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star wars heroes of the galtic republic chapter 1: we are almost to dokouo's ship said dick. admirl is my Starfighter redy? yes sir! ok I will go on bored and blast the balance jet it will exsplode blowing out toxic fumes. that way it will be hard for droids to see me. I have gas mask and specile vison googles. dick landed his fighter on the ship. boom! dick used the force and blew the balance jet up. creeeeek the ship started to lean. dokou! yelled dick. he pulled his lightsaber out and bagn fighting dokou. crash! bang! bang! the ship started to collasp the flamble gas from the blance jet began to burn the ship up. ha ha ha ha! said count dokou as he jumped into a escape pod. noooooooo! he got away yelled dick. now him and grievous will meet and come up with war stragetys and plans. dick retreated to the ship. so was the misson sucses asked the other jedi onbored no! said dick. dokou got away! at least the channlee is gone. dokou will have to get a new ship! chapter 2 coming soon!

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