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With our assembled division of the Galactic Republic, we will defeat the CIS Holdouts then defeat this Sith Empire and reunite the Galaxy into Galactic Peace. We have several senators and systems, now is the time to act.
Cody Skywalker

The Stealth Wars was an eighty year long war between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy for Independent Systems in the Unknown Regions. The war was launched by the Separatist Council to conquer and control the Unknown Regions and its resources to have an advantage over the rest of the galaxy. The Separatist Council retreated from the Utapau system to Tano Prime in the Ven Star System with General Grievous, leaving decoys to occupy the Galactic Republic.

After destroying the decoys, Cody Skywalker discovered that the Republic had destroyed several droid decoys. He dispatched a division of the Republic right before rise of the Galactic Empire. Cody fought the Confederacy for eighty years before the destruction of the Death Star IV at the end of the war. The Zann Consortium and Hapes Consortium also participated in several battles during the conflict.


Early Stages

Cody Skywalker had been battling against a small Fleet of reinforcements that was assigned to backup CIS forces in the Battle of Curoscant in the Intergalctic Void of Space above no planet. Cody had boarded the main commanding Droid Control Ship in a boarding manuever, destroyed the Droid Commander, downloaded and stole CIS Information and Technology, and took over the entire CIS Fleet. When Cody was in control of the Fleet and in hyperspace (three minutes prior to to arival at Anaxes), he recieved a call over the Holonet requesting a detailed investigation from Jedi Master Kid Adi-Mundi on Utapau. Cody left a trusted Clone Commander in direct command of the newly commissioned fleet. At Anaxes, Cody Skywalker was able load himself and his cargo on his Personl Starfighter, launch from the Droid Control Ship, attack and defeat several ramaining Tri-fighters that had been following the fleet, and board the his Flagship: the Phantom, of the Eighth Fleet. In the Phantom, Cody took full Command of the Fleet, and set the condinates: N-19 for Utapau.

When Cody Skywalker arived from hyperspace, landed with his starfighter, at the sight of the battle, he clearly noticed the the heavy amount of malfuctioning, shot, ripped, or melted battle droids and dead, or wounded Clone Troopers laying helpless on the ground, Cody knew this was almost a hollow victory for the Galactic Republic dew to their losses. Cody immidiately used the Holonet to call the entire 260th Mediacal Legion to rescue, operate, and heal any surviving Clones. Then, immidiatly, Cody started the investigation. Frist, he investigated the battle fields to help troops recover, check for and hidden spies or cameras, and to finish off any remaining Droids of any type. Third, cody checked the civilians to see if they were alright. In this, Cody found out that most of the women and children had retreated to an underground bunker, where they were being assassinated by a Squad of Assassin Droids. Cody was fortunetly able to defeat the squad and become local hero.

Retreat to the Unknown Regions

When Order 66 was first issued to Commander Cody on Utapau, Cody Skywalker used his highest administrating order of Command to gather eighty Legions of Republic forces and sixty Fleets. He sent an emergency panic code, Holonet Override 8000, to petition all the Senators from the Unknown Regions through the Intergalactic Holonet. The Broadcast was very epic and was issued to the entire Unknown Regions by Cody Skywalker from the Top Flagship of the Eighth Fleet.

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