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I don't think the Sith could've returned without us knowing."
"It's that kind of thinking that could very well destroy this Republic.

Kit Corwin Rendar and Stavan Jetzt discuss Jetzt's theories about the Sith.

Stavan Jetzt was the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic during the early days of the Great Territorial War. Before becoming Supreme Chancellor, was a decorated war veteran from the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War, gaining a great deal of tactical experience in the conflicts. He later became the Senator of Corellia and eventually mounted a campaign for Supreme Chancellor, where his military experience was able to help him trump his opponent.


Early life

Stavan Jetzt was born on Corellia in 3,974 BBY to Elona Jetzt and Elona’s husband, who was a colonel in the Galactic Republic Army. Later, he and his parents welcomed his younger sister, Avery Jetzt. While living on Corellia, he fell in love with a girl named Danica Malicus, though he was forced to leave her when he enlisted in the Republican Army to serve in the war against Darth Revan and the Second Sith Empire.[1]

After the redemption of Revan and the discovery of the Star Forge, the Republic won the Jedi Civil War by destroying the Star Forge and killing Darth Malak, the Dark Lord of the Sith, during the Battle of Lehon,[2] although Jetzt later remarked that he was unable to participate as he had been injured in a battle just prior to Lehon. During the battle, he was instead in a military hospital, where he felt that the treatment and services they provided were unbecoming of a military officer. Shortly after the end of the war, Jetzt and his father were captured as prisoners of war by the Sith forces, where they were brought to an unknown prison world. One year after his capture, Jetzt witnessed the execution of his father, as the Sith had decided to kill him when they learned that he was a colonel, deeming him too risky to be kept alive.[1]

Return from captivity

Jetzt was kept prisoner for another two years, but he was eventually able to escape the prison, remarking that the Sith were “not that smart”. He immediately returned home where he was greeted by his family, who told him that he and his father had been listed as missing in action. Jetzt informed his family that his father had been executed, and although she was sad his mother remarked that she was grateful they had been given at least one miracle.[1]

For a few hours, Jetzt told his mother and sister about his experiences in the war, although he was interrupted when Danica came to see him, his mother having called her as soon as he returned. Jetzt and Danica spent the day with each other, and while Danica was looking through a store in Coronet, Jetzt purchased an engagement ring with the intention of proposing to her. However, his plan was briefly put on hold when he witnessed a large traffic accident outside the shop, prompting him to help.[1]

As the first person trained in accident scenes to arrive, Jetzt immediately began helping the injured out of their crashed speeders. The first two were Jedi Master Brarh Kefle and his nine year old apprentice Ussej Padric Bac, both of whom were in hiding from the Sith. They were relatively unscathed, though two of the other injured, Corwin and Jeyna Rendar, the latter of whom was seven months pregnant, were severely injured. Jetzt rushed them to the hospital where they both died, although they were able to save the couple’s prematurely-born daughter.[1]

Days later, after the emotions of the accident were gone, Jetzt finally proposed to Danica. She was reluctant at first, fearing that he was only asking her due to a post-traumatic need for companionship due to his time as a prisoner of war, though when she came to the conclusion that this was not true she agreed to the proposal. The couple was married in a wedding ceremony one year later, and they welcomed a son, Astin Jetzt, nine months later.[1]

Political career

Following the birth of his son, Jetzt began working as military recruiter in Coronet. Within two years, he was promoted to the head of the city’s recruiting division, and three years after that he became the head of the planetary recruiting program. As the leader of the program, he toured many military sites on the planet on a regular basis, and he was appalled at what he felt were the poor conditions of the military hospitals in the various cities. This brought back memories of the poor conditions in the military hospital he himself was treated in. Wanting to somehow end this perceived problem throughout the Republic, Jetzt began formulating a plan to run for the Galactic Senate to become the Senator of Corellia.[3]

During the following election cycle, Jetzt was nominated to be one of the major party candidates for Senator of Corellia. Although he had a strong showing amongst military families and veterans, they did not constitute enough of the vote and he was defeated by one of his rivals. Undeterred, Jetzt ran again in the next election cycle and beat the incumbent Senator, becoming the Senator of Corellia himself. While in office, he worked to improve the quality of care and benefits given to military veterans and military families, and was said to have succeeded in that goal.[3]

Another issue Jetzt worked on with other Senate colleagues was an ongoing issue of campaign finance reform. Many people in the Galactic Republic were opposed to the idea that corporations and the wealthy could donate large sums of money to candidates, thereby having said candidate quickly become more able to run their campaign compared to their rivals, although an equal number of people were opposed to attempts to stop it. Jetzt worked with other members of the Senate to put limits on the amount of money that could be donated and received a fair amount of opposition, some opponents suggesting that putting a cap on donation amounts infringed upon freedom of political speech. Despite the opposition, Jetzt and his colleagues succeeded, and their bill received a majority vote in the Senate and was signed into law by the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.[3]


Some years later, Jetzt was nominated to run for Supreme Chancellor. He accepted the nomination and, after a few weeks of campaigning amongst other Senators, was elected to the Office of the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, becoming one of the youngest people ever elected to the Office. Jetzt was aided in his election by his bipartisan work in the Senate and his military experience, both of these helping to convince other Senators that we was qualified for the job. Jetzt told his staff on the day of his inauguration that he was worried about the implications of the oath of office he would take and whether he would be able to live up to the standards of the Office, although he was inaugurated hours later despite his initial worries.[3]

Shortly after his election, Jetzt called a meeting of members of the Jedi Order to discuss intelligence reports he had been given about the possible creation of a Third Sith Empire. The Jedi High Council sent Jedi Masters Kit Corwin Rendar, Dexon Kyjar and Damien Nightblade, as well as Jedi Knights Ussej Padric Bac and Remer Ather, and once they arrived Jetzt informed them of his concerns that the Sith had regained their previous strength and were preparing an invasion of Republic worlds, perhaps with the help of the Mandalorians. They Jedi were skeptical, so Jetzt pointed to intelligence sources that claimed large amounts of armor had been shipped to worlds believed to have once been Sith strongholds in an effort to conduct underground operations. Although the Jedi were still skeptical, they nonetheless agreed to send a team to investigate the claims.[4]

After days of investigations, the Jedi team, made up of Nightblade, Ather and Bac, found hidden shipyards and weapons facilities on Uvena Prime and Uvena III. The former wished to sell their forces to a company called The Consortium, which was secretly a cover operation for the Third Sith Empire, although the latter wanted to sell them onto the open market. After a brief shooting war between the two sister planets, which Jetzt refused to involve the Republic in, Uvena Prime won out and sold the supplies to The Consortium. The Jedi team, with Jetzt’s approval, followed the weapons flow to Korriban, where the Sith located them and attempted to kill them. All of this caused Jetzt to convince the Senate to declare war on the Sith as a preemptive measure for the war that the Sith were preparing to declare on them.[4]

Behind the scenes

Stavan Jetzt was the role-playing character of retired role-player Steven Alldis, the founder and owner of TheStarWarsRP.Com. When Brandon Rhea decided to include Jetzt in the Alternative Star Wars Saga, Alldis gave him his blessing to use the character as he saw fit with artistic and creative freedom, provided that Rhea stay true to the main spirit of the character. Rhea has made some story alterations to the character and much of what happens to him during the Chronicles of the Great War series did not happen during the role-plays. Rhea also created the first name of "Stavan" based on Steven Alldis's first name.


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