
  • Age Negation - A long lost Force Ability rediscovered by the Sith Emperor and recorded on his holocron, it allows the cells of the body to reproduce as a static rate, allowing the body to remain static and non-aging.
  • Soulmate Bond - Stefan has a Soulmate Bond with Marcus Lai, also known as Darth Letalis.

Physical abilities

  • The Seven Lightsaber Forms - Clavis was never any better at other core elements of the Light side so he was taught the seven Lightsaber Forms from an early age, combat becoming his speciality at first.
    • Lightsaber Form Variants - Clavis was taught the different Lightsaber Variants by Marcus, especially Vaapad.
  • Jar'Kai (dual-blade) combat - After his pilgrimage with Marcus, Clavis had become a Master of fighting with not only one Lightsaber but two, doubling his offensive powers.
  • Double-bladed Lightsaber combat - After his pilgrimage with Marcus and customizing his new Lightsabers to be able to fuse together at the hilt, Clavis strived to become a Master of Double-bladed Lightsaber combat, usually suddenly combining his Lightsabers in battle to deadly effect.
  • Dun Möch - Clavis would eventually come to be capable at using distraction and doubts when in combat to gain a upper hand on his enemies, he even taunted them at times or throwing objects at his enemies.
  • Saber Throw - One of the only Telekinetic abilities that Clavis had on hand prior to using the Dark side, he could easily throw his Lightsaber then have it come flying back to his hand.
  • Saber Barrier - After joining the Darkside, Clavis grew on his knowledge of other force abilities, including other combat abilities and the better use of his two Lightsabers.

Other Unique Abilities

  • Super Strength - Clavis was revealed capable of having Super strength, easily being able to overpower a Wookiee with his supernaturally enhanced strength, it is claimed that for every person killed and every soul claimed Letalis and Clavis would become stronger and stronger until none could compete with him.
  • Invulnerability - Clavis, like any Celestial in existence whom reached an apex of power and learning, can become Invulnerable to harm should they concentrate. It is known that The Ones, specifically demonstrated by The Father and The Son, are capable of this ability.
  • Dream Walking - Clavis, like any Celestial in existence whom reached an apex of power and learning, can enter the dreams and daydreams of people through their minds. It is known that The Ones, specifically demonstrated by The Son, are capable of this ability.
  • Invisibility - Clavis, like any Celestial in existence whom reached an apex of power and learning, can make themselves invisible to the eyes of even the strongest Force Sensitives.

Behind the scenes

His first name: "Stefan", actually means "Crown". His last name: "Thomas", actually means "Dependable". His first and second name together give an insight into Marcus' interest in Stefan, believing him to be his most Dependable "Ally" and the one whom would help him get the Imperial "Crown". Stefan's Sith name: "Clavis", literally means "Key", meaning that he is the key to something - one possibility is that he is Marcus' Key for the Imperial Throne.


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